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Fire Will Burn White People To Black

Watch the above video of the hot new game “Knockout”.  How many attacks do they show?  Three.  How many white guys are in that entire video?  One, if you don’t count the news anchors.  How many of the attackers were black?  All of them, unless I’m very much mistaken

Yeah, George Zimmerman (discounting the latest assault charges) totally should have gone to jail for shooting Trayvon Martin (below) in self defense.  In fact, he looks just like the type of wanna-be thug who would walk around bashing unsuspecting people in their skull just for fun.


Not that it will stop the hate, but I might as well say at this point that I’m not a racist – one of my best friends from work is black, and I’ve played basketball for years with many black teammates.  I don’t hold any prejudices against any blacks.

Except for punk ass kids like the ones depicted in the video above.

We have two extreme cases of racial discrepancy here: the first involving black teenagers going around and beating what appear to be white adults by sucker punching them out of thin air, and the second involving a black teenager being shot by a white adult in what was ultimately ruled to be self defense.  Yet, somehow in the first one, it is completely ignored that they’re black, whilst in the second one the white man is projected to be a racist Southerner who would like nothing more to extinguish the world of it’s black children.

I’m not going to beat the Zimmerman story to death because it’s been done thousands of times.  In addition to that, he’s back in jail for assault, so clearly his head wasn’t all that straight to begin with.  However, what do you think would happen if we had a group of white kids running around with hoodies and sagged pants sucker-punching black people and laughing as their face slammed to the curb?

We’d have another fucking American Revolution on our hands.  Obama might even order all white people killed so the Democrats don’t lose the black vote.

Notice how the news channel didn’t refer to them as “black”, they were just “dumb teenagers”.  So it’s acceptable to play the race card (conveniently ignoring it) when it benefits the oppressed (in this case blacks) but when they’re the victims then all of a sudden it’s, “OMG YOU RACIST BIGGOT YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE.”  Undoubtedly, blacks are still the minority, oppressed race here in America.  Undoubtedly, they get a bit of leeway because of it.  All the years of them being oppressed has led to them being given a bit of a longer leash; more forgiving of crime and acts of stupidity such as the above due to circumstances.  “He grew up in a bad neighborhood”, seems to be the typical excuse I hear.

To that I say: the excuses are going to be running out, and fast.

Do you think whites will stand by and watch their fellow innocent man get his skull bashed into the concrete curb for too long?  The leash only goes so far.  As long as these pathetic thugs are allowed to jump blatantly across the line of what is right and wrong, and the media continues to address it “without race involved” because it’s “racist” if they do so, then the fire will continue to burn underneath the skin of white people.  It will continue to burn and boil until they burn and become black themselves, which means fighting back.

Is it right to blame black people for the actions of a small group in New Jersey?  No.

The problem is, I don’t hear any blacks running to say, “You know what, this isn’t right.  Something should really be done about this, it’s not fair that these kids are practically given a pass in the media because they’re black.”  It is the media’s fault, because they won’t run the truth.  Why?  They’re scared of all the black outrage because, though black as a whole don’t want to be blamed for the actions of the minority, they will defend it.  Either in the non-tactful way (outrage, criticizing the media en mass), or not standing up and admitting this is a problem.

It might be a good idea to put that fire out now before gasoline gets poured all over it.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Sean Smithson - November 30, 2013

I don’t want to get into the whole race topic but I fucking hope they send those kids down for assault. I hate seeing stuff like that…

We had a similar craze in the UK called ‘happy slapping’ and I believe that the perpetrators of the more serious incidents were jailed. Thankfully that’s all died down. But it’s a shame to see that it’s going on elsewhere.

On a completely separate note, I like the blog man.

    Trouble.Maker - November 30, 2013

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, Sean.

    I agree, the sad part is they’ll all be tried as children so they’ll be out on the streets doing more stupid shit in a few years.

      Eliezer Ben-Yehuda - November 30, 2013

      to understand the media, you must understand two things: (a) they are supported by advertisers; and (2) advertisers will pay more to be handed an audience that leans more towards purchasing than towards saving.

      We’ve learned not to be ==angry== about womens’ inborn hypergamy (& etc) – but rather to ==handle that==.

      We can do the same with media.

      PS: I don’t possess a TV; It is a narcotic for keeping the underclasses docile. Which is exactly why the fem-osphere loves it so much

        Trouble.Maker - November 30, 2013

        Agreed. Getting rid of my cable TV services was the best thing I ever did.

TheHipHopRecords - September 9, 2014

When a White person says “My best friend is black” I just laugh at that B.S statement

Robin Nichols - October 28, 2014

Zimmerman deserves a medal of appreciation and you are an idiot for thinking otherwise. Trayvon Martin, like Michael Brown, deserved to be shot like the dogs they were.


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