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Filipino Cupid Review | How to Meet Stunning Girls Easily

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In this Filipino Cupid review, we are doing one of the most popular dating platforms among Filipinos and Westerners alike.

Can you really meet beautiful Filipinas on the website?

Is it legit?

How about the women, do they respond and are they actually interested in you?

How do you protect yourself from scammers?

Read on to find out!

Filipino Cupid In A Nutshell

With the largest number of members in the Philippines, Filipino Cupid is one of the most popular places to meet attractive Filipino singles online. Flip through their massive database of Filipino personals and search by advanced criteria (including willingness to relocate or even eye colour). Though Filipino Cupid is fairly popular within the country, it is available worldwide and has plenty of international members.

At any given time, there are at least a thousand (but usually more like two thousand) female members online. You wouldn’t be short of options.

They have the testimonials to prove that the matchmaking algorithm works well and the years of experience to make them one of the safest Filipino dating platforms on the Internet.

Filipino Cupid Review: The Cons

I know I hyped Filipino Cupid up. To be honest, it’s a great site. That doesn’t mean it will be great for everybody.

The biggest downside to Filipino Cupid that I see is the outdated design. It’s a genuine flaw that affects everyone’s user experience.

Other than that, the cons are not so much cons as they are… Well, situations where Filipino Cupid wouldn’t be the best choice.

For starters, if you don’t want to pay for a dating site, this is not the place for you. To be able to communicate with another member, at least one of you should have the premium account. Since girls rarely (if ever) upgrade to a premium membership, you are pretty much obliged to.

Secondly, if you lack any common sense, please don’t use online dating as a whole. Although Filipino Cupid does have a multi-layer policy against scammers, the occasional dodgy profile does come up. Be smart and report them right away. There are thousands of real beautiful Filipinas to meet, no need to be looking for trouble.

Finally, Filipino Cupid is not a hookup site. If you are only after a quick vacation fling, it is best to stick to Tinder. The effort and investment (of both time and money) you’d have to put in a Filipino Cupid profile is simply not worth it for a one-night stand.

filipino cupid review

Free Members vs. Paid Profiles

This is the most common question we get.

Do I get a free or a premium profile? 

Unless you are a cute Filipino girl yourself, I say get the premium membership.

Free members have access to a lot of the features on Filipino Cupid. You can make a profile, check out other members and even message them.

But here’s the trick:

They will not see the message unless one of you is Premium.

If you’re looking for the full Filipino dating experience, upgrading to a Gold or Platinum membership is a must. Gold users can take advantage of the instant messaging and they a receive a higher ranking of their profile in the search results. Platinum members can also send and read video messages (which is a surefire way to protect yourself from scammers). They can also use the translation service to help talk to girls who aren’t that great at English.

How To Make Your Filipino Cupid Profile Stand Out

In my experience, the more information you have on your profile, the more successful you will be on Filipino Cupid. But your first priority should be the photos.

You want to look mature—but still welcoming.

It’s great to include photos that show your lifestyle.

I know that one time you went skydiving looks cool in pictures but if it was a one-time thing it doesn’t make sense to add it. Filipino Cupid is not Tinder. You want to meet girls that you actually have stuff in common with.

The Information And Profile Features

You would first have to complete some basic information about your looks, your background, and your lifestyle. Add a couple of sentences to say what you are looking for. Keep it concise and to the point.  If you want to get married, no need to say “Looking for a bride”. “Looking for a beautiful girl to settle down with” basically means the same but it doesn’t sound as awkward.

There are profile questions that cover everything from hairstyle, to eye colour and whether you wear glasses, to your body type, your current living situation, whether you’re willing to relocate. Answer as many as you can. These help other members find you and they also make your profile feel more trustworthy.

Mention your hobbies and interests, too, especially if it’s stuff you can do with other people. Filipino girls love a guy who can dance, just a suggestion.

Using Cupid Tags To Make Your Profile Better

Cupid Tags are like hashtags for Filipino Cupid.

They are keywords that describe your personality and interests. Other members can search by Cupid Tags to find you. Some of the most popular tags include “fun,” “intelligent,” “strong,” and “independent.” To add CupidTags to your profile, choose “CupidTags” from the Edit Profile menu.

Another fun way to enhance your profile is by adding a video greeting. Recording a video of yourself might be a bit intimidating but it definitely makes your profile stand out. Don’t worry too much about making it film quality. A simple greeting recorded with your webcam will do. It is, once again, one of those things that make your profile look more genuine and trustworthy.

Filipino Cupid Review: What Are The Women Like?

One of the most useful features of Filipino Cupid is the “Match Info” section. Now that you have a comprehensive profile, filling out “Match Info” should be your next priority.

Think about your ideal match. What does she look like? Are you fine with her having children? Do you want her to have pets? Should she speak great English or are you willing to communicate through a translator at first? Bear in mind that the message translation option is Platinum member only.

The website uses that information to recommend members that you’d be compatible with.

So what can you expect from Filipino women? There are three main things:

  • They were raised with strong family values
  • Filipino culture values relationship over career success. She’d be happy to shower you with affection but expects to be a priority as well.
  • Respect and generosity are the two main thing Filipinos value.

filipino cupid review

How To Impress Your Filipino Darling (Without Getting Scammed)

We emphasize scam protection in all of our dating site reviews. It’s not because scams are so common. It’s because when they to happen to someone naive enough to believe them, it gives niche dating as a whole a bad name.

There are plenty of real Filipino women on Filipino Cupid. The site has an option to send real gifts to your crush. And yes, we think it’s a fun way to keep the long-distance fire going. Remember how I told you that generosity is valued very highly in Filipino culture? Well, gift-giving is a part of that.

But here is a disclaimer:

You only get to do it once a month. 

No, this is not an actual rule Filipino Cupid has. It’s a rule you should give yourself. Sending strangers on the Internet gifts is risky. I would normally recommend against it. But the Philippines are far away and making a lasting connection while being separated by so many miles must really suck.

To keep you safe from scammers, you get the one month rule. Once a month is not frequent enough to keep scammers interested. It is more than fair for a respectable girl. You can have your cake and eat it, too!

Filipino Cupid Review: The Verdict

If you are a relationship-minded guy who loves Filipinas (and is a bit displeased with his local dating scene), Filipino Cupid just might be the site for you.

Reasons We Love Filipino Cupid:

  • Thousands of active Filipino singles at any point of the day.
  • Joining is free and the premium membership is straightforward, with no hidden fees. Either way, you get a completely ad-free dating experience.
  • The profiles are detailed, nearly all have high-quality photos and you can search by very advanced criteria.

Things Filipino Cupid Could Do Better:

  • Improve the design to give it a more contemporary feel.
  • Provide comprehensive guides to avoid scams and other possibly dangerous situations.
  • Consider adding a message board to encourage community interaction. It would be fun if they did offline activities, singles get-togethers for members would really compliment the experience.

And there you have it: our complete Filipino Cupid review.

Do you agree with what we had to say? Have some tips on making it as a single guy on a Filipino dating site? Share your thoughts, experiences, and (of course) your questions, in the comments below!

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