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The Ultimate Guide to Filipina Women (2020)

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The Philippines is the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited, with some of the world’s best beaches, mountains, volcanoes, this country has it all. Including Filipina women.

(This is a guest post from Phil Hawksworth. Make sure to head over to Phil’s site at for more info about nomadic life, Asia, and fitness.)

The best part about it, if you want to go and explore, you’ll easily find a Filipina chick who is more than happy to show you around. These girls are some of the sweetest, most caring girls you will ever meet.

They love to look after you, care for you and generally put your well-being above theirs—even when you don’t want them to. I stayed with a Filipina air hostess for a couple of weeks; she would come home from being on her feet all day, dealing with passengers; and the second she walks through the door is asking if she can get me anything, what I want her to cook for me, etc.

Meanwhile I can see she is exhausted and just needs to lay down. She’s the only girl I’ve spent more than 2 days with, 24 hours per day, and not got fed up with or argued with at any point. A fact that still amazes me to this day. Even the most sweet and submissive of girls I will normally get sick of being around and need space from. I was comfortable being around her none stop for an extended period.

Oh, she offered for me to stay with her the first time we ever met—I didn’t take her up then, but I did a few days later. This is just one example of how kind Filipina girls are.

Another is the day I arrived in Manila for the first time. I was really struggling to find wifi anywhere to get my work done. I asked a girl I’d matched with on Tinder where I could find decent wifi and she invited me over to her house—she had good wifi and he parents were away—sweet.

She ordered a cab for me, to pick me up from where I was, and took me across the city, right to her door. She had just got out of the shower and was wearing a towel…

It took about 2 minutes for me to be officially ‘welcomed’ to the Philippines.

I did manage to get my work done a bit later on, while she went and got food for me.

A very accommodating introduction to life in the Philippines.

So, on average, Filipina girls are very sweet, caring, and horny.

Sounds like a good spot to travel to me!

Filipina Women 101

As I’ve mentioned already, Filipina girls are generally very pleasant and nice.

They’re also some of the hottest girls in Asia. Their look differs from most Asians such as Thai women and Japanese girls—they’re less ‘Asian’ looking for the most part. With some Spanish influence in their heritage, you get some lighter skinned, light hair girls.

They are generally sexually open, it’s a very liberal culture (despite being Catholic), and they love Westerners. It’s probably the country I’ve been where just being Western gives you a huge leg up in the dating market.

As with most countries, this matters less to the higher society girls who come from rich families. They’re more used to traveling, being around Westerners, and they already have a high social status, which will not be increased by bagging a Western boyfriend.

That doesn’t mean they won’t like you, it just means dating the hottest Filipina women will be more like a dating market anywhere else in the world – you will need to be a top-notch guy to bag a top-notch girl. If you want to get a really hot Filipina girl, you will still need to maximise your looks, status, and game.

Where the Philippines is much better than most Western countries is that the average girl is a lot hotter. There’s a huge percentage of girls that are cute—not stunning—but cute.

Combine this with their extremely pleasant nature and it makes for a great place to meet some amazing girls.

Filipina girls

What The Philippines Are Like

The country itself is split over 7,000+ islands (nobody has officially ever counted) and is extremely beautiful. Manila is a huge sprawling metropolis, and then just a few minutes outside you get into beautiful nature and a very undeveloped, un-westernised way of life.

This is great for a visit or a holiday, but can be impractical if you are a digital nomad and want to be online. I spent 4 hours trying to send one email on the island of Boracay—the wifi just didn’t work anywhere, and that is one of the most popular tourist islands. The kicker? It was my Goddamn birthday!

As a whole the country is much less developed than some of its neighbours like Thailand or Malaysia, so you need to factor that into any plans you have to visit.

However, Makati—the financial district of Manila—is the cleanest, nicest city I have ever been to. It completely puts western cities to shame. It’s not exactly an authentic Filipino experience, and it isn’t exactly the super low cost price of living as the rest of the country, but if you’re staying in Manila I would recommend staying in that area.

It’s where the hottest girls are, the best restaurants and lots of huge malls—great for daygame.

How to Meet Filipina Girls

Filipina girls are very open to meeting Westerners and you can meet them through all the usual channels.


If you’re good looking, you will match with 98% of the girls that come up on your Tinder. A lot of these girls will seem like they’re shy and conservative, but the second you’re alone they’re super horny.

They’re very easy to get out on dates, not flakey, and getting laid is very easy. Just remember this is not their first time at the rodeo. They will most likely have been with a bunch of Western guys before. Not a problem for a casual thing, but don’t go falling for a girl just because she is sweet to you.

Filipino Dating Websites

You have usual dating websites like Filipino Cupid where you will meet a mixture of girls. Some are more like the Tinder girls—used to dating westerners, and down for fun. Others will be looking for relationships and this is where they will go to try and bag an older Western guy to support them.

You’ll need to filter through for the right girls, but if you have good pictures you will often find them messaging you first. You can really leverage your being an attractive Westerner on the dating sites, making it very easy to get numbers and set up dates.

Update, October 2019: 

Really, you want to do online dating when it comes to the Filipina women. I recently had a friend take a trip there, and he said it was just out-of-control easy to message girls on Tinder and Filipino Cupid, and that was all it really took. He had girls come over, straight to his apartment (or the cafe in the mall below his apartment), on a daily basis, for over a month.

He said it was a great time, and that it was so simple that he started getting bored of the whole thing…

So, to make things more interesting, he made it his goal to start kissing girls within 10 minutes of them entering his apartment. Then he cut it down to 5 minutes. Then 1 minute. Then he decided it would be fun to try to just take their shirt off within 1 minute of them coming in.

All I’ll say is this…

He continued to have success with these methods.

Filipina women Manila


Daygame is great in the Philippines. The girls are approachable, friendly, and happy to chat. This is the easiest way to meet some of the more reserved girls that you won’t see on Tinder or in nightclubs, but be aware they are often very shy.

I’ve spoken to a few Filipina women who stand there, almost literally shaking, frozen like a deer in headlights because they’re overawed to have a handsome white guy talking to them. Suddenly they forget how to speak English (even though they’re generally good).

It’s fine, just be aware that if a girl acts like that, she is super shy—it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Keep the pressure really low, don’t be aggressive in sexualising the interaction and just swap numbers or Facebook and talk more over messenger where she will be more comfortable.

These will be some of the sweetest, nicest girls you will ever meet, anywhere in the world.


The biggest thing to look out for at night is avoiding the pros. A lot of nightclubs will be full of hookers. Sometimes you can get them for free if you’re good looking and have some game, but it’s generally not worth the hassle.

The easiest way to spot a club full of pros is to see if there are local guys there.

If the only men are Westerners, and there’s a ton of hot girls, you can guarantee they’re all working girls.

The best clubs to go to will be where the locals go, in groups of friends.

Once you find a good spot, the girls will be open to you approaching, fun and it’s a great place to meet some of the hottest Filipina women.

Filipina women

Beware of Filipina Women

I’ve generally spoken the girls up, and for good reason. However, you need to keep your wits about you. Recognise that the super sweet, submissive nature is going to sucker you into falling for them. That is their (unconscious) goal, they want to tie you down.

Be very wary of any Filipina women who ask you for money, especially with stories like her Grandma is sick, or her family’s house fell down. These are scams that ‘sweet’ girls will use to extract money from naïve Western guys.

Another thing to be aware of is you will not believe how many of these girls have kids. Not in itself a problem, but not something you want to find out as a surprise a couple of months into dating a girl you’re starting to get serious with.

That said, that’s a small percentage of the girls – and they exist everywhere – and they are going to be looking for the suckers to take advantage of. The guys with no game, no social skills or experience with women, who can’t get laid at home are easy targets.

Final Thoughts On Filipina Women

The Philippines is a must visit spot in my opinion.

Beautiful country, beautiful girls, cheap cost of living. You can have a lot of fun there!

PS: You can meet Filipina women for free on this site.

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  1. Beware! My elderly widowed father recently passed away and we have since discovered that my father was giving large sums of money to a Filipino woman who is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. He met her on a Christian pen pals website in September 2014 and chatted with her daily via Skype for 3 years. Over that period, she had duped him into giving her a weekly allowance and on one occasion he gave her £10,000 to set up a shop and do her parents house up. He bought her many things and has spent over £22,000 on her. I have seen the Skype videos and have seen how this woman worked on his weaknesses, manipulating him into him parting with his money. Everyday she told him that she loved him and how wonderful he was. He believed everything she ever told him, but she failed to tell him that she had actually got married last year, but still continued to extract money from him.. I am one of 5 daughters and this has left my sisters and I heartbroken.

    1. Sandra, Your father’s experience is not an isolated one. Sorry to say, but I married a good church attending Filipina lady that lied, cheated and took advantage of anyone that she could. I filed for divorce after a period of 4 months of abandonment. She slandered me to all the neighbors by telling them that she left me because I joined a Satanic cult. The real reason is because she ran off with a man old enough to be her father.

  2. I fell for a Filipina. Filipinas are very loyal to family…their family. I immigrated her and her parents followed by one brother & two sisters. Each time an individual is immigrated to the USA the petitioner is financially responsible for that person for a period of 7 years.

    After I immigrated her family she became very cold and distant. During our 23 year marriage we slept in separate rooms 20 years. I tried my best and she spent me into bankruptcy and ran off with men old enough to be her father. Her family whole heartedly supported her cheating as it is acceptable in her culture. Not a faithful member in her family.

    My experience is NOT an isolated event. I have spoken to many men that report the same materialistic, lying, cheating Filipina spouses. All while attending church 5 plus days a week.

    While my marriage was Hell, my divorce was even worse. False police reports and shelter stays. Stealing & emptying bank accounts, even the children’s accounts were plundered.

    My best advice is for ALL foreign men to avoid getting involved with Filipina ladies. Leave them in their own country to cheat on their own country men. The women in our own country are a much better choice to pair with.

    1. Oh, if only “Trouble” was around 20 years ago! (p.s. LOVE your site.!!!) When you recognize a “red Flag,” don’t just stand around and salute it. Get the hell outta there. Plenty of women in The PI. Date 5 or 6, and enjoy!

  3. Filipinas and the PH are overrated. I’m currently in Cebu and its flaky bitches galore.

    Only thing they are good for is a quick bang

      1. Just like other Countries Kyle,Big cities have more bitchies.It’s true,Cebu has a lot,but a lot of High class Women also,but you can’t see them in the cheap pubs of course.They wont waste their time,they are too busy working their asses off.

        1. That’s true. I met the French guy I’m seeing online now when I was applying for Masters in France while I’m here in the Philippines.

          You won’t find classy women in cheap bars. We don’t go there. You find us in places where decent women USUALLY are.

  4. I’ve been a living with a Filipina in the Philippines for 2 years now. She is very lazy, won’t clean, narcissistic, immature, no interest in learning, moody. I have a lot of expat friends here and the story is usually the same as mine.

  5. Your experiences with Filipinas will be as varied as they would be with any one person. Scammers, highly loyal, trustworthy, complete ripoff artists. Don’t lump all Filipinas by your experience. I’ve been married for 32 years, two kids, as good a marriage as one might expect. Take them one at a time.

    1. Thank you.

      The comments about their bad experiences are heart breaking. But what’s more painful is how we are generalized because of these bad women.

      I am madly in love right now with my French chat/skype-mate and he’s already booked his flight going here in September. I have never asked him for a single cent. I understand that he already spent so much money with the flight and we only have €700 euros to spend for a 3-week vacation here and I have been researching until dawn everyday to find the best but but cheap deals, activities, accommodation and all from Manila to Cebu to Bohol and back for us with that amount.
      I want to take care of him and I’m excited to cook for him.

      I like being a woman and taking care of a man but I am educated with a Bachelor’s degree in the top university here in the Philippines. I am not a slut and a sucker for money.

      I hope women like us would be more emphasized because I feel like we’re being overshadowed by bad experiences that most probably happened because of poor choice in women and poor evaluation.

      It’s sad that whenever this French guy tells someone he’s meeting me in the Philippines, people would tell him “she just wants your money”. And when he researched on the net he sees blogs about women “making you believe that she loves you”. He is so afraid but I keep on telling him I’m not like that. I never sent him provocative photo or asked for anything in 2 months.

      Maybe this is the reason why even if he said he thinks he loves me already, he wants to wait until we meet in September. Maybe he wants to make sure I am not a scammer. It’s okay. I will give him that. But it doesn’t change the fact that at the back of his head he’s afraid that I am not who I say I am.

      So thank you for sharing your happy marriage. I hope men like you would post more your happy stories that those who post horror stories.

      1. The problem is so widespread that Western Union advises all their users sending money to The PI, to NEVER send, if you have not met the person…in Person! Thats wise advice. SOunds as though you have met a man who is financially responsible and isnt controlled by the “little head.”

  6. Poor you.If you only visited 1 or 2 cities in the Philippines especially Manila and Makati.Big chances of meeting “suckers” as you mentioned above.Stereotyping and generalization about Filipino women in your blog is really silly.Needless to say,I cannot blame,especially if its based on an experience.Well,it seems you have met 2% of Filipino women.Remember,we have more than 7000 Islands.Those girls who ask money are the sick people of this country and bringing shame indeed.They are the lazy ones.

  7. Great article!! I have been studying pinays for 6 years, and am currently writing a book about my experiences. True, the best women on EARTH, I believe. However, “some” (I am trying to distinguish between “types” of pinays, which is what led me to this article!) are also the most sneaky, mischievous, pitiful little things you will ever see. I think it comes down to “traditional” and “non-traditional” pinays. The western influence was good for Filipinos, but also negatively influenced their traditional mindset and sense of self-pride. Filipinas are the most beautiful women created by God. Were it not for technology, few westerners would know about pinays – and vice-versa. However, “some” pinays have ZERO standards when it comes to dating a foreigner. I am appalled/jealous whenever I see an 80+ caucasian guy with an 18 year old Filipina. Some say love has no age limits, but I’m calling bullsh*t. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I feel many pinays want even an old geezer to give them a better life. My purpose for writing my book is to show westerners that NOT ALL filipina women are gold diggers, or have ill motives, however. All I know is that Western women do NOT like Filipinas, as they fear many men are turning to these magnificent, once-unknown women. God bless you all and Salamat for reading. – Blaise

  8. Your experience with Filipina will vary from person to person, but in general Filipina women are very nice, kind hearted people. I am a Filipina and i can say we are easy going and easy to please since in our culture we are already contented with what we have in life, most of us are not very ambitious, For us success in life is when you have secure Job and home and can raise good and respectful children in the society. There lots of sites with a family-oriented membership i recommend this one if you are looking for family minded Filipina.

  9. If you want to marry a Filipina

    1.) Look for someone who is not 20 years younger than you. Don’t expect a young woman to be loyal to an old man. Unless she is into them
    2.) Be careful if you meet women in bars or clubs. Don’t expect a woman wearing skimpy clothes you just met to LOVE you a few days later. It’s also the same for those you just met online. Beware of if she started saying that loves you after chatting for 3 days. It’s better to get to know them for months before commiting in any relationship.
    3.) Look for someone educated or has a stable job already. If a woman does not have a job then where does she get the money? Of course she’ll ask from you. She can’t just have money appear on thin air you know.
    4.) The family thing (supporting the family) is true and I also find it annoying. But since “Blood is thicker than water” just minimize your budget on them or just politely divert their attention. Or if not just hide if you must.
    5.) If you really want to marry her because you love her then do so , just make sure that she loves you too and not only because of the money or any material things you can provide. So when you court her please do not give her an iphone or laptop or anything that she asks immediately. Come on! Your literally screaming I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH ANYTHING YOU WANT AS LONG AS YOU ASK.
    6.) Just make sure that you don’t belong in the 3 M’s (Mayaman, matanda, madaling mamatay) = Rich, Old and Sickly or About to die. Those who fall under these category are the ideal type of those gold diggers.

    Note: Not all women are the same like just all men are different. Women want security so what better assurance can a man prove that he can provide and not just run somewhere when things go wrong than money? LOVE? Oh come on, men can change their LOVER or WIFE anytime and can’t worry about getting pregnant for 9 months.

    So yeah, those are just my opinion. And again not ALL women are the same.

  10. Hmmm interesting… If you want to learn about the habits and attitude of Filipina women, find a local who can give you accurate details. Philippines has complicated myriad of cultures because of the hundred islands there is. Generalization may not be applicable but moreover, the list above speaks the truth although out about Filipinas.

    Got a blog to and made recent posts. Hope to see you at my blog at [KYLE’S EDIT: Get your crappy dating site link outta here…] 🙂

    – Elle

  11. Good article. a lot of truthful nuggets in this one. Filipinas are flaky and immature but there are so many of them available. The sheer numbers gives you a big advantage.

    Also make sure to stay in a nicer district like Makati or BGC. Some of the parts of Philippines are complete dumps. So beware.

    If you want to bang a lot of girls, then head straight to Angeles City. Much more organized than Manila, which is a huge massive city like New York.

  12. Scammers are everywhere, so we really need to be careful especially in dating sites. I had this bad experience, we’ve met each other 4 times and i really thought she was the one for me because I already proposed to her but after a couple of months i found out that she’s been talking with some other boys online using a different name in some dating sites. Tinder, Asian dating, filipina dating. I found out also that she even made love with a foreign guy twice as her age just because of the money. I was so fucked up that time and I don’t know what to do, If I only knew, i should have made research about the signs just like what other people are doing. I was blinded with love and didn’t care whenever she asked some money from me. So we better have to be careful especially those person we encountered online.

  13. I think Filipina’s are the best women on earth. Any man interested in one has to use due diligence. If someone’s naive enough to send large sums of money to woman he’s never met, it’s his fault. I am a Caucasian man from North America, and am writing a book about Filipinas, and the foreign men who desire them. While there are many sketchy, deceiving one’s, generally, they are compassionate and respectful. These women, Filipinas, are the global disruptors on many levels.

  14. I don’t like to generalize a whole country,but I’ve never met a Filipina that didn’t have multiple mental illnesses. Dated two and married one,all had bpd or npd.

  15. “they’re overawed to have a handsome white guy talking to them” Lmfao! It doesn’t matter what you look like, That’s mostly the reaction you’ll get when you talk in fluent English to the minimum wage Filipinos especially if they are from the lowest class aka poorest Families. The poverty rate in the Philippines is 21.6%. That is more than 21 million hungry people. If you see those 21 million clapping for you and eyeing you like you’re a celebrity, Well it’s because they think that you could help them and their family or they just think that you’re an entertainment. Filipinos would always find a reason to laugh or cry. Filipinos are always laughing and crying at dumb s***. A foreigner talking to them is treated as an entertainment for them aka they found a reason to laugh so hard in public when they’re talking to you. And of course, Filipinos are all aware that tourism helps our country. You’re the one who’s getting overwhelmed with the so called special attention you’re getting because you think you’re so hot. A Japanese native like Fumiya from the Pinoy big brother house gets that same reaction too. Does that mean that he is as hot as Channing Tatum? I’ve personally witnessed how the South Korean students in a public university gets that same reaction from the poor Filipinos as well. Does that mean that they are all so hot? You will get that type of reaction if you speak in fluent English or if you are a foreigner or both. That’s the truth. You can be obese and old and you’ll still get that same reaction because that’s kind of normal for the 21 million poor Filipinos.

  16. “They love to look after you, care for you and generally put your well-being above theirs—” That’s just a Filipino culture. We give the same treatment to our friends and families. That trait is not exclusive to the female gender in the Philippines. Filipinos would always accommodate the visitors anytime anywhere. It’s rare to find a Filipino household that would ignore a visitor especially if they are from another province or country. I quoted you because you’re making it sound like a Filipina girlfriend will automatically be your servant aka housemaid and that’s just not the case.

  17. “Recognise that the super sweet, submissive nature is going to sucker you into falling for them.” Submissive nature? You think this is Japan? LOL! I don’t know where you get your information from but Filipinas are far from being submissive. The Philippines ranks 8th worldwide in gender equality. I would even go as far as saying that a wife’s voice overshadows the husband in the Philippines. If a Filipina is acting submissive, It’s because she wants something from you aka she’s got an entire clan to feed. Did you know that the one who holds the money in a Filipino household is mostly the wife? It’s so normal to see a husband in the Philippines giving his entire ATM card to his wife. The husband would only ask for money if he needs to buy something for himself. Like to buy some alcohol. But this is heavily negotiated between the wife and the husband. The husband can only spend money for himself if the wife approves. Otherwise, if he spends money without asking, it’s going to be world war 3. I’m not kidding about that. That’s a true story.

  18. I don’t think the writer has ever been to Makati…… It is an utter shithole – granted not as bad as Smokey Mountain but to think it is better than western cities is a joke!

    To say that the cost of living is less is also wrong. It appears cheaper because people are exploited and there are so many of them that labour is cheap. So anything that takes only manual labour is cheap.

    However, the moment you want to live to western standards, you will find that things are really expensive – far more so than the US or Europe.

    I like the Philippines but unfortunately is it full of people who are badly educated and have no future.

    Babies are born at a stunning rate (1985 – UK and Philippines had 58 million people. 2019 UK 65 million and Philippines approaching 120 million), 25% of the population goes to bed hungry each night, terrible animal cruelty, selling their children for sex – the horrors just keep coming….

    Good luck to Duterte in trying to sort things out with a declining job market and growing population.

  19. I took the plunge and bought a ticket to Manila in August. January I will be able to verify how easy it is in the Philippines.Hoping your friend didn’t lie to you and 20nation is telling the truth about how easy it is!

  20. Bro good luck, I’m interested in this topic and I am considering going there myself. Let us know how it went and if it’s worth a visit. Good luck, cheers.

  21. 9:36 pm

    Bro good luck, I’m interested in this topic and I am considering going there myself. Let us know how it went and if it’s worth a visit. Good luck, cheers.

  22. Kyle,
    You said that Filipino women are the hottest of Asian women compared to “Thai”, Japanese, etc. Have you seen all of the Thai women in the world? And because they’re mixed with Spanish aka European? Explain to me how I am mixed Thai and I appeal to Filipino men? What’s attractive to you might not be what defines beauty to everyone else. You don’t even know Thai women enough to put them in a sub-category or other Southeast or South Asian women. Have you seen women from Indonesia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Pakistan? Beauty isn’t limited to just one group of women.

  23. I really don’t think the girl from day game was paralyzed with shyness or overcome with your whiteness. More likely she was scared of someone seeing her and judging her.

    You need to be extremely discreet in a public setting. Get the number and follow up later. Just my $0.02.

  24. @ Gigi, I concur with your posting, while understanding where Kyle was attempting to go with regards to the positive points he was trying to make about Pinays. With that said, and without bragging, I have dated many Thais and Pinays, both at various islands within their individual country as well as outside of their home country. I would have to give the edge in overall physical beauty to the Thai girls. Pinays often times than not have fat midsections and small butt which I am not a fan of at all. While Thai girls tend to have nice butts with small midsections as they don’t generally eat rice as if it is going to stop being produced. And trying to get a Pinay to eat veggies is very difficult. I tend to date Pinays from the province instead of the big cities. Pinays around the age of 30 – 40 seems to be my sweet spot for me. I love traditional, mature Pinays who can cook their asses off. And who will take care of you as if you were a baby. I have not found that with Thai girls despite the fact that I have dated many and I am not referring to bars girls in this assessment of Pinay and Thai girls. I am referring to the so called “good girl” pool. So, while I find Thai girls more physically attractive, I find Pinays to be much sweeter, caring and affectionate. As far as Scammers, Gold diggers, Lazy, Moody, etc type of Pinay…..Let’s just say that I am a Veteran of the game and smell bullshit from a mile away. Plus, I ain’t trying buy something that I can rent plenty of for damn near free…..a movie, a meal, a romantic walk and your all set.

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