Last updated: May 14, 2014

Field Repot: 5 girls in 5 days. Day 3 | Revised.



So my dilemma from yesterday, well, worked out quite well.  The girl who I had originally planned to go out with on Thursday ended up being down to hang out.  First “date”.  So I invited her over and she shows up at about 10:45pm.  Yeah…we all know where this is going.  I mix up some vodka-champagne cocktails and we sit on the couch.  Chit-chat about life and shit.

Got her into the bedroom on the premise of playing guitar.  Play a few songs, attempt to start taking clothes off.  She stops me.  No big.  I lean back and play some more guitar.  She tells me she likes being submissive.  I grab her forcefully and pin her against the wall and kiss her.  Major turn on.  Eventually, after a few more attempts…+1.  It was nearly 1am and my neighbors banged on the wall for us to keep it quiet.

That makes 3 first dates in the last 3 days and 2 new girls I banged.  I seriously am wondering how I’m doing this.  Like I’ve said…until recently this kind of life was unobtainable for me.  I guess it’s still a bit shocking.

Day 4 continues tonight.  I am exhausted and now sure how I’m going to keep this up.  Literally and figuratively.

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