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Field Report: Sex On The Beach In Miami



Note: The following is a field report from a student and new friend of mine (find him on Twitter @Brissbrass) who I coached in Miami. He will be joining me on a trip come April this year, so you can expect a lot of shenanigans from that. This is half a review of his coaching experience with me and half his success of the night.

Student Field Report: Miami

After talking with Kyle, I began to prepare for our meeting. Not to say that I wasn’t already on my grind, but I’m very prone to ups and downs when it comes to the game. I was near one of my down points. I looked at this as a great opportunity to get back on the up swing, with clothing being my first priority.

Coming from a smaller city with a large influence of tourists, my wardrobe was nothing to sneeze at. I’d been wanting to get a new pair of loafers and decided on black stitch Jack Erwin Penny Loafers. I also ordered a linen blend blazer from H&M to get that South Beach look on point. I’ll admit, before heading out with Kyle I would mostly wear v-neck t-shirts, or linen blend button downs. South Florida can be one hot mofo, often times a blazer and jeans is not practical.

I continued to hit the gym, and tried to up my nights out solo to at least twice a week before we met.

Warming Up

I arrived to the hostel in SoBe around 6pm, with plans to meet Kyle around 10pm. This left time to eat, shower and prep for the night out.

Kyle showed up to the hostel around 945 in jeans, navy blazer and patterned pocket square. We met, chatted for a bit, and began to pregame on watered down kool-aid (Kyle’s note: watered down would be the understatement of the year) and cheap vodka handles the hostel provided. With this being our first night out I was not trying to get smashed. Drinking before going out can be a curse or a blessing. If I’m on the sober side of drunk, what some might call tipsy, it can take the edge off just a bit and quiet those thoughts in my head. Past that and results can vary. Anything from going home depressed and hating the world to pulling and sloppy drunk sex.

The hostel offered a 20 dollar special that included the shitty kool-aid and entrance to a bar and club. The bar was Automatic Slims, the club was SET. We would later find out that these were the off nights for those spots. They basically used us a warm bodies to fill up the place.

(Kyle’s note: I suspected this, but $20 in South Beach is still reasonable for some drinks and the opportunity to meet slutty foreign hostel chicks)

Automatic Slims was small, loud and conversation was difficult. After getting a drink, Kyle and I posted up near the entrance. The only area that really had space to mingle. Girls from the other hostel were filtering in and there was a few cute bartenders and shot girls. Kyle began to assess my game as we did a few warm up approaches. One thing he pointed out was my physical escalation when I was unsure about a girl was weaselly. To correct this he suggested bolder moves. Playfully hitting a girl on the arm to accent a point in the conversation. The overall theme being if you are going to do something with a girl DO IT and don’t weasel your way about it.

Another thing Kyle noticed was the amount of IOIs (indicators of interest) I was completely oblivious to. In one particular instance a girl stared me down and I looked at Kyle and he said “that’s an IOI”, the light bulb went off. I’d seen girls look at me like that before but was never really sure if they were checking me out.

That’s an IOI!”

Many times it takes someone outside of us to recognize things we are completely blind to in both game and life. Little observations like the one Kyle made for me can help push you past barriers that are smacking you in the face on a nightly basis. This is something you simply cannot get from going out solo.

Strike when the iron is hot. After a few opens at Automatic Slims (Kyle’s note: He’s being quite modest about Automatic Slims. He got the number of the girl walking around selling jello shots who was a solid 8.5. He tried valiantly to get her out the next night but just two nights in Miami wasn’t enough.), we got into a party bus ran by the hostel that brought us over to SET night club. We arrived to the place and it was completely empty. We soon found out though this would ultimately work in our favor. We could open the girls who were staying at the other hostels without much competition.

After a round of drinks (two rum and cokes cost $34 without tip) and circling the club a few times Kyle spotted two girls sitting on the back side of a booth along the walk way. Kyle instructed to me to go in first and then he would follow. I went in without hesitation and my girl was very receptive to me. We chatted for a bit before Kyle gave me the look to eject. His girl had a boyfriend but mine was very receptive to me. We decided to circle around the club once again while the two girls made their way to the dance floor.

The Attraction

He instructed me to go up to her and say “What do you think of the other guys in here?”


I approached her on the dance floor, this time upping the physicality. As I leaned in I put my arm around her waist and said, “What do you think of the other guys in here?”

We began dancing and at this point I could pretty much tell it was on. Kyle gave me the nod with his girl that we should eject from the dance floor. I grabbed my girl by the hand and led her back to where we were sitting. We danced a bit more, pushing her away, spinning her around, bringing her back in. While we danced face to face I leaned in and kissed her. Then after a few minutes of talking I could tell Kyle was ready to bounce.

(Kyle’s note: spidey sense told me they were tired of the loud music and that they were open to leaving)

In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t more than 15 minutes since speaking my first words to this girl. By opening, talking, leaving, reopening, and moving the girls around the venue it made it seem like we had known each other for much longer then we really had. That is the power of being bold. You can often times push the interaction along a lot faster then you think is possible with a few small tweaks in your game. Long winded conversations about her childhood and aspirations aren’t necessary to create attraction.

The one who opens the set controls the direction of the interaction. To Kyle’s credit, he pointed the two girls out and sent me in first. In this case my girl was hooked and everyone was looking to me to make the next move. However, I hesitated. Not that I wasn’t interested in my girl, but being hyped up on the first night in Miami and having Kyle by my side I thought we could do better. (Kyle’s note: again, he’s being modest. She was a 7.5 and freakishly tall.) Whether that was true or not you should never pass up the sure bang. You have to understand there are many factors working against you when you go out. To have a lay drop into your lap is what will offset the nights where you go out, work hard, and get nothing. In other words you are trying to exploit a small edge when you go out. The up swings need to taken advantage of in order to balance the down swings.

I had never gone out with a true wingman before.

It was a bit foreign to me to have a wing sacrifice his night in order for me to gain. I’m also inherently not a selfish guy. ln a way I felt bad and this also lead to hesitation leaving the club and later in the night. If you open the set and hook a girl and your wingman takes a grenade or otherwise occupies a girl for your benefit (Kyle’s note: for the record, mine was smoking hot and I did everything my in power short of rape to get her to cheat. I also wanted an Irish flag), gladly take it. Lead the interaction and go after what you want. You never know when you will have to return the favor for your wingman. Always keep this in mind when you are with a friend.

After leaving SET we took an Uber to Story, where, unbenounced to us, Steve Aoki was playing that night. After 5 minutes of standing around, and not even getting a single eye from a bouncer we left to a dive bar around the street. At this point in the night I started to rack my brain for ways to isolate my girl to pull. Inside the bar we grabbed a few drinks and sat around the pool table waiting to play. My energy was dying and if I didn’t make a move soon I’d end up walking my girl back to her hostel empty handed. Kyle noticed this as well and kicked me into gear.

“You going to make a move or what man?”

The Pull

I sat back down next to my girl and rattled off some places we could go. We were both staying at a hostel so neither of our places would work.

“How about we go walk along the beach?”

“Yeah I said we should do that earlier”, she said. If you actually listen to a girl, she will often times give you clues on how to get into her pants. I gave Kyle the nod, and with new found clarity got up.

“Lets go.”

Grabbing her by the hand, we made our way to the door. After sitting inside and watching pool, the energy had died. I needed to escalate and build that sexual tension up again. I took my blazer off and pulled her in, draping the blazer over us. We immediately began to make out in our own little bubble under the jacket. It was on. Walking out on the sand I spotted some chairs piled up that would shield us from people coming onto the beach. Sitting up against them she straddled me. There was no resistance. Beach sex isn’t all that its cracked up to be though. Sand gets everywhere. I’ll take a bed any day of the week.

(Kyle’s note: Update on my night: I walked the Irish girl back to the hostel and held her hand on the way. I tried to kiss her at least five times but no go. Attempted to weasel my way into her hostel, but they’re quite strict on letting guests who aren’t staying inside. Despite my best efforts she would not come to my apartment.)

After I put some music on my phone and stared out at the condos on the beach. The wind, waves and post sex endorphins created a bliss like state. We started dancing to hot line bling as my mind etched the moment into memory. Without getting her number I gave her one last kiss and dropped her back to the hostel she was staying at. Flinging my blazer over my shoulder, I began the walk back to the hostel.

There were many times through out the night where I wasn’t perfect. No pick up will be. As long as you take something away from each night and reflect on the areas you can improve on, make those corrections and continue moving the interaction forward you will succeed.

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  1. This is a great write-up man, really enjoy these kind of reads. IOI’s are a huge deal, and I’ve noticed that a lot of guys think nothing of it when it happens, not realizing it is a HUGE affirmation in their favor.

    I especially loved this line, couldn’t be spoken more truer…

    “The one who opens the set controls the direction of the interaction.”

    Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Axel, I appreciate the feedback as this was my first written field report. At one point everyone was literally looking at me to make the next move. It was something I was not used to being that I mostly go out solo. If you ad-hear to the rule though it can also be used

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