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Field Report: I Eat Flakes For Breakfast



Game isn’t easy at times. Actually, it’s rarely easy. It’s a woman’s job to refuse sex. They hold the key to it. And despite the fact that they want nothing more than to gag on your cock and call you Daddy, biology and society both tell them that it’s not acceptable.

This leads me to Pocahontas.

Normally my attitude is to delete a flake’s number if she does flake. I don’t try to reinitiate at all. In fact, I’m even deleting numbers that give me “maybes” to a hint of a meet up because it’s simply not worth the time. I much prefer the “yes girls” to whom are fun to banter with and we click better. Forcing things just to get your dick wet isn’t worth the mental strain, in most cases. Especially when you live in a big city with tons of hot girls.

I met this girl weeks ago and we had a Thursday date that I set up on Sunday. Wednesday night I got a text saying that she had to go out of town, family emergency. 24 hours in advance, for a good reason, and was very apologetic. I can live with that.

That is an acceptable flake.

She got back into town and then an unacceptable flake occurred. We had planned to meet at 10:00pm at my place. So sex was on the table. Plus, she had told me how she was stressed lately and not into sex. I told her that a good dick down would help out with her stress; she replied by saying, “I hope you’re up to it.” She went to Disneyland with her cousin that day (she works there and invited me) and said she’d make it back in time.



Those are the first text messages I got from her. By 10:10pm when she hadn’t texted me (she didn’t even have my address at that point) I erased the text thread and her number. But I was horny and wide awake, so I tested the waters to see if she still wanted to come over. She did and we had the following exchange:



Oh trust me, Pocahontas. I was more than annoyed. But something about her just seemed “right”, so to speak. It wasn’t a bitchy flake. Or a stand up. She had been so compliant up to that point, it seemed wrong to just throw it in the trash. So I swallowed my pride and booked her on a Sunday evening, knowing full well I was having my 18 year old over for some morning sex that day anyways.

If she shows, great – probably a new lay. If she flakes for a third time – no big, balls were already emptied and I could just have a chill night.

Well, she showed up and got fucked within a half an hour. I’m pretty happy with this one. She has some of the most gorgeous, exotic skin I’ve ever seen. Really does look like Pocahontas. Note that Pocahontas is not a princess, though.

It’s been 6 days since I saw her the first time and I’ve seen her twice more since. Tuesday night when I was hammered from my weekly pool game, and then Thursday for a planned date. She brought me cake and we walked to a pizza joint.

There’s a reason you can’t throw a blanket statement on every girl. Be calibrated, be in the moment. Though this girl disrespected me at a high level, my spidey senses told me to push on and it paid off.

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