Last updated: February 21, 2016

Field Report: “Don’t Blow It” Game



Translation: “I’d love to see you.  Please, please, please don’t be one of those douchebags and disappoint me, I need a real man.  I am looking forward to this.”

Yep, called this one.

There’s really not a lot I have to say about this one.  I picked her up at about 7:00pm last night, and we headed to get some tacos and margaritas.  She had one drink.  She’s massively into me the whole time — leaning in, touching me, punching me.  About 20 minutes after sitting down at the bar I just kiss her.  She’s into it.  As we progress through our delicious chips and salsa, and rather unique tacos, my hand skirts up her freshly shaven legs.  I get a touch of panties and can tell they’re getting damp.

She’s just giggling and going along with it.

It’s mine to lose.

We head back to the car and I ask what she has to drink at her place.  She wants to come to my place, but I’m not big on the idea of having to drive her back afterwards.  Finally I convince her to go back to her place.  Doesn’t take long, there’s a little, “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” but no real resistance.  She’s a screamer.  Her window was wide open.  Whoops.

I blow a load in her mouth.  Hang out for another hour or  two, and say good night.

Sometimes, all you have to do is not blow it.  Well, except a load of cum.  Go ahead and blow that one.

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Don't Blow It

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