Last updated: May 14, 2014

Field Report: A Girl Brings Me A Cupcake On Our First Date



There was a time, not long ago, in which I loved writing field reports.

No longer.  The thrill is gone.

Will I still write them?  Probably, just for my own records and to reflect on how my game is coming along though.  There was a point though where writing about a new lay brought me a thrill.  It was almost exciting as the actual lay itself.  I wanted to show the world my awesome seduction skills.  Perhaps it stemmed from my own insecurities for not getting laid enough in my younger years (“younger” – take it with a grain of salt.  I’m 22.).  Now though, I just don’t…care.  I took a beautiful, tight 19 year old’s virginity recently, and I don’t even have the motivation to write about it.  Perhaps this is another sign of this thing called “maturity”…

This specific (cupcake) lay happened weeks ago, I’ve been out with her three times since.  The post has been sitting in my drafts with a title, but blank otherwise.  She brought me MORE cupcakes on our date last night, and as they sit boxed on my counter, I have a little more motivation to write about The Cupcake Girl.

This was a Tinder date…yes, I am back on Tinder causing trouble.  She gave me a number after a few messages and setting up a date was a piece of cake (no pun intended).  When I walked up to her, she greeted me with a bubbly smile and handed me a box.  Inside was a cupcake she had grabbed from work.  She manages a cupcake store.

Good god, that cupcake was fucking delicious.

I was honestly just…touched.

I laughed.  Either she was the sweetest girl in the world or she had the worst game in the world.  I’m beginning to think that may just go hand in hand.

Other than that heart-warming tale, there’s really not much to add to this field report.  We had one drink, bounced her the block down the street to my apartment.  Poured another round…played guitar.  Started escalating, clothes off, condom on, +1.

Now every time I see a cupcake I simultaneously salivate and pop a boner.


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