Last updated: January 28, 2016

Field Report. 5 girls in 5 days. Day 4.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

The saga continues.  After turning what was going to be a failed Day 3 into a smashing success and a new notch, much of Day 4 prior to the date consists of me trying to recover enough for Days 4 & 5.  Day 4 is with a tiny little Asian girl who I had been on one date with before, it’s probably been close to a month since I’ve seen her.  She had just moved here from another state, and we fucked in my car on the first date.  We had fun, but I had a suspicion that might be the only time I ever see her.  In hindsight, sex in the car on the first date is probably not a good idea.  It’s cramped (I was driving my Mustang…) and whilst the sex wasn’t bad, per se, there was no opportunity for the post-sex pillow talk that I think helps girls feel better about having sex with someone.  The last thing I want to do after fucking in a car is sit and cuddle.  I started the motor and drove her home.  When she ignored my post-date texts in the following week I figured she’d just been horny and chalked it up to good luck – having gotten her at the right time and set the right logistics.

However, about a week ago I fired off a mass text to probably 30 girls.  Something like, “Wanted to see if you got rich recently so you could be my suga mama ;)”.  She replied in a flirty manner and sent me a pic “to remind me of her.”  Game on.  After a bit of logistics hassling (her switching days on me, etc), she comes over last night.  I make homemade margaritas (which turn out excellent) to go with our tacos.  We eat, drink, fuck.  Go swim in the pool.  Take a shower.  Fuck more.  Sleep.  Morning sex.  California burritos for breakfast.

She left her bathing suit.  Bet it was on purpose 😉

Oh, and for those wondering how I am doing this…and then sleeping in and dicking around in the mornings, I am going on a new shift at work this week.  Weekend nights; Friday/Saturday/Sunday 6pm-6am.  Tonight the goal is to stay up as late as possible and hopefully sleep a good chunk of Friday away.   One more night of this epic week to go!


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