Last updated: May 14, 2014

Field Report: 5 girls in 5 days. Day 2.



This week, I have five dates with five different girls in a span of five days.  Date #1 can be seen here.  I may be squeezing in a sixth one on one night, and doing “double duty.”  The second one was Monday 8/26.  She’s a 5’7″ redhead/very, very light brunette with blue eyes and nice legs.  She wore a dress as I asked her too.  We made the plans several days before and she showed good enthusiasm so I was actually really looking forward to this one.  We meet at one of my favorite pizza places near a small beach town, which includes home-crafted beers.  She told me beforehand that maybe we can be “beer buddies.”  My response: “See you tomorrow and make sure you wear that dress.”

We order a pizza and she offers to pay.  Props.  I let her buy the drinks and recommend her a beer.  We sit down and I run my usual pitter-patter.  She’s enthusiastic and within 10 minutes I’ve got my knee pressed against hers.  No flinching.  Game on.  They call our order and they baked us the wrong pizza.  They let us keep the wrong one and make the correct order.  SCORE!


We are laughing and having a good time playing the questions game.  I find out she’s the same age as me (22) and her number isn’t especially high.  She does admit to having multiple one-night stands though.  She’s giving off the vibe that she’s down to have another.  I decide to play all my cards tonight.  I ask her if she’s a good kisser.  Says she doesn’t know.  Grab her face and say I want to find out.  What follows is about a 3-second open mouth kiss, and I pull away.  I tell her she gets a C-.  She argues that if we were in private she’d rock my world.

Game on.

She suggests another round.  Alternatively, I suggest we go grab a bottle of wine at my place.  She says that sounds great.  We pile into one car and head to the store.  I buy peach champagne and watermelon vodka.  Get home, music on, drinks downed.  Of course, she’s in college, so she’s immensely impressed with my bachelor pad.

We’re making out on my couch and I grab her and lead her to the room.  No resistance.  Within 5 minutes I’m inside of her.  We fuck for a while and then she says she wants me in her mouth.  She swallows it all.  I roll her over and continue the play.  She ends up being a squirter; says it’s the first time a guy has made her do that.  My ego is bigger than the room. I have to wash my sheets tomorrow.  As a bonus, on the second round, I ask if she’s done anal.  She says yes and says she wants it.  So I slide into her ass.  On the first date.  I then cum on her face.

She tells me she goes to a Catholic university.

If you had told me I’d be doing shit like this a year ago, I’d laugh in your face.  Welcome to my new reality.  I have one of my regulars who I’ve been seeing for a while coming over tomorrow.  The 5 dates in 5 days will continue.

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