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Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $



As always, this entire post has absolutely no factual data and consists of me simply spewing my opinion and probably pissing people off.

Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $

I’ll preface by saying that I hate feminism.  The ideals are good, the expectations are not.  Women should get paid the same as men?  Absolutely!  Women should work just as hard as men to get that pay!  Absolutely!  While feminists will agree with what I said, they’re lying.  I consistently have seen women/girls expecting to get paid the same, but when the going gets tough, they are the first ones to complain.  So, yes, you go girl!  Work as hard as men and the money will flow in.

Hell, with everything I know, if I had a nice pair of tits and an ass…I’m convinced I could be a CEO in five years.  Anywho…

With feminism spawned more girls furthering their education by going to college, which is all fine and dandy.  However, notice how, year after year, courses become flooded with more and more liberal degrees that are, to be frank, WORTHLESS.  This spawns from the analogy above, women want the same opportunities, but don’t want to work as hard.  Hence, worthless majors and degree programs are created.

Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $

Some examples, with notes from my own alma matter ( about the “career opportunities,” which of course I’ll then put to shame.


Career opportunities for sociology graduates are as varied as is the discipline of sociology. Many sociology graduates find themselves working for businesses while others find employment in social service agencies or correctional departments (e.g., child welfare worker, parole or probation officer).

Other fields that might employ sociology graduates include population analysis, public opinion research, public administration and politics.

The sociology major is also a good preparation for graduate programs in the following areas: sociology, social work, law, medicine, teaching and research.

A sociology degree doesn’t get you into med school, I’m fairly certain on that.  This basically says, that after you get your undergrad, you can go spend a few hundred thousand more dollars to get your master’s, so you can do what?!  Be a parole officer and work with the upcoming scum of society!  Woohoo!

Women’s Studies

“As with any Liberal Arts Degree, Women’s Studies provides a well-rounded education that can be useful in any job. A Women’s Studies degree also provides an excellent foundation for further graduate work in professional degree programs such as counseling, social work, law, and public health. A degree in Women’s Studies will enhance student’s ability to participate professionally in a range of organizations and businesses in the public and private sector, particularly those addressing women’s issues. Women’s Studies not only provides an excellent Liberal Arts education that improves one’s skills in writing and discussions, but it also prepares the student to work with diverse populations and be aware of the forces of privilege and oppression.”

Read that first sentence.  “As with ANY Liberal Arts Degree….useful in any job.”  Put the brakes on right there.  They basically said that a major in Women’s Studies provides NO additional skills, experience, or knowledge any more useful than any of their dozen other LA programs.  So, why does it exist?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Studies

LGBT Studies is an interdisciplinary program, not affiliated with any one department. Courses offered include LGBT literature, history of sexuality, media and sexuality, psychology of human sexual behavior, sexuality in modern society, valuing human diversity, lesbian lives and cultures, among many others. There are also over a dozen internships in LGBT organizations.

There is nothing even listed on this page for “Career Opportunities.”  What the hell does this course entail?  How to have gay sex without lube?  What a waste of scholarship money, faculty salary, and paper for printing the diplomas.


Gerontologists study the cultural, physical, social, and economic conditions of older adults. Gerontology differs from Geriatrics in that geriatrics is concerned with the clinical and medical aspects of aging, whereas gerontology is concerned with more social aspects of how aging affects populations. In recent years, issues in minority aging have received particular attention.

So basically, you learn about the types of diapers old people prefer, and I’d imagine the labs involve how to change them!

Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $

What do all these people with Sociology, Women’s Studies, LGBT, and Gerontology degrees do?  Well, there’s no real jobs for them.  The government, not wanting to waste all of the scholarship money and money spent printing the diplomas, has to create worthless jobs.  Think jobs like: welfare coordinator, administrative clerk, paper-filer, hot-girl-in-tights who doesn’t do anything but work around the building…etc.

Feminism –> Worthless Degrees –> Worthless Jobs –> Less $

Look!  The cycle has come all the way around.  Now there is less funding to science, technology, engineering, economics…you know, worthwhile careers and fields that contribute to our development as a country and builds future leaders.  This in turn cuts the lack of funding to these sectors of the economy, which results in fewer careers in those areas.  So then what happens?  People pursue worthless Liberal Arts degrees, and then the scientists, IT, and engineers pay more taxes to fund those degrees.  This degrades their quality of life and doesn’t allow them to be as productive as they could be.

Yep, go feminism.

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