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Feminine Women: Where In The World to Find Them

Dating Abroad


Feminine women are going extinct. Does this mean settle for a Western feminazi?

No, absolutely not.  

There are safe(r) havens of traditional values all over the world. And sure, it can be hard and scary to leave home. But as an expat myself, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing and transformative it is. 

So, without any more BS, let’s get to the guide: 

There Are Feminine Women On All Continents

This is my little disclaimer: 

There are traditional women all over the world. Even in the US. Even in super-liberal places of the US. 

It’s not about whether they exist. It is about the culture and the density. 

You are more likely to meet a beautiful, caring, feminine girl in Japan than in LA.

That’s because Japanese culture is conservative and family-focused.

LA culture, on the other hand, gave us glittered armpit hair and other questionable trends. 

You will see in this guide that I feature multiple countries and continents.

There is plenty to choose from!

Even if the situation back home seems hopeless, femininity isn’t dead everywhere.

In fact, in most parts of the world, women still embrace relationships, motherhood, taking care of the home, etc. 

South America: Latinas Are More Than Just Hot

In most of South America, people are traditional, gender roles aren’t twisted, and the girls are very beautiful, too. 

While these countries are poorer, I don’t recommend going to the most poverty-stricken places. Finding a partner is not like charity. If you go to rural Guatemala, sure, there will be pretty women. However, you will also stick out like a sore thumb and likely be targeted by gold-diggers, if not worse. 

I find that middle-class girls from Latin America are the best—such as Peru and Panama. They know enough about Western culture, they’ve travelled a bit, and their education is quite decent.

Unlike most Americans, they have interests outside of Instagram and reality TV. And, most importantly, they have not lost their femininity.

What more can you ask for? 

Colombia: The Land Of Beauty Queens 

Feminine Women

Yeah, I’m just going to say it: 

Colombian Chicas Are The Hottest In South America. 

That was my impression. It has also been the impression of every traveller I met. There is no question about it. If you’re wondering why Colombianas are smokin’ here are my top reasons: 

  1. Genetics – They basically won the genetic lottery. The mixed heritage gives them bombshell curves, thick and luscious hair, a beautiful tanned skin, etc. That’s what happens when European invaders have great taste in local girls for centuries on end. 
  2. Maintenance – Part of femininity is grooming and personal style. While Western women scream about the oppression of Brazilian waxing, Colombians take great pride in their looks. They enhance what they have – outfits, hairdo’s, mani-pedi’s, gym membership, dieting, even plastic surgery. 
  3. Attitude – Colombians don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a positive and friendly aura about them. Even if you don’t speak the language, you are drawn to them. Confidence, smiling, and keeping things fun – those are three of the most attractive features I’ve seen on a woman. 

Disclaimer: Plastic surgery is super common in Colombia. If you like a natural look, Colombianas might not be for you. 

What Living In Colombia Is Like

Colombia has nothing to do with Narcos anymore. Sure, there are some drug dealers but it’s nothing like the ’80s. Today, the country is developing faster than ever.

Cities like Bogota, Cali, and Medellin attract many travelers and expats.

They’re cheap and you can have an awesome quality of life. 

The cost of living in Cali is around $350 per month before rent. You can rent an apartment in an expensive area of town for $550 or find a bargain for under $300 (still in a safe neighbourhood, just not fancy).

A three-course meal for two people is $12! If you go for an expensive international restaurant, you’d still pay under $30 for two, including wine. 

You can keep your nights out at under $30, too. One cocktail at a nightclub is around $6, beer and shots are much cheaper. You could get hammered, factor in the cover fee and the Uber back home and still pay less than some US clubs charge for entrance only. 

Bottom line:

Colombia is affordable, fun, safe, and it has very feminine women.

It’s a good place to visit for a few days, move to, or go wife hunting. I could not recommend it enough. 

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Brazil: You Will Be Spoiled For Choice

Brazil is huge and very diverse. Looks-wise, you can meet all sorts of Brazilians. You have black girls, mixed girls, women with indigenous roots, completely Slavic-looking blonde girls, and mixes of all these. Each Brazilian woman has a unique look about her, making this a great dating scene for anybody. 

Much like Colombia, Brazil is doing well, development-wise. There are regions of extreme poverty. However, for the most part, you can have a good life and stay safe. 

Brazilian Dating And Feminine Women

The dating culture in Brazil is perfect for traditional guys.

Most Brazilians are religious to an extent. Younger women are not that invested in their faith but it’s definitely present in their lives. When it comes to dating expectations: 

Brazilians are not against hookups but they really want a relationship. 

There’s not a lot of slut-shaming in Brazil. In uni, random making out and one-night stands are common. Nobody cares (except maybe she won’t tell her grandma about it). 

However, the majority of Brazilian girls are looking for a relationship. Before they are 25, most women are either married or in a serious relationship.

Having a long-term partner doesn’t mean to stop having fun.

These still young, hip women, they party, they travel, they develop themselves. The difference is that Brazilian dating expectations are about providing stability without necessarily settling down. 

Keeping The Spark With Brazilian Girls

One of the best features of Brazilians is their passion. Nowhere is that more visible than relationships. While they have a warm and caring female presence, Brazilian women know how to keep things light and fun. 

Brazil is also one of the wealthier, more Westernized countries in South America. They are at a sweet spot right now. Women are embracing Western trends, they are more assertive, they all strive towards a career, etc.

At the same time, tradition and family are their most important values. In many ways, dating them is like dating a small-town girl-next-door type. Except with killer curves, too. 

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Mexico: Close To Home With More Feminine Women Than In The USA

Mexico isn’t technically South America—but they are still Latino.

The dating scene is nothing like the US Mexican girls down in places like Texas, LA, and San Diego.

Mexican girls are well-known to be homemakers, motherly, caring, all very feminine types. 

The main downside down in Mexico…

They’re not as attractive. 

Sorry but it’s true. While there are some gorgeous Mexicans, the vast majority are… Subpar Latinas. They have the curves but are more frequently overweight. Mexican girls can have some crazy body hair, they don’t always take care of themselves as much, etc. 

You can find a really pretty Mexican, though. Dating sites are your best friend here.

You can browse through thousands of profiles and pick the girls that spark your interest. The night game is also a solid bet.

Just because you met a girl at the club, doesn’t mean she can’t make a great partner. 

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The Feminine Women Of Europe

There are two sides of Europe.

One is pioneering things like Parent 1 and Parent 2 on documents, while the other is still delightfully untouched. Yes, I am talking about Eastern Europe.

Nowhere will you find such a high concentration of hot feminine women. 

Why They Are So Pretty

Basically, because of the war. After World War II, countries like Russia and Ukraine lost a lot of men. So much so, that males were in demand. 

Even now, the gender ratio means there aren’t enough guys for all the girls. Combine this with a marriage-focused culture, and dating gets very competitive for girls. It’s basically natural selection but with beauty salons. 

Ukrainians and Russians are very high-maintenance. They would spend their last dollar on a manicure if it gives them an edge over other girls!

Ukraine: Mail-Order Brides, Anybody? 

OK, so the whole mail-order bride thing is very exaggerated. Today, single Ukrainian women go online to find their partner. A lot of women flock to niche dating sites like Ukraine Date.

Because these are international romance focused, they have a very good chance of meeting a foreign dude there. 

Why Ukrainian Girls Want You

It can be hard to believe that a young blonde bombshell is interested in you. Can’t she have way hotter guys? 

First of all, that is no way of talking to yourself. Confidence is key if you want to attract feminine women. Stop talking down to yourself. If she sees you as hot, you must be hot. 

Anyway, you also have more to offer to Ukranian ladies. Here’s a list: 

  • You don’t smoke and drink your money away. That’s a common problem among local men. They’re just drunkards, honestly. No girl wants to get married to that. 
  • You have a career and you can provide. Ukrainian families are very traditional. As the man in the house, you are the main breadwinner. Even if your girlfriend/wife works, you should be able to take care of the family solo.
  • No cheating. Unless you’re a chronic cheater, in which case: shame on you! Ukrainian men are known for their infidelity. You can win over a beautiful local woman just by staying loyal. 
  • Treat her with respect.

Conclusion: believe it because it’s true.

Ukrainian women love dating men like you. 

3 Things Nobody Tells You About Ukraine

Ukraine is a great place to meet feminine women. You’re not the only foreigner who learns that. Here are three things that most Western men don’t know, though: 

  1. Ukrainians don’t speak (good) English. There is the occasional exception but day game definitely won’t work. Online dating is better because you can figure things out when you first start chatting. 
  2. They can be gold-diggers. Most Ukrainian women just want a masculine man to take care of them. However, they can come across as very materialistic at first. Don’t judge them by how they speak about money (they’re more open than Americans), look at their behaviour for red flags instead. 
  3. She wants to marry you. That’s a scary prospect when you just met. However, in Ukraine, people get married young. Women as young as 22 feel the pressure from family members to find a partner. Whether she says it or not, your Ukrainian date is judging whether you’re husband material. 

You can get a little shell shocked when you first arrive in Ukraine.

I recommend staying in a larger city and having a local guide. Doesn’t have to be someone you hire, it could just be your AirBNB host.

Even better, look for a cute Ukrainian girl on Ukraine Date and ask her to help you adjust. It’s a foolproof strategy to meet girls AND avoid culture shock. 

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Russia: Is It That Different From Ukraine? 

Obviously, the two countries are different in size…and they kind of hate each other right now.

But women-wise, is there a difference?

Not necessarily.

Russian girls share a lot of the common Slavic characteristics.

They are also slim, light-skinned, high(ish) maintenance. Their outlook on life is also similar. Here are the only three things that matter to a Russian girl: 

  • Her family
  • Love life
  • Friends and social attention

Some Russians are seriously obsessed with Instagram. It gets to the point where they hire private jets for a photoshoot (gotta look rich)… But the plane doesn’t even go anywhere. It’s just for social media. 

That’s the ugly side of Russian women.

The pretty side includes things like care, relationship-centered priorities, and staying fit and pretty even after coupling up. Russian femininity is all about putting your needs before her own. I am talking homemade meals, perfect house, and looking bomb for every date night. 

Russian women are also surprisingly career-focused. They will never put their job over a relationship. However, they have varied interests and aren’t a complete snooze to talk to. 

Fun fact: Russia is world champion in the number of women in tech and science. 

There are some super smart Russian girls—but they won’t sacrifice their femininity for a career. 

The Balkans Are Full of Feminine Women: Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Beyond

The Balkans are hugely underestimated.

You won’t find marriage agencies in Skopje or romance tours in Sofia. Locals kind of live their life, they’re not that bothered about dating a foreigner. 

Off the top of my head, there are at least five reasons to come to the Balkans for feminine women: 

  1. Beauty – Balkan girls are amazing-looking. You can find Slavic beauties, curvy Romanian chicks, exotic Greek sirens, dark and mysterious Turkish babes. 
  2. Traditions – Family and homemaking are a priority on every Balkan girl’s list. 
  3. Ambition – countries like Bulgaria are going through a tough transition. People have to work extra hard to catch up with the West. Most women here are ambitious and self-sufficient, they’ll never date you just for money. 
  4. Fiery but feminine – Serbian women are like the Latinas of the Balkans. They don’t mess around. But here’s a little secret for you: they all prefer macho men. It’s a matter of handling her, not dealing with tantrums. Secretly, every fiery Balkan girl wants to date a leader. 
  5. Not after your green card – Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece are in the EU. They have powerful passports and aren’t interested in your green card. You know that you’ll be dating a woman that is with you for you. 

Still not convinced?

These are also the cheapest countries in Europe.

They’re well-connected to the rest of the continent but you can live like a king for under $800 per month. That is including rent!

Osaka Women

Feminine Asian Women

Asia is dope for meeting feminine women.

There is a reason for the submissive girl stereotype. A lot of the girls are exactly like that – sweet, kind, quiet, even shy. They don’t sleep around, they don’t smoke or drink, and they will stay loyal until the rapture.

The surprising perk of dating in Asia: religion barely matters.

While a Colombian girl will hesitate before she marries a Muslim guy, Asians don’t mind. The same goes if you’re an atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, whatever.

The women I met in Asia are among the most open-minded and still family-oriented people ever. 

Vietnam: Crazy About Westerners

In Hanoi, women will check you out all the time! And here’s the twist: 

Older men do better!

Vietnamese women are a bit self-conscious around young Western men. As a 20-something, you will see plenty of female interest. However, a lot of the girls are afraid you’re only after a one night stand. They might play hard to get, just to test you!

Men over 40, however, get a ‘free pass’. They are more mature, so they’re perceived as safer potential partners.

In Vietnam, women aren’t sex-obsessed. Most of them have only slept with one or two guys. They’re very loyal to their partners and get emotionally invested easily. This makes them the perfect girlfriend material. One-night stand? Not so much. 

You are family.

Even when you first start dating, she will treat you like her closest person. This means treating you to homemade food, listening to your work problems, receiving your friends as though they’re her own family. 

The one thing that shocked me most about Vietnam is how much effort they put in. Just wait and see when you invite a friend over. She will have a three-course meal and wear her best dress, I’m willing to bet on it!


A Vietnamese girl appreciates you for everything you do. Even minuscule things that Western girls wouldn’t notice – like picking her up from her job or helping out with chores!

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Thailand: Yes, There Are Good Thai Girls

I know what you’re thinking.

Aren’t Thai women escorts, prostitutes, or strippers at best? Some of them, yeah, of course.

Most Thai people are actually very conservative. A lot of Western men have settled down with feminine women from Thailand. Here are some pro tips for meeting your own: 

  • If you go to a bar, you will meet bar girls. Any surprise here? Good Thai girls don’t drink, so they don’t really party, either. Nightclubs aren’t a wife-hunting ground whatsoever.
  • Approach her first and watch her reactions. No good Thai girl will talk to you first. She knows the stereotype about Thailand better than you do. The “girlfriend material” type are shy at first, fearing that you might take advantage of them. This is a good sign. 
  • Chaperones for dates are normal and expected. At least for the first date, she will bring a chaperone along. That could be her friend, sister, even her mother. Once again, this is to protect her from being taken advantage of. 

It’s not that hard to separate working girls from nice girls.

You’re not dating any prostitutes back home, are you?

The same tell-tale signs are true in Thailand, too. 

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Indonesia: Tropical Paradise

Indonesia deserves so much more hype than it gets.

Jakarta women are among the hottest and most Westerner-obsessed in Southeast Asia

They are seeking a masculine man. 

No surprise here.

Very feminine women naturally gravitate toward strong and assertive men. Indonesian girls appreciate you taking care of them, as well as being in charge. 

While a Western chick will snort at you opening the door for her, Indonesians notice and appreciate that a lot. They have been raised to be homemakers and carers, Indonesians don’t really want to be emancipated. 

Travel and lifestyle-wise, Indonesia is a dream. It’s a relatively poor country so you’d have to avoid some areas. As an expat, however, it’s one of the cheapest places to live well. Jakarta, in particular, is dope!

Feminine Women Exist, You Pessimist!

There you have it – 10+ countries on different continents, all with traditional values and feminine qualities.

Next time you feel like complaining about dating in the Western world, just check out the flights to Medellin or Kiev.

That’s a much more proactive solution!

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  1. Yeah, this is gold. This is what I tell clients who want to leave america and search for a women overseas… They certainly do exist and it’s a lot easier to get a quality woman. Good stuff!

  2. Why didn’t you mention Africa? Yes poverty is a serious issue in several countries, but not everyone there has there ribs touching and flies on their faces. You have the Northern region that is mostly Arabic (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, etc.), therefore, the women (who are mostly Muslim) are very traditional. You have the eastern region (I only recommend Kenya and Ethiopia) where they are influenced by the Muslim world, and also have held on to living life how their ancestors did, so they’re also quite traditional too. You also have the Western region. Although their is a lot of poverty and the stereotype from African films suggest that most of the women from that part of the continent are very masculine, you can still find a woman that is feminine and traditional. Same applies to (not the region but the country) South Africa. They are one of, if not, the most Western-influenced country on the continent, but there are plenty of feminine women. Also, if you like the variety that is in counties like Brazil and Columbia, you can find that there, and most of them didn’t do plastic surgery. My biggest advice to you if you travel to Africa to look for a wife, is to visit areas that poverty is extremely high and make sure she’s not after your money (something you gotta be careful about with any women, that is from a 3rd world country, you pursue anyway).

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