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Were you a loser your whole life?


But I turned into a winner with a lot of hard work. Start here and here to learn how I did it.

How did you get started in blogging?

I started writing to track my online dating progress. It was just scratch notes, rants, field reports, and more. Then I started going into deeper topics and it evolved into what it is today.

It’s really cool that you show your face on here despite the sensitive material. Why did you decide to do that?

This post will explain it all. And thank you!

Have any of your girls you’ve dated found your blog?

Yeah, three of them.




Have any girls tried to kill you over this blog?



You’re a misogynist, aren’t you?

Naw, not at all.

I love and cherish the women I date. Most of them are great girls who I build real connections with. I simply believe that the majority of American women aren’t worth it, and have found a higher concentration of quality abroad.

I prefer to just simply be labeled as a realist.

I’m a girl, I read your website…and it kinda of turns me on. But you’re an asshole. Ugh. Can we have sex?

Send a picture for consideration.

Can you help me with my struggles with women?

I’ve coached over a dozen guys in the last two years. You can go here to read their reviews, and my prices.

Unfortunately I am now living a nomadic lifestyle with a lot of travel, so coaching in Southern California isn’t possible anymore. However, if you need help and are in the area that I’m traveling through at that time, I’d love to hear from you. I’m also open to flying to new cities if it works out.

I do offer “remote” help, whether it be Skype/FaceTime calls, consistent email contact/mentoring, etc.

I offer a variety of prices for every guy, but if they don’t work for you – just write to me.

I promise, we can work something out.

Helping guys turn their life around is my biggest goal.

Will you review my dating profile, or hell…even write it for me?

I review dating profiles for $37. I will craft your entire profile from scratch for $77.

Click here for more information regarding dating profile help.

Do you have any books or premium products?

Cracking OkCupid is my book about OkCupid.com, though the advice in it is applicable to any dating platform.

The Harem Handbook & System is my soon-to-be released course that will contain all my books, premium podcasts and videos, my entire dating spreadsheet I’ve built over the years, and perhaps a monthly Q&A session if the interest is there. It will also be available as an eBook for those who do not want the entire system.

I also wroteĀ The San Diego Nightlife Guide andĀ Trouble’s Travels, but both of these were “starter” endeavors into the world of self-publishing.

Can I guest post on This Is Trouble?

Absolutely, provided it fits into the subject of this website. Of course, you will get to link back to your own site and posts. I fully support new bloggers in their pursuits.

This website is beautiful, did you build This Is Trouble yourself? Can I hire you for design work?

Yes, all of the graphics and the customization on this website was done by me. I have never hired a web designer in my life.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a quote.

Can I hire you to write something for me?

If it interests me, yes. Shoot me an email at thisistroubleblog@gmail.com,Ā the contact page, or at the form below.

Do you have any other websites?

I sure do.

BachelorTravels.com is a site about travel hacking, nomadic living, and general adventure stories.

TypesofTequila.com is my niche website dedicated to various tequila products. You can read about my journey building it by reading my niche website series.

Computer-101.com is a tech website I wanted to start, but admittedly have left behind. Maybe someday I’ll get back on the grind for it.

Are you on social media?

How can I contact you?

Use the form below, or email me at thisistroubleblog@gmail.com.

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