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Fake Chemicals and Foods In Your Body

People HATE being sold fake goods, unless they’re aware of it.

(Knock off Rolexes, for example)

Even more:

They HATE being sold fake shit they put in their bodies.

At the Selo we’re trying to change the olive oil narrative with our 100% Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

As I write this, we are waiting on delivery of the bottles.

Shortly after bottles are here, we’ll be taking pre-orders for Selo Oils Batch #01. It’s been a heckuva challenge to get all of these physical items together. Far more intensive than many of the online businesses I’ve been a part of. We have about five vendors. My dad, a mechanical engineer, told me there was a time he had a project with 1,500 vendors!

And this was in the 90s, well before the constant smartphone communication.

Speaking of constant communication:

Somehow, I got roped into this whole Ford/Kavanaugh hearing today, and have been sitting on the couch for the last 5 hours watching it.

It made me think about the type of world we live in.

There are literally millions of people right now mailing in their entire workday, school day, or whatever it is they’re doing — on this political hearing. And it’s something that will have not an ounce of bearing on most of our lives. And yes, I realize that I am one of them today.

But it just made me think what a sad life many people live, who are glued to this stuff 24/7 like a crack addict working for his next hit.

The reality is that technology has unplugged us so much from the real, every-day world, and instead, we live plugged into our devices, following every little move.

When’s the last time you sat down and enjoyed a meal with your family for several hours?

Sad question to think about, isn’t it?

And that’s what we’re hoping to fix with Selo Oils when we start shipping next month.

We’re bringing Croatian taste to your table.

Baba’s farm to your home.

We hope it brings you a bit of happiness and relief from the real world.

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