Last updated: April 17, 2017

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In light of Regan’s excellent guest post yesterday about his up and down journey with making money online, I thought it was appropriate to share this (which I hadn’t announced publicly on the blog).

It’s one of my best posts compiled into a PDF/eBook format. Take it with you on the go, share it with friends, or just print it out and make some notes. Doesn’t matter to me.

>> Just enjoy it.

In other news, I’ve returned from Budapest—the place that tries to kill me every time I go. I tell you, the nightlife there is absolutely insane. I’m not sure there is another place in Eastern Europe that can compare on a night-to-night basis.

I actually have my little sister on this side of the pond—she, the Ukrainian girl, and I took the train to Budapest. I have numerous other friends there, so it was quite the party. In any case, it was great to show them both around Budapest and dance until the morning hours in some of the coolest clubs in the world.

But vacation is now over.

Stay tuned for tomorrow—another friend is dropping a massive 3,500 word post about dating in Southeast Asia. I’ve also got a post about how to make business online by going offline which will be dropping Friday.



PS: Don’t forget to grab that free guide—you can do so here.

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