Last updated: December 11, 2014

Every Player Has A Hating Women Stage



Every baseball player goes through slumps and hits .180 for a month. Every basketball player has games where he can’t get a single shot to bounce in. Every quarterback has those games where every pass they throw seems to end up in the arms of the opposing defense’s secondary.

The life of the player is not much different.

If you begin dating multiple girls with any sort of success, you will hit this roadblock sooner or later. While on the surface nothing seems to have changed, for whatever reasons, things just are not going your way. Maybe it starts with something small, like a girl flaking out on a date. Or maybe you go a second date with a cutie, and then she just drops off the face of the Earth – with no explanation whatsoever.

Girls tend to be cowards when it comes to rejecting guys, but that’s a post for another day.

The next thing you know, all your leads have gone cold, OKCupid and Tinder are as dry as the Sahara, and any future dates you had set up flake.

All the small things add up and you end up like this.

It’s enough to knock any aspiring Cassanova to the floor and force him to re-evaluate his life choices.

“Man, maybe monogamy isn’t so bad.”

“You know, Kathy is only 170 pounds, maybe if I get drunk enough I can stomach it…”

My advice: STOP!

Though I’m not religious or even remotely spiritual – I do believe that the universe works in strange ways at time. Most likely, your string of bad luck is just that – luck. The universe’s cruel way of distorting reality. Most important is that you take this in stride and are able to shrug it off. More than likely, you are going to get a bone thrown your way soon, and you’ll be back to batting .350 after that. But before you hit that point, you are probably going to go through a phase of pretty much hating women.

For everything.

Flaking, being late, playing games, and more. Your patience for all of it will be gone. You will feel the misogyny coursing through your veins like when your balls fill up before you blast a nut. A life of admitted celibacy doesn’t look so bad on paper. If you’re abstaining from jerking it, you’ll be irritable beyond belief. You may even take to setting up dates with fat girls and flaking on them for the sheer pleasure of laughing like an evil little man. You revel in the glorious power for about five seconds until you realize your balls are so full they’re blue. Then you realize the fattie probably gives pretty good blowjobs and feel a bit of resentment towards your inner evil demon.

You proceed along like this, your hatred of women growing ever deeper.

Then you fuck some slut and everything is back to normal.

The end.

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  1. Fuck man, this resonates with me right now. Had a LTR break up, thought I was slick by setting up a few dates, 3 flaked in one weekend. I barely have room to be bummed, but I’m feeling the annoyance.

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