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European Women: The Region-by-Region Breakdown

Dating Abroad


There is not just one type of European women. No matter what hipster movies tell you, it’s a place with huge cultural differences. 

So you want to date a European? Let’s see which girls are best for you. 

The Regions For European Women

For this breakdown, I will be using the basic four regions.

While I realize I’ll undoubtedly piss some people off by generalizing these areas, I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible.

  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe

You’ll see there are a lot of similarities within the same region. We’ll still be talking about the separate countries, too. However, some trends clearly emerge. 

Let’s start with the absolute worst girls in Europe…

The Case Of British Women

european women - british

British girls are kind of on the sidelines of European regions.

They’re not really like French women, or Belgian women, or Scandinavian girls. Because they don’t fit a category, the UK is a category in itself. 

Here are all the basics about British gals: 

They Have A Sense Of Humour…And They’re Loud

Is it just me or are all Americans suddenly super sensitive? We can’t laugh at ourselves the way British people do. You will be shocked at how self-deprecating it can get. 

For instance, a girl from Bath (I think she just went to uni there) proudly showed me her Christmas pictures with the roomies. They had an apartment type dorm with a common kitchen and living room area. Each girl had her own room. Over each door, they had signs saying ‘Ho’.

You know, like ‘Ho-ho-ho!’ for Christmas.

But also… 

Yeah, she thought it was hilarious.

With that sense of humor though, comes that awful cackling laugh.

Very High Body Counts

British girls aren’t exactly conservative. It sounds bad but I have to say it: 

They sleep around. 

Most of them are on birth control so they can get hammered and have random hookups. Often. I’d say, be safe and use a condom. 

Having A Tan = The Ultimate Goal

The UK is not a sunny place.

People are naturally pale and sensitive to sunlight. Why on Earth they want a tan is beyond me. It’s not like it looks good on most of them, especially if it’s fake tan. The orangey hue is a serious turn-off. 

Some girls, thankfully, go to a sun-bed or sunbather.

This is not a PSA about the dangers of melanoma (but come on, that’s actually dangerous). Still, do expect her to want a tan and work for a tan. And if you go on vacation together, she’ll turn bright red and wear her sunburns with pride. 

British Girls Are Genuine

This can be a hard pill to swallow but Americans can be so fake.

European women, on the other hand, don’t bother with fake smiles and all that nonsense.

Even if they come across as snotty sometimes, that’s just because they have a no-BS attitude in life. 

British Girls: Yay or Nay? 

Go to the UK for:

  • Fun, uninhibited girls (during nights out they are really out of control)
  • One-night stands and casual hookups (especially in big cities)
  • A breath of fresh air from sweet-talking and cheating behind your back
  • Fat girls with lots of tattoos and piercings

Don’t look for a British woman if:

  • You are conservative and don’t appreciate their wild child side. 
  • Dating sex-positive women is a bit too much. 
  • You plan on going without a condom (please do).
  • You want thin, pleasant, feminine and quiet girls.

If you’re an American guy, I think if you’re coming all the way to Europe, you might as well just fly right on by the U.K.

Nordic Girls: Super Hot, Super Cold

Moving up north, we’re talking about European women from:

  • The Baltics – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland

While Nordic culture is penetrating the Baltics, they are still a bit different. Let’s cover them first: 

The Baltic Countries: A Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Spot

The Baltics can be very nice if you want a well-developed country with some traditional values. In this article, we’re considering the Baltics as:

  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

While Baltic women are not as conservative as Russians and Ukrainians, they are still very relationship-oriented. These are wealthier countries that have been in the European Union for quite a while, but by no means are they rich and you should be somewhat alert for gold diggers. That said…

The average woman is still pretty hot.

Some disturbing trends like shaved heads are popping up here and there. For the most part, though, Baltic ladies are very feminine. They’re not high-maintenance at all. They are a nice mix of Scandinavian and Slavic when it comes to looks, although most will lean more Slavic-looking.

The downside to dating in the Baltics:

You don’t get extra points for being a foreigner. In other parts of the world, you’d spark interest. Here, meh. As long as you’re cute and confident, she could care less if you’re a local or not. 

Word of warning:

The Baltics have a very tumultuous past.

They’re very passionate and proud of their national identity.

Be respectful—or kill your chances the moment you open your mouth.

Online Dating In The Baltics

You can use the following sites in all of the countries:

Specific to Lithuania:

Here’s some other content about Baltic girls:

Scandinavia And Iceland: Casual Sex, SJWs, Models And Fatties. 

I think I summed it up pretty well.

Scandinavian countries can be heaven and hell at the same time.

They are infested with social justice warriors. The kind of people that say their country doesn’t deserve to celebrate it’s national day (Sweden, because they don’t like nationalism apparently). A bunch very third-wave feminism, too!

At the same time, Nordic girls can be damn hot.

They’re just genetically blessed – tall, slender, naturally soft features, etc. When you look around the streets of Norway, you wonder how the hotness ratio got so high. Must be the Vikings, they picked only the prettiest girls. 

Anyway, looks-wise, Scandinavians are definitely model material, assuming they’ve kept themselves in shape.

They make some questionable style choices, though. I blame IKEA.

Rest assured, not every Norwegian girl look like the pics of Oslo street style. They mostly have a low-key look, dressed in neutrals, not overdoing the makeup and accessories. 

Sometimes Scandinavians can look pretty bland. Luckily, it all changes during a night out. Plus, club hookups are the norm in Nordic countries. 

Dating In Reverse

In all Nordic countries dating is upside down: 

  1. Hookup
  2. Date? 
  3. Relationship?!?

First of all, they’re not too keen on relationships.

Northern European women are big on independence. Not all of them want to get married. Even those who would consider long-term relationships are often against having children. It’s not completely impossible to start a family with a Scandinavian, it’s just a bit harder. 

Dating comes after the hookup, usually.

If you sleep together and never talk again, that’s cool. too. Nordic women are not clingy at all. That’s great because it will greatly reduce your arguments. On the other hand, it’s harder to get in a couple in the first place so…

Finally, her number might be higher than yours. In a culture that embraces casual sex, what else do you expect?

Dating Sites In Scandinavia

First and foremost, you should definitely be using Tinder. You can also try these two, though your mileage may vary:

western european women

Western European Women

For simplicity’s sake, Western Europe includes: 

That’s what most US schools teach in geography class and it seems about right. I won’t be talking about the UK and Ireland, though. We already covered the UK—and Ireland is incredibly similar. They’re Catholic but that barely changes anything. No conservative girls or anything like that. 

Liechtenstein, Monaco, and Luxembourg are tiny so we won’t be focusing much on them, either.

Know that they are pretty much like the rest of the Western European countries. I don’t have any first-hand experience with European women from these places, so if you have anything to add – I’d love to hear it. 

This leaves us with Belgium and the Netherlands; France and Switzerland; Germany and Austria; the Czech Republic.

Why did I divide them like this? Again, by similarity.

Now let’s look at what you might expect there: 

Belgium And The Netherlands

European Women

There are two languages in this region:

Flemish/Dutch and French.

In Belgium, you have French-speaking people to the south, Flemish speakers to the north. In the Netherlands, they speak Dutch. And yes, Flemish and Dutch are virtually the same languages. 

The stereotype goes that Flemish people are more independent. They’re supposedly colder, less cultured, and more into drinking, too. I saw basically none of that. Flemish/Dutch girls are self-sufficient but not to the point of arrogance. They’re actually quite friendly and easy to talk to. It also helps that they speak great English. 

Fun fact:

The Netherlands has been doing well economically for centuries now. Since height is determined by how well you’re fed as a kid, Dutch people are extremely tall. I’m not exaggerating, they are giants. That’s the result of hundreds of years of eating well. 

Women in the Netherlands are very open-minded. Pretty evident from the general Dutch culture of weed and whatnot. There are also large university cities with a lot of foreigners, so you can date them as well. 

Overall, I found Belgian and Dutch girls to be a good mix of liberal but not annoying. As in, they’re not obnoxiously feminist but they still have careers and interests outside of kids and marriage. Partying in the region is fun. However, women don’t sleep around nearly as much as they do in the UK or up in Scandinavia. 

You have modern women but not ones that have been spoiled by liberal madness. 

Dating Sites In The Netherlands:

Oh, The French

So, pardon my directness but…

One very big perk to dating women in France: 

Awesome sex life. 

It’s not only about oral, French girls are just good in the bedroom.

They are naturally sensual, they know what they want and how to ask for it, and they’re about giving, as much as they are about receiving. Can’t argue with years of expat and traveller experience. The French do it better. 

French Girls: Looks And Bad Bitch Attitudes? 

The French mega-bitch is a common trope. But not all French girls spend their time smoking Marlboro cigarettes, applying red lipstick, and pouting at how bored they are. 

However, the French do have a quality. For me, it’s just their carefree attitude. They don’t try hard or if they do, they don’t want it to show. 

No self-respecting French woman would show up to your date in any of the following: 

  • Heels that kill her feet
  • A full face of makeup with a contour inspired by Kim K
  • A hairdo that features so much hairspray that no force in the world could move it
  • Mega short skirt 
  • Anything bedazzled or that calls attention

French girls know the value of simplicity. They will have one sexier feature of their outfit. For instance, they’d wear a top with a plunging neckline and mom jeans underneath. Red lipstick but just a basic tee. You get the drill. 

For French women, that “I’m not even trying hard” attitude extends to dating as well. Relationships happen naturally. From the moment you start going on dates and making out, you’re just sort of paired up

German Girls

Moving on to German-speaking girls.

This is mostly based on Germans but from what I know, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland are similar.

So, German girls… 

The German Stereotype

I don’t know about you, but…me, when I imagined “German” before, it was: 

  • Fat
  • White (or lobster-coloured, if we’re at the beach)
  • Loud and unceremonious
  • Full of witbier and sausage
  • Kind of… weirdly disciplined? As if they would snort at you for being a few minutes late. 

How much of that is true, you ask?

Some of it. 

German girls are, for the most part, on the chubby side. They’re not land whales. There also some slender women, though they’re not the rule. 

Face and complexion?

If they are purely German, then yes, most of the women are on the pale side. Unlike British girls, they are not obsessed with tanning. They do burn and they do have freckles. I would not say Germans have the most attractive faces in the world. 

However, the average girl is still pretty and there are some stunners from time to time. 

Meeting, Dating, And Mating With German Girls

Germans are very practical, they’re punctual, and they can be pretty stern. They’re naturally drawn to order. You wouldn’t see crazy crowds around counters – everybody lines up nicely. People recycle and separate their trash into various bins. They rarely litter. Basically, Germans like to follow the rules. 

Are German women a complete snooze? 

No, not at all. 

They are really fun to go out with (as in, go clubbing). The Berlin nightlife scene is legendary, especially if you like electronic music. There are a lot of young, hip, alternative girls. There are also some chilled out girl-next-door types. 

The biggest challenge is dating outside of major cities. Even if it’s a college town, small places have limited nightlife. Germans living there are not as sociable, they also lead quieter lives. Tinder works very well in these places but it’s not that great for finding a relationship. 

Germany and Austria’s untapped resource are the expats.

There are a lot of Slavic people living in Germany—from uni students to entire families. You’LL also notice many Turkish people. They’ve been here for generations, some don’t even speak Turkish anymore. If you’re into a more exotic look, go for them—but they do lean on the more conservative side. 

Mediterranean Fun And Hospitality of European Women

The South of Europe is easily one of my favourite travel destinations.

The dating scene is casual, definitely not as good for non-hookup dating as Eastern Europe. Still, with amazing food, endless beautiful cities, towns, streets, places to visit, and a party culture to die for, you’d fit right in. 

Spanish and Italian girls are very similar. Greeks, not so much. They tend to be more conservative, Greece being a mix of Balkan and Mediterranean culture. 

On the plus side, they are loud, friendly, and adventurous. It’s not hard to find a way around the language barrier. 

Some parts of Italy are actually very conservative.

In Sicily, for instance, families are still very tightly knit. They keep a strict eye on their daughters and might not approve of you. On the plus side, this is the place to find a feminine girl for more than a one-night stand. 

Bear in mind that Southern Europe is very touristy. If you go in high season, it’s not likely that you hook up with locals. Not that it’s impossible, it’s just hard to find them in the throngs of tourists and visitors. 

Posts about Southern Europe you might find useful:

The Slavic Women 

European Women

OK, so I broke my own rules.

I was supposed to compare region-by-region, and the Slavs are not concentrated in one geographic area.

Still, dating in the Czech Republic is similar to Serbia, Belarus, or even Russia. Slavic women share common traits. Personally I’d consider Czechs to be “Germanic Slavs” if you put a gun to my head. Anyways.

I saved the best for last. 

Eastern European women are known as family-oriented, pretty, caring, basically your dream girl. Even though Western men have been seeking them out for decades, the demand is still there.

Slavic countries share a common problem: 

There are not enough good men. 

The gender ratio literally works against women. To add insult to injury, Slavic men tend to be abusive and unfaithful.

Not to mention the known propensity for alcohol.

Slavic women are navigating a competitive dating scene. There aren’t enough guys for everybody so they have to be on their A-game at all times. Slavic women spend a fortune on their looks – from gym membership to outfits and visits to the beauty salon!

They’d go hungry before they show up looking disheveled. 

Here are some more articles that will help you navigate Eastern European women.

European Women: 15 Reasons To Date Slavic Girls

I could give you 150, but this article about European women will get ridiculously long.

Here are the main perks of dating a Slavic woman: 

  1. They are traditionally feminine and embrace it with pride. 
  2. Amazing genetics – basically, they won the genetic lottery.
  3. What nature gave them, they enhance. Slavic girls are very conscious to not let themselves go. 
  4. Naturally slender and athletic physique.
  5. Cultured with interests beyond Cosmopolitan magazine.
  6. Interesting to talk to (refer to the previous point). 
  7. Homemakers who are happy to create a beautiful environment for themselves and you. 
  8. Relationship-minded, they avoid casual sex and look for a connection. 
  9. Loyal and genuine in a relationship (and they value fidelity in you more than almost anything). 
  10. Reliable and hard-working, even if they expect you to be the main provider. Slavic girls want to have their cake and eat it, too. They prioritize family but still have a career and interests outside the home. 
  11. Caring – for you, for your friends and family (which she considers her own), for pets, for kids…very good maternal instincts.. 
  12. Always on your side. To a Slavic woman, a partnership is literally about partnering. You can count on her to support you through challenges. 
  13. Fun-loving. Just because she’s in a relationship, doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. Married Slavic couples still love to travel, go clubbing, etc. 
  14. Hold you up to your highest potential. Though this can create conflicts, Slavic women genuinely want you to succeed. They will hold you to a high standard because they know what you’re capable of.
  15. All-around girlfriend material. 

Now that I’m done raving about them, here are some warnings: 

  • One-night stands are not quite as common.

There are exceptions but very few. Slavic countries are not good for casual flings. 

  • No smiling.

Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the Slavic countries are frowny places. The 5-karat American smile makes you look stupid, not friendly. 

  • Dating expectations.

To get married, that is. Slavic girls get married/in a serious relationship early. You better bet she’d be planning your wedding from the get-go. Whether she admits it or not, it’s true!

Dating Sites to Meet Eastern European Women

Dating sites useful throughout all of Eastern Europe:

Dating sites in Russia

Dating sites in Ukraine

And there you have it, the full breakdown of European women. Which ones are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: I didn’t even touch on some areas, such as the Balkans, so stay tuned…

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