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How to Escalate For FAST Sex Over Text Messaging




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Simply put, there are a lot of girls out there in the world that want casual, fast, and anonymous sex. That’s the reason that apps like Tinder have become so popular–they allow girls to live out their deeper, darker fantasies without the harsh judgment of their friends or peers.

It used to be that if a girl wanted to have casual and anonymous sex, she’d likely have to go to a bar by herself. Which, let’s face it: that’s not a ton of fun for her. And it can be an intimidating experience for a petite and single girl with all of the music, booze, and more floating around.

That’s why if you can press the right buttons to get them into a sexual mood, you can escalate them into a sexual mood. You may even then be in a position where she comes straight over just to have sex.

No date needed.


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In this case, this was a girl whom I had matched with on Tinder. I used this opener:

“So…Amanda. Since we’re both hot and find each other attractive, let’s make adorable Tinder babies ;)”

Once I moved her to texting I continued escalating and asked her when she was free to meet. Check it out…

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The most important thing to note is the subtle and humorous way I turned it sexual. In realty, I had been planning to simply go on a date with her.

When she said she was working late, I saw a chance to throw the “Are you saying you want to have sex with me?” bit in.

A girl saying she works late (but not opposing to meet you) = a girl who is probably down to fuck.

“Haha well I thought that’s where this conversation was going haha. You’re the one who mentioned baby making.” This is her way of playfully telling me she’s on to my game, but she’s still not flat-out refusing my advances. In fact, it’s her way of subtly telling me she’s okay with it.

Next I go back to logistics.

Too many men make the mistake of trying to push the sex stuff too hard before meeting. Often times, it spooks her. If I’d launched into full on sexting mode, she may not have ended up meeting me. Personally, I prefer real life sex to sexting.

The second text is a few days later, ironing out details for her to come over that evening. Again, you’ll notice I’m keeping things very simple and logistical. There’s no reason to give her any reason not to come over.

She tells me that she doesn’t have to babysit tonight and that she can come over. It’s already sold.

I tell her exactly where I live (Santa Monica is a very nice city in Los Angeles), and it’s done. Later that evening, she texted me that she was ready and I sent her my address. She came right over, we opened a bottle of wine, and an hour later we were having sex.

And that’s how you escalate an interaction for fast sex.

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