Episode #44: The Rules of Dating Foreign Girls - This Is Trouble

Episode #44: The Rules of Dating Foreign Girls

Here are rules 1-5 which are discussed in great depth in the show…

  1. Ignore triggered idiots and white knights of said country – they are jealous haters
  2. Frogs then princesses. You may have to go through a few girls. Focus on the fun girls. If a good girl comes when you are not ready for it, consider letting her go. But…
  3. All girls have an inner slut, even the nicest of them. Foreign girls are better at hiding it because their culture encourages it whereas America encourages promiscuity
  4. You must accept the bad parts of the culture. It takes months, maybe years, for these things to begin to manifest.
  5. Learn to tolerate those things, do not even bother trying to change them. It’s like trying to convince a diehard, liberal-feminist-social justice warrior that Trump is a God. It’s not worth the breathe or the energy.

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