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Epic Road Trips, Fart Openers, and So Much More…

In episode #90 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Goldmund Unleashed to the show to talk about a variety of topics. Some of the things we touch upon include…

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How to handle your first solo Game trip – we both share how to overcome the potential ruts of a long, solo trip. How to have the energy to go out every night, and most of all – how to fucking enjoy yourself!

Some excellent openers to get you started in game – also, there’s a great moment where I look like a total moron. Did you know there are 5 oceans? Ha!

How to truly love the game + not get burned out. I’ve always told guys that if you want to see someone who truly sees Game as art, read Goldmund’s stuff. He touches on the how and why behind this.

How YOU can reach the “next level” of game – we talk harems, open relationships, and more…

Plus, a lot of other great stories and information.

You can follow Goldmund on Twitter. His books in general are excellent; I’d highly recommend Art of the One Night Stand for entertainment + great game lessons.


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