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Entrepreneurship’s Lonely Road, I Got a Dog, And Reader Emails

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Something very few people talk about, simply because there are generally few entrepreneurs in the scheme of things, is the lonely grind it takes sometimes.

What I mean is this…

If you work a 9-5, you have colleagues who you are forced to interact with every day. Bosses, meetings, and all the other pitfalls. And yeah, they all suck, but they are still social interaction, even if it’s not your favorite.

Human beings are social creatures.

Most of us cannot live like recluses.

And if you work for yourself, sometimes, especially if it’s at home, it’s hard to get out and about. I sometimes get up at 7am, have work until 11am, and then it seems like a lot of effort to get myself out of the house.

Does it make sense? No way.

But then, the later and later I wait to actually get out of the house, the harder and harder it gets. It’s a weird, vicious cycle that has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, and also gets worse in winter.

It’s sometimes a fight with myself.

Anyways, I’m not sure there are a lot of ways to combat this, other than sticking with a consistent, set routine.


In my case, I’ve acquired a new puppy.

Granted, it’s not BECAUSE of this issue. But because I love dogs, the girl does too, and we decided it was worth it to take this next step. We picked him up from Kharkov last Sunday, drove the 6 hours to Kiev, and while I’m a little sleep-deprived, so far the little bundle of Trouble (no pun intended) is doing great.

(Not to mention, he’s a total chick magnet on the streets of Kiev…talk about playing the game on easy mode).

Every hot girl in heels stops and bends over to give him a belly rub. The little guy has gotten more hands-on action in two days than I did up until I was 21 years old.

Anyways, perhaps some photos and more will come in the future days.

Just letting you know what’s going on if I miss an email or two.

Puppies are a lot of work. I’m pretty fortunate that I can be at home with him all the time, train him to be a good K9 citizen, and to top it all off, keep money flowing in while…well, not really doing much of anything.

Anyways. Time For Today’s Reader Emails…


“What are your thoughts on Modafinil? In your opinion, is it suited to a ‘stay home and grind away on a niche site’ type of day?”

Modafinil is the shiz.

Seriously, no point in using it unless you plan on staying home and working for the whole day (although workouts at the end of the day with some Moda-aid are pretty killer).

However, there’s other alternatives that are a bit more mellow in nature (i.e. you won’t feel like you’re cracking out)—like Gorilla Mind—but still provide a significant cognitive boost.


“Have you ever shared an apartment/house with anyone since doing the digital nomad thing, or have you mostly been on your own? If so, what do you tell your room mates about how you make money? I imagine I would want to get the F out and work in coffee shops/co-working spaces etc. as much as possible, but something about having a stranger or two judging me like that really bothers me.”

I did share an apartment with a friend for the first few months that I was abroad.

He knew me from my blog, so I never had any concerns about sharing what I was doing.

However, in most cases…

Especially if you’re just “working online” i.e. freelancing, niche sites, e-commerce, whatever…you’re totally fine to tell whoever it is.

“I work on the internet…”

Isn’t such a novel thing as it was a few years ago. Nobody’s gonna judge, hell, there’s a decent shot they’ll be doing the same thing, in many cases…


A reader wrote in with an excellent observation as far as the “dating food chain” that we see in 2019 (and likely, beyond)…

60% of people enrolled in university of women, so if they just want something as simple as a guy with a college degree, it’s a 3:2 ratio. They need to lower their standards. This is why we see such a high percentage of never-marrieds compared to years ago.

It makes you think a bit, doesn’t it…

It doesn’t even matter WHAT the college degree is (much like the real world, ha), mostly just that you HAVE it (as a man).

Even if you have a degree in something stoopid like Liberal Arts, it’s better than being an auto mechanic who doesn’t have a degree. Well, at least until the paychecks start coming in…

Then, it’s just survival of the fittest.

But yes, it does have a massive impact on the dating market for men.

Namely, that there’s, in economic terms, a barrier to entry.

i.e. You have to have a college degree just to get your foot in the door with some girls. These will mostly be girls who are also college-educated. But, since more and more women are going to university, and more and more men are…not — it’s going to start having quite the imbalance. Like the reader said, 60% or so of enrolled college students are female.

That’s creeping up to 2/3rds.

Again, it’s hard to predict where the future will go…

But, I suppose we’ll see.

In the meantime, best you can do is arm yourself against it all.

Both by:

  • One, becoming good with women (here’s a good start).
  • Two, having the money, and better, freedom, that it doesn’t matter whether or not you went to college.


Many professors are full of poo…

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Anyways, that’s what I’ve got for today.

Keep causing trouble,
Kyle Trouble

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  1. “Plus many professors are full of poo”. That is so true.
    I see this everday at the high school I teach “shop” and Technological Studies courses.
    Most of the kids I teach are starting to see it as well.

  2. “Plus the professors are full of poo”. This is 100% correct. I experience this everyday at the high school where I teach Technological Studies-fancy word for “shop class”.
    The kids I teach are on to this as well.

  3. Wow that was a hate filled podcast. While true that many academics are clueless when it comes to the real life experience of doing what they teach it isn’t always of no value to those that want to get a broader perspective on a new field. You can’t teach life but you can prepare people with some information that will help them create the tools they need to hopefully succeed.

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