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Ecuadorian Women: The #1 Rated Guide On The Internet

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Ecuadorian women don’t get as much hype as other Latinas. Smoking hot Colombians, curvy, chocolate-skinned Brazilians, and the model-like Venezuelans seem to be getting all the attention.

The scarce information online is very conflicting.

Are Ecuadorian women really ugly and arrogant as some forums claim?

Or are they as sexy, independent, and open-minded as others say?

The truth falls somewhere in between.

Read on and decide for yourself.

Ecuadorian Women

Ecuadorian Women: The Physical

Only 7% of Ecuadorian girls are Caucasian. These are the most sought-after. They are pretty and they know it. Guys orbit them 24/7, complimenting, smiling, cat-calling. It’s probably a confusing experience but one thing is for sure:

The best girls in Ecuador won’t be easy. 

Unlike Colombia, where you see stunning Colombian women all over the streets, gorgeous Ecuadorian women are in high(er) demand.

Your foreigner status won’t impress them either.

These white chicks usually come from wealthy families and they have traveled a lot themselves.

Indigenous Girls Are Ecuador’s Best-Kept Secret

With indigenous girls, you either love them or hate them. I know some guys don’t see it but I personally like Armenian and Mestizo (Armenian plus white) girls.

They are curvier and less spoiled. Unlike Caucasian women, these girls don’t consider themselves to be the best thing since sliced bread.

They are native American but they’re not uncivilized, either. In large cities and even in small(ish) towns, indigenous girls are normal, 21-st century people. Tribal women, on the other hand, can be completely illiterate, speak no English or Spanish, and eat monkeys (though eating adorable animals is somewhat of a national sport in Ecuador).

Skinny Or Curvy

In Cuba, Venezuela, or even the Dominican, curvy is the golden standard of beauty. In Ecuador, things couldn’t be more different.

Skinny girls are worshipped.

Men want them, women want to be them.

If you like a bit of curve, though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. While some Ecuadorian chicas lean on the chubby side, most of them have the classic bombshell body shape.

But local guys aren’t into it, they prefer flacas

So, surprisingly enough, Ecuador is a great place to meet non-self-obsessed curvy girls. Of course, as Instagram gets more and more popular, some of these modern-day Marilyns would get more stuck-up. Better snag them while they are sweet and humble!

Ecuadorian Women Have No Style

I am sorry to say that but Ecuadorian women are the least feminine of all Latinas. They hardly ever sport high heels and they probably only own one dress.

Sneakers and jeans seem to be their most common uniform.

On the plus side, these gals are very low maintenance. They look cute enough in a loose Tshirt and they don’t worry too much about it. Their walk of shame look probably doesn’t differ too much from a normal Monday morning outfit.

This means three things for the ambitious gringo:

  • Your bathroom will not be littered with her makeup.
  • She wakes up and looks just like she did last night.
  • Ecuadorian girls won’t have you waiting for hours before a date/going out/going to the store. It’s a fuss-free 15-minute morning routine for most of them!

Gringo Groupies In Ecuador?

There are foreign women like Filipinas and Peruvians that have major gringo-fever.

But surely Ecuador can’t be that different, right?


Ecuadorian women are a lot more Westernized than other Latinas.

They know about the US, they have traveled, and they are generally unimpressed by your foreignness.

That being said, there are some places to find gringo groupies. These girls have sworn off local guys and are thirsty for you.

The Hidden Paradise Of Gringo Hunters

Most men head to Quito and complain about the girls. Well, guess what, you fucked yourself over. Of course, women would be more stuck-up in the capital. This is where the richest, most privileged girls live.

There is a 99% chance you will fail…

If you don’t come prepared.

This is where my secret weapon for meeting Ecuadorian hotties comes into play. Instead of landing in Quito with no dates lined up, diving into the unknown and hoping that Tinder would work, try Latin American Cupid.

Why Dating Online Will Become Your Best Friend

Ecuadorian men are among the most sexually frustrated (and oppressed) humans you will meet. They seem to be in a constant state of desperation. This creates an imbalance between men and women – even average-looking girls think they are entitled to the highest level of attention.

But nobody likes desperate. Besides, Ecuadorian guys fawn over every pretty girl they meet. Even if they (through some miracle) get a girlfriend, they don’t stop looking. Long story short: Ecuadorian dudes are unreliable, often unemployed, and generally not relationship material.

They force the high-value girls out of the dating pool and into your lap! 

The Ecuadorian women on Latin American Cupid have sworn off local men. These beauties are looking for gringos and wasting no time at it.

You can easily get a couple of dates before you even set foot in Ecuador. Even better, these wouldn’t be the self-absorbed skinny white girls you’d find on Tinder. They are, for the most part, genuinely interested in dating a gringo.

Ecuadorian Women

Morals Vs. Reality

90% of Ecuadorians are Roman Catholic. Your future Ecuadorian gal is more conservative than you expect. Unlike other Latinas, Ecuadorian girls live out most of the church’s teachings. It is not uncommon for them to wait until they’re married…

… or at least their dads think so! 

Even though Ecuadorian girls seem less open-minded in public, they can actually get pretty freaky in private. As long as she gets to keep her reputation pristine, anything goes.

There is even a word for that: mojigatas. This type of Ecuadorian girl would call other chicas sluts, act all saint-like and virginal while sneaking around with several dudes at a time. If a girl goes hot and cold on you all the time, she is probably a mojigata!

The Only Way To Deal With Ecuadorian Girls

Sneaking around can mean a lot of things. For some women, they would get all nasty behind closed doors and then act horribly arrogant the rest of the time.

This is an unfortunate side effect of all the attention they get. 

She acts as though sleeping with you was a huge ass favour on her part. The best way to deal with it is with more girls. You have to correct the imbalance.

And I’m not saying you should turn into the typical fuckboy that sleeps with her and then kicks her out because he has another lady coming. Instead, I say:

Date as many Ecuadorians as you can!

You don’t care as much about her jerk behaviour if you have another date coming up. The excitement won’t let you get annoyed. Instead, you turn into a picture-perfect level-headed dude that could not care less for her little games.

And guess what?

That also stops the games.

Her hot and cold behaviour comes from a place of perceived power over you. She’s sleeping with you so surely you must owe her something. But other girls can offer the same, if not better. Know that and act like you know it. This is how you take away the power.

Ecuadorian Women Have Crazy Dads

This is a conservative country. Catholic values are important, even if it’s just to keep faces. This is exactly why you should fear your Ecuadorian girl’s dad.

97% of Ecuadorian chicas live with their parents before marriage. 

And parents in Ecuador have the “My house, my rules.” attitude 97% of the times. It doesn’t matter that she is in her 20’s. It doesn’t matter if she makes her own money or even if she has a steady boyfriend. When dad says she must be home by 10PM, you better bet that she will.

But there is a sneaky way around this. Instead of staying at a hotel, book an apartment. Airbnb’s are cheaper and better anyway. This way she can say she’s going over to her boy’s house, not to some foreigner’s hotel (that’s what hookers do).

Remember, morals don’t usually apply, as long as her parents are happy and her community sees her as a good girl. Provide some level of discretion, and you would be surprised at how wild “good girls” can get!

Ecuadorian Women: Take It Or Leave It

Some love them, others hate them but honestly, it doesn’t really matter to Ecuadorian girls. They have plenty of local admirers.

That is why, if you truly want the gringo lovers, you don’t just roam the streets of Quito, hoping to get lucky. You go online and you secure dates with only the best women in the area.

And a final word of warning:

High-value girls can be flakey. Always have a plan B, in case she decides to ditch you last-minute. And never give her a second chance if she does that!

Other than that, it’s a take it or leave it sort of situations. You can meet some stunning women in Ecuador and you can date them/sleep with them if you play your cards right. Good luck and happy Ecuadorian adventures!

Ready to meet Ecuadorian Women? Click here and here.

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