Last updated: September 16, 2019

Eastern European Real Estate Q&A



I did an impromptu Q&A about Eastern European real estate last night on my Twitter.

You can click this link and scroll through the timeline to see some of them.

Quite a few good questions came in, but Twitter of course is limited with what you can explain in just 280 characters.

Hence, I’m going to be taking many of those questions and putting them into a premium post on “Actually Abroad”, which just launched today.

In fact, there’s already one post up there that is detailing the entire apartment buying process in Ukraine, from what I already know. So these questions will be a great way to add on to that. In addition, your membership comes with:

Pretty nifty, huh.

Here’s what else you’re getting:

What’s Included?

1. The Telegram or WhatsApp channel – TBD

Share your knowledge and gain even more with the members of the “AA” channel. Plus, send Yours Troubly Kyle a message to get help with anything, and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours (usually less). Considering I charge $200/hour for consulting, this is a steal of a deal…

2. Premium, user-driven content.

I’ve run monthly content subscriptions before, and I’ve learned this – they are hard to do. The great news is that in the Telegram channel, you can direct message me your very specific problems, and I can create content around them – and of course, you can stay anonymous.

3. The details people don’t want to share publicly.

Once word gets out on something good, people like to keep it quiet. An example of this is that I refuse to share my gym in Kiev, Ukraine with anyone staying less than 3 months – because the last one got overrun and overpriced with foreigners! The goal is to share valuable intelligence that isn’t fit for something as public as a forum.

Anyways, the current price is the lowest it’ll ever be, and will lock you in at that rate for life.

Here’s the link:

Join Up

Keep causing trouble,

Kyle Trouble

PS: Because I am me, naturally, this type of premium content will SELF DESTRUCT periodically (likely every month).

After all, if you choose to miss the boat and join in December, why should you get the same stuff that someone who joined in September got, despite the fact that they’ve paid for several months and you have not.

That’s just spitting in the face of my most loyal customers.

If anything, I am nothing but fair.

Anyways, here’s the link.

The lifetime $37 price is good for now, but likely won’t be come end of the month.

Here’s the ninja-fast link version:

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