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Don’t Date Feminists

[NOTE: This was one of my daily email letters, sent out last week during the hate mob…]

Twitter wants my head today.

Go read my profile and find out why…

Nearly a million impressions on that tweet.

And it’s growing faster, domino effect.


The hordes want my head.

Unfortunately, I’m now on a 12 hour “Twitter timeout”, so it’s time to sit down and finally write my daily email. At one point, the notifications were coming in at about 100/minute. I’ve been drowning all day.

Oh, and I’m moving tomorrow.

But, here’s the thing I keep seeing in almost every reply.

These people are simply…sad.

Same 5 insults (micro penis, no second dates, incel virgin, I’m poor, I moved to EE because I couldn’t make it in America…). They’re just stretching. And it’s hilarious, because the whole day as they’re attacking me I’m literally staring at this view:

As I’m moving out of this apartment in 12 hours, I don’t mind sharing it.

A bunch of angry feminists building my brand.

A bunch of money in the bank that I don’t even need.

Pretty girl cooking my meals.

Hard to be too upset at life, but man does it trigger some people.

Anyways, I’ll be back on Twitter in about 10 more hours (just in time for a 8 hour train ride), so the fun will commence again.

Something else I noticed:

Big accounts will not quote you.

They will screenshot instead and not @ you. It’s their way of sending the mob without letting you know. It is utter COWARDICE, and you should always PUNCH UP. Go after them with fucking fury, you will bait them into responding — they’re incredibly secure and can’t help it. I would say I got 90% verified accounts to respond. Their audiences are always low quality trolls anyway, and they’ve set the mob on you. You might as well get the exposure.

It just goes to show:

The numbers…well, they DO lie.

Humongous accounts, with nearly a million people, instead of directly tweeting to me, instead choose to screenshot and send hordes after me. It’s utter cowardice. It’s like sending a breakup email message. Or disappearing on your business partner without warning. Slimy, nasty shit.

And you know what else?

That IS how most people play in the world.

Especially in today’s world of social justice bullshit.

It’s never been easier to be alive.

And that comes at a cost.

The mobs of feminists are still after me.

As one follower put it:


“One MAJOR takeaway from the twitterstorm caused by this thread is the importance of making F*CK U MONEY.

If @KyleTrouble was beholden to Corporate America, it’s safe to say, the dude would be out of a job by now.

It must be rankling they can’t get him fired.




Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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