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How to Use Dominican Cupid in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, The Caribbean


With thousands of beautiful singles online, Dominican Cupid the first choice for many foreign men. Whether you’re going for a quick trip or relocating, this dating platform can help you find local matches and even a relationship.

Read on to find the exact winning strategy for meeting and snagging Dominican girls, including tips on:

  • A kickass profile
  • Flirting through text
  • Taking the romance offline!

Domnican Cupid

Dominican Cupid Is For You, If…

While it is a great dating site, Dominican Cupid wouldn’t always be your first choice.

For instance, if you only want a fling and you do speak Spanish, Tinder could be a cheaper fit.

Firstly, consider the benefits and the downsides of premium dating platforms. If you want all the perks of a paid membership site but would like to keep it affordable, Dominican Cupid is for you. Unlike other sites that charge for every little thing, they include everything in a single package. As a premium member, you pay once per month (or year) and get it all.

As for the women, Dominican Cupid connects locals with international singles. Girls go in with the idea of meeting a foreign man. They are better prepared for what that could mean. I suggest you talk about relocation from the very beginning (more on that later). But the more obvious conclusion is:

Dominican Cupid is perfect if you don’t speak Spanish. 

While you’d eventually have to learn the lingo of love, Spanish is not a must for getting matches. I was pleasantly surprised by the English level most of the women had. With a few odd exceptions, they could all hold a conversation on any topic and were comfortable both in text and in video chat.

Finally, the site is better for “non-superficial” dating. Unlike Tinder, where you base your decision on a single photo, Dominican Cupid is about fostering a real relationship. Most of the women do read your profile. The way the site is set-up encourages them to. This means that:

  1. You have to spend more time on your profile.
  2. Even if you’re not conventionally attractive, you could (and would) be successful

Are You The Man Of Her Dreams?

In other words:

Do you stand a chance with these Dominicana beauties?

Yes, absolutely. It’s just about playing your cards right.

Dominican culture is all about family. Though locals are very open-minded (the complete opposite of what a family values activist usually looks like), they have their priorities sorted. Choosing the right spouse is a huge decision for anyone but it’s especially important to Dominican girls.

She is already on Dominican Cupid. She already wants you. 

This is the kind of mindset you want to go in with. Now let’s think about:

Why Dominican Women Swear Off Dating Locals

There are many reasons a girl would discard an entire group of guys from her dating pool. Surely it would be easier for her to date a local. Why would a Dominicana choose you?

It all comes down to stability. 

In serious relationships, we don’t just look for attraction. You could be head over heels for an abusive, cheating crack junkie. It doesn’t mean you’d marry them.

This is why, while younger Dominican girls do fool around with locals, more and more of them would rather date a foreigner. Dominican Cupid has over 400K members and that is saying something.

The men that are most successful on Dominican Cupid are:

The Complete Opposite Of Dominicans

You can’t do Dominican better than Dominican men. But you don’t have to, either.

These are the qualities women on the site are looking for in a guy:

  • Mature and stable
  • Trustworthy (and trusting, too)
  • Appreciates quality time together
  • Masculine
  • Happy to compromise
  • Family-oriented
  • A healthy relationship with alcohol ideally doesn’t smoke (but it’s not a deal breaker)

It’s fine if you don’t fulfil all of these. As long as you are closer to the reliable, caring future boyfriend she imagines (and as far away from the cheating fuckboy as possible), your chances are high.

Crafting The Perfect Profile

Sign up to Dominican Cupid is so easy a toddler could do it. Creating a million-dollar profile (whether you are a millionaire or not) can be as well.

Remember that success in online dating is about:

  • Skill
  • Time
  • Attitude

First, Fix Your Attitude

Make a list of all the awesome things that you’ve achieved. Watch a motivational video (or ten). Start a morning affirmation habit. Whatever it is, focus on a positive, self-assured attitude.

Confidence is the single most important factor in seduction. 

So, when you’re setting up your profile, texting a beautiful girl, or preparing for a date, ditch the negative thinking. I know this is easier said than done, trust me. Over time, you will learn to become mindful of your insecurities and how ridiculous they are. Until then, fake it, ’till you make it!

How Much Longer Until I Meet My Soulmate?

Do you even believe in soulmates? Do you think that there is a single person out there, just one, that would complete you and make your life heaven on Earth?

Because that is completely illogical.

It’s wishful thinking, and it’s what Hollywood feeds up. But really, relationships take work, dating takes time, and no person, other than yourself, could ever completely fulfil all your needs.

That being said, over time you get better at reading girls and finding better matches. On Dominican Cupid, I’d say it takes a little longer. You need to invest your time to reap the benefits. Do it smart by:

Focusing On The 20%

80% of results come from just 20% of your efforts. This applies to business but it’s also true for your dating life.

On Dominican Cupid, the 20% is your profile + texting skills. This is where you need to build skill and focus your energy on.

The Algorithm Method

There are now virtual dating assistants that could create and manage your online dating for you. The good news is you don’t need them.

Most of the research on dating is freely available online. For instance, did you know that the more “aggressive” texting approach actually works on Tinder? If you keep texting a girl who “ghosted” you, it’s not at all unlikely that she will come back.

Unlike Tinder, the toned-down, mature approach works on Dominican Cupid.

Instead of negging her, sending her racy texts, or basing your entire profile around your six-pack abs, it’s much more productive to think about she wants. Use the list of qualities above to create and optimize your profile.

The other part of the algorithm is knowing that:

Everybody Lies

Research has found that 57% of online daters lie on that profile. The majority of these liars are in fact married men. That doesn’t mean you are safe from dishonesty with women in niche dating sites.

When building your profile and texting, be mindful of sensitive information. You can’t be scammed, blackmailed, or experience threats if you don’t give bad people the chance to.

The second implication here is:

Show Them Only The Best

I’m not going to tell you to lie. Your profile should be a snippet of your life, a preview of sorts. But you do get to choose what to include in there.

Here is my winning formula for pictures:

  • Your most awesome pic as a first one – clear shot, smiling (statistically, that works better than a smoulder), not a selfie.
  • A photo of you with something you love – whether that’s a hobby, a sport, or your puppy
  • One, just one, picture of you and your friends – but it should be obvious which one you are

Then you can have add-ons. For instance, as cliché as they are, pictures with babies work very well. On the other hand, photos where you’re petting a tiger scream douchebag. Steer clear!

As for your description (which is the second most important part of your profile) go for the sandwich model. You want to sandwich the good stuff and humble brags between jokes. This way she can see you’re an awesome, successful guy but she can also see that you’re not a complete narcissist.

Walk It Talk It

Your texting has to reflect that same sandwich model. A light-hearted opener is much preferable to the “Hey, how are you doing?”

I have a buddy who exclusively texts “That awkward moment when you try to come up with a good opener” and it seems to be working well for him.

Domnican Cupid

Ask her questions first – nothing wrong with a simple “So what do you do for a living?” A bolder approach would be to talk first and end with a question. Tell her about yourself and then ask about her.

Either way, remember to be confident enough to let the best you show. That’s the only science there is to it.

The Next Step

While online dating is fun, you ultimately want a date IRL. There is a sweet spot in your convo where you’re supposed to suggest it. It’s usually the point where you know each other at least a bit, have texted for a couple of days, but are not yet bored of small talk.

Messaging can never get too meaningful. If it won’t be a while until you visit the Dominican Republic, suggest video chats. These are a very reliable way to screen fraudsters, too, but mostly, they can keep the spark up when a real-life date isn’t possible in the near future.

Most of all, remember to keep that self-assured attitude up. It doesn’t always work with the first girl you like but eventually it will. Good luck and hope to hear your stories in the comments below!

And if you’re ready to meet Dominican Women? Go here.

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