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The Ultimate Dominican Cupid Review for Gringos

Dominican Republic


A Dominican Cupid review was long overdue. The site is exploding with new members and it was high time I joined in on the fun. Just to tell you all about it, of course, not because of some ulterior motive. Buckle up, fellow gringos, we are about to delve in?

Dominican Cupid Review

What This Dominican Cupid Review Promises

Dominican Cupid are pretty straight-forward describing themselves:

DominicanCupid has connected thousands of Dominican singles with their matches from around the world, making us one of the most trusted dating sites. We make online dating easy! Whether you’re looking for a date or the love of your life, find them in a fun and secure environment on DominicanCupid

Naturally, my goal in researching them was to see if they deliver. Namely, does Dominican Cupid:

  • Have thousands of members?
  • Work well for foreigners, looking to date Dominican hotties?
  • Have a decent reputation in the online dating community?
  • Offer a fun and secure experience?

I also wanted to know about the girls on the site. Are they really high-value females, or would I mostly be chatting up gold-diggers?

How Many Members?

I am all about quality over quantity. However, with online dating, quality is about quantity – you need enough options, or else the site is useless.

Dominican Cupid claims to have 400,000+ members. Let’s say that half of those are guys. That leaves us with 200K.

When I tried out the website, I deliberately choose the worst time. If you didn’t know that, dating sites receive most of their traffic around 7 to 10 PM on weekends (plus Friday nights). Yes, people get horny/hungry for romance when they have some time on their hands.

But I researched for this Dominican Cupid review at 2PM on a Monday. That’s when most people work (and yes, I considered the time difference, I’m not a complete idiot). Even then, there were 776 members online.

Do You Need More Girls?

776 online doesn’t seem like a lot at first. Bigger, broader niche websites have thousands at any given time. On Caribbean Cupid or Latin American Cupid, both of which include Dominican girls, there are millions of registered members.

However, if your target niche is so narrow, 776 is actually a very good number.

This is around 0.4% of the female members that they claim to have. Since 0.4% seems a little low, Dominican Cupid:

  • Either has a lot more male members than females
  • or isn’t as big as it claims.

Of course, my math could be entirely wrong. The conclusion is that:

Though not as large as other niche dating sites, Dominican Cupid still offers plenty of choice, even at odd hours. 

Maria Esther: A Case Study

Now let’s consider the quality of the girls. Spoiler alert: Maria Esther turned out to be amazing.

I started talking to this girl because I liked her picture (no shame in admitting it). She was a little older than I usually go for but didn’t look a year older than 22. Petite and curvy, Maria Esther was my exact type.

Now the first problem we ran into was the language barrier. She did speak enough English for a normal conversation but not enough to get puns and wordplay. It made me feel so awkward! Lesson learned, no need to go above and beyond for your opener. Stick to something simple that encourages conversation.

Dominican Cupid even has a template message they suggest. Don’t use that but write your own. Stream-of-consciousness is funny, light-hearted, and easy to understand.

I do like things like “I thought way too hard about a first message and now I can’t really think of anything smart to say… So, hey, you are cute, we should meet!” Then again, if that is not your style, don’t use it.

Ultimately, the Maria Esther thing fell flat. The conversation wasn’t really that interesting and she kept suggesting to Skype… I couldn’t be bothered, but I did learn one thing:

Video Chat = Safety

Dominican Cupid Review

Webcams get a bad reputation because we associate them with cam girls. However, video chatting, whether it’s through Dominican Cupid or Skype, is one of the best ways to screen for frauds.

And, to answer one of my main questions for this Dominican Cupid review. Unlike other niche dating sites, this one does seem to proactively protect you. They have safety tips posted on all pages, a dedicated team that looks for possible scammers, and an excellent customer service who can assist if anything bad happens.

Their safety tip on Maria Esther’s page conveniently said:

Some scammers from Ghana, Nigeria, Russia or other countries will stream a fake webcam stream when you chat with them on webcam. They do this by using a pre-recorded video that appears as if they are the person on the other end of the webcam. In order to protect yourself from fake web cams ask the person to verify that they are not a recording by standing up, waving, holding up a hand or writing a message on a piece of paper and holding it for you to see. If the person is real they should be able to obey your requests in real time. If the webcam is fake they will be unable to do any of these things in real time.

While this is quite basic and common sense, you’d be surprised at how few people actually do it. Don’t be one of them, stay safe and have fun.

Do I Need Spanish?

Moving on with the Maria Esther case, it also showed me you can be successful on Dominican Cupid without a word of Spanish. The other girls I talked to just confirmed that for me.

The Dominican Republic is frequented by foreign tourists and travellers. They know the value of having second language skills. The women who date internationally are even more aware of that. With some insignificant exceptions, most of the girls on Dominican Cupid do speak English.

But What About Relocation?

Of course, language isn’t the only issue that comes up with international relationships. For this Dominican Cupid review, I talked to girls that were open to relocating and others, who wouldn’t want to move away under any circumstances.

In my experience, most of the women on the website were happy to at least consider it.

I think it’s very convenient that the site has a dedicated profile question for that. It is one of the most common problems long-distance couples face. Sooner or later, you want to end up at the same place. You can’t be the kid with a girlfriend in Canada forever.

I couldn’t stress the importance of filling out that question enough! It’s the best, most fuss-free way of preventing future fights!

What Others Say About Dominican Cupid

The online dating community isn’t always a reliable source. There are some creeps, who get offended when girls reject them. There are men with zero common sense. There are chronic complainers.

All of that aside, first-hand accounts are the best way to learn more. said:

If you’re looking for the best online dating site in the Dominican Republic, then Dominican Cupid is where you’ll start and finish.

Their review included an important tip:

Dominican girls don’t mind sharing social media and contact information, even if they’re not interested in you.

That’s why once you get her number/WhatsApp, it’s crucial that you move there. Even though she doesn’t think twice about sharing her contact info, once you have it, it feels a lot more personal to communicate there. Make it even better by sharing little voice notes and pictures from your day-to-day. It’s the best way to create tension when you’re not physically in the same space.

The other Dominican Cupid review came from Sebastian at Global seducer. He raved about how hot, yet surprisingly approachable Dominican girls were.

Contrary to what he expected, he got a 78% response rate without speaking a word of Spanish. He even did the math on the exact percentage of English-speaking girls on the site. It was 81%, which just confirms my conclusion once again.

Dominican Cupid Review: My Verdict

So far we have the following questions covered:

  • Enough cute girls? Yes, plenty of them.
  • Do I stand a chance as a foreigner? Yup, you can get amazing results with just English because the women speak it well. Most of them are also happy to relocate.
  • Good reputation? Absolutely! The vast majority of reviews were positive, especially those that came from experts.

Now for the final question (which is most important):

Dominican Cupid Review

Does Dominican Cupid offer a fun and secure experience? 

I know I had fun talking to women and that I felt safe. I also know that there are plenty of testimonials online from couples that met on Dominican Cupid. There is a good reason for it to be called the world’s leading Dominican dating site. So the answer is yes…

And the verdict is:

Give it a whirl before others catch on. It’s currently a tiny dating paradise!

As usual, that’s just my experience and if you have any thoughts to share, please do in the comments below. I’d love to hear your tips and stories, as well as answer any questions. Till next time!

Meet Dominicas here.

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