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Review of Do the Philippines by Matt Forney

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Raise your hand if nailing dozens of beautiful, feminine, 18-25 year old girls appeals to you.

Raise the other hand if you want to do so with minimal effort, barely spending $1,500 a month and living life as a king.

Well, you might want to check out the Philippines.

In all seriousness, this Southeast Asian country has been on my radar for quite some time, and it’s a strong contender to make it on the list for my 2016 travel plans. If I needed any convincing, Matt Forney’s newest book, Do the Philippines, certainly did the trick.

Do the Philippines
Do the Philippines by Matt Forney

Do the Philippines reads like a bit of a cross between an insanely detailed travel datasheet combined with stories of sexy tales, written with Matt’s usual wittiness. Usually, I’m one to skip reading travel stories because I just find them dull. I want to get straight to the meat of the details on where to stay, how to pipeline, and how to bang the girls. But in the case of Do the Philippines, I actually found myself enjoying the stories and content – so much to the point that I read the book in an entire sitting due to excerpts like this:

Indeed, Filipinas have a fetish for whiteness and white men that borders on creepy. While East Asians in general are fascinated with whites (skin-whitening cream is popular in Singapore and other Asian countries, for example), Filipinos take their obsession with whiteness to a whole other level. Filipinos who look white or European have greater social status than those who are more Asian or brown, as evidenced by the oddly Caucasian appearance of the nation’s movie stars and pop singers. The average billboard in Manila or Davao City features models who are whiter than I am, and it’s common to see girls using umbrellas when it’s sunny out to preserve their pale complexions. Forget yellow fever: Filipino girls have “white fever.”

Speaking of length, the book is 102 pages, consisting of the aforementioned datasheets, how to game the girls, and detailed insights into the Filipino culture itself. Matt stayed in the Philippines for three months, primarily in Manila and Davao City. As a result, Do the Philippines is the result of extensive experience and results. It’s certainly not a report on a week long trip which leaves you wondering if there was enough time to have an accurate report. Matt’s stories, experience, and advice that he dolls out in the book lays a great blueprint for men to land in the Philippines and have great success.

Do the Philippines offers advice to players of all desires, from those looking to rack up notches at an unbelievable rate (Go to the Philippines, tell your friends at home your Filipino notch count – I bet they won’t believe it) to those looking for something a bit deeper:

Davao’s atmosphere is a world apart from Manila’s. The city is very conservative, has an anemic bar and club scene, and girls are much less willing to sleep with you on the first date. I did get a one-night stand a couple days after coming to the city, but it was probably just beginner’s luck, because it was the only one I got there. The advantage of the city’s more reserved ethos is that you have a much better chance of finding a loyal girlfriend or wife than in Manila. Indeed, a significant percentage of the girls I banged there were either virgins or had only been with one other man before me

But Matt doesn’t stop there, as he provides detailed information on where to stay in the individual cities, the type of game to run on Filipino girls, pipelining, and how to handle everyday problems in the Philippines (cell phone data, medical issues, etc.).

Bottom Line on Do the Philippines

Whether you want a fun read to pass a few hours, or a datasheet brimming with everything you need to ‘do’ the Philippines, Matt’s book has something for everyone. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a visit to the Philippines.

Click here to buy Do the Philippines.

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  1. If all one cares about is that little thing hanging between your legs and abdicating all sense of propriety and good about when to use it, this book is right for you. He writes to show you how to be a user. A user of women. His worldview comes across as untrusting, fearful, and rapacious.

    He lives in a hollow world. Don’t follow him there.

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