Last updated: February 1, 2017

Digital Nomad Essentials



Somebody asked me the other day what I take with me on the road. I actually have an in-depth “essentials” post I’m working on, but I figured I would just chuck it up in a list to start.

First off, here’s my baggage situation:

  • One standard size suitcase which weighs in at 49.5 pounds on an airport scale. I check it in, obviously.
  • Backpack, which I carry on.
  • At times I have a small travel guitar, which I sometimes check and sometimes carry on.


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SwissGear Scansmart 1900 Backpack (grey)—it’s a fantastic backpack.

Dell XPS 13″ (Gold)—self explanatory.

iPad Air 2—for use as a second monitor (check out the app “Duet”), reading device, and just general movies and whatnot.

Blue Snowball Microphone (Black)—to host Troublesome Radio. I do wish it was lighter. I’m looking for alternatives.

Old Canon Point-and-Shoot camera—which I hardly use because I have an iPhone…I steal my girlfriend’s DSLR a lot too.

That’s it, really. The entire Trouble web empire runs off of these pieces of equipment. Kind of incredible when you think about it. I won’t lie though, that’s the one thing I miss about corporate life—having 4 monitors.


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Hanging toiletry kit—you need one. Saves a ton of space in small bathrooms and on planes. I don’t know which one I have, but something like this one works just fine.

Supplements—I use one part of my toiletry kit to pack fish oil, Propecia, Modafinil and other supplements that can be difficult to get while over here.



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I won’t lie, my wardrobe is pretty limited. Obviously I’ve got a variety of shirts. I take 5 pairs of basketball shorts which double as casual, around-the-house wear and workout gear. 2 pairs of jeans.

4 total pairs of shoes—two of these (black and grey/teal). One pair of Nike Free athletic shoes for working out. One pair of boots. Those Nike SB skate shoes are great for casual wear (similar to Vans/Chuck Taylors) and are light as a feather.


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When I visited my friend in North Carolina recently, well…he’d just moved into a five bedroom house. Two living rooms. Three stories. Crazy amounts of space. Of course, that space has to be filled. They were slightly amazed at how little I have with me, and how every little bit matters.

You really do have to think about what’s important and what’s not. Do you need a 17″ supermachine laptop? Not for the work I do. Do I need a fifth pair of shoes? Not particularly.

The life isn’t always glorious and I miss out on some things, but when I can have my life packed in 20 minutes and be on my way to a train—well, that’s worth it.

PS: I’ve moved Cracking OkCupid to Amazon, at least for 3 months (the minimum self-publishing contract Amazon gives). You’ll never get it at a better price!

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  1. Congrats on living minimalist lifestyle. It’s not for me, though. Not saying I wouldn’t be capable of doing that but I have a lot of things that I use and that aren’t that portable.

    Ps. The Zoom H4n Pro is a great and very portable recorder (and mixer!).

      1. Metric ton of motorcycle gear and the bike itself, a drum set, amateur studio (lighting, etc.). While I could probably live without my current shitload of clothes and books but they make my life what it is and what I like. I know there are workarounds but I prefer convenience over workarounds.

        Nomad lifestyle is all well and good and I admire people who implement it but I need a stable base.

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