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5 Things I Didn’t Like About Europe



I recently managed to write a list of twenty four (!!!) things that would contribute to me leaving California on a permanent basis. I can’t really say that I  have”never left” since I grew up in a small Northern California town, and the distance between Los Angeles or San Diego and my home state is large enough to stretch across several European countries.

Since I’ve been home from Budapest, my heads have definitely been in the clouds a bit as I figure out what I want to do with my life. I know I don’t want to work in Corporate America forever, and Europe seems like a place I can live a good life while generating side money. But, to keep myself grounded, I decided I’d pen a list of things I didn’t like about Europe to keep my fantasies in check.

5 Things I Didn’t Like About Europe

1.) Smoking

I know, I know. An international playboy should embrace this. But I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, and really have on desire to. It really disgusts me, to be frank.

Seems there are a few people there who don’t smoke, but for the majority – smoking is a way of life. It’s very engrained in the culture. Would I have to take up smoking to meet girls or make friends? Not that I couldn’t do both of those things without smoking, but who knows how many opportunities I would miss out on.

My guess would be quite a few.

2.) The Grocery Stores

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the food in Europe seems to go bad much faster and that you almost have to make trips to the grocery store on an every-other-day basis. It’s much better than our American food which stays good forever, and you know is loaded up with all sorts of tasty chemicals to allow that.

In Budapest, I wanted to cook homemade spaghetti one night and struggled to find the ingredients. I gave up and made tacos instead. It seems that many of the grocery stores are simply small. People stop in every day on their way home from work to buy the ingredients for that night’s meal. In contrast, I usually do all my shopping for the week in one swoop here in America. And I know I can find everything I could ever want at the American grocery store. The same isn’t true for Europe, I’d probably have to do some searching to find everything I needed for certain recipes.

Of course, I could just adjust my recipes accordingly.

3.) The Nightlife…Kinda…

A real direct contradiction to what I wrote in the last post about California.

Last call is at 2:00am 1:30am. What a joke.

But, nightlife in Europe is exhausting. If you’re staying up until 7am, your next day is shot. I did fine for the ten days in Budapest because I adjusted my entire schedule around the nightlife. If I move there, that’s not realistic. I’m not going to stay up until 7am every day of the week.

To me, my ideal nightlife ending time would probably be 4am. That way I sleep for six or seven hours and my next day won’t be completely gone. Seems though, if you want to have success with the women in Europe, you’d have to be willing to stick out until last call, at least most of the time.

4.) The Cold

Man, I know I sound like a real whiner writing this.

Growing up in California, I’d probably be in for a bit of a surprise over the harsh winters. With that being said, I do prefer wearing pants and bundling up over shots and flip flops, from a style standpoint.

Granted, if I’m location independent there’s no reason I can’t migrate a bit further to the south for the cold winters.

5.) Lack Of Walk Up Apartments

Seems most apartments in Europe are inside a really old building, involving a lot of courtyards/stairs/locks to get into them. I like being able to step outside my apartment and feel fresh air right away.


I let this post sit in my drafts for a week, hoping I’d have more things to add to the list. I just…don’t. If we’re being realistic, four of these five things are really nitpicky. I don’t care that much about the grocery stores or apartments. The one real negative for me is the smoking, but other than that…Europe is looking mighty fine right now. We’ll see where the rest of this year takes me.

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  1. Have you thought of mixing up your LA location? I know the drive can be killer (but may be better post Expo line to Santa Monica completion), but each neighborhood is drastically different to live in. May be a good change of pace for awhile.

      1. True, but SM is its own world. I personally hated it when I lived in the Westside, but grew to like it a bit more after I got older. The attitudes, type of girls and venues are night and day different than the rest of LA. My greater point is, force yourself out of the Westside, it’s worth it to pay for the long Uber, LA is so drastically different in different neighborhoods, and the tendency to stay in SM is strong. It will limit your game tremendously.

    1. He’s speaking about Europe as a continent, because he visited several of the countries that comprise it.

      It’s like saying “5 Things I didn’t like about the United States of America” or “5 Things I didn’t like about the States”.

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