Last updated: May 2, 2016

Déjà Vu in Warsaw



I’m sitting here in the Warsaw International Airport, and I just can’t get over the current feeling of deja vu that I’m having.

As I was walking around the airport, I kept thinking that things looked awfully familiar.

But HOW?

I had never been here.

Or so I thought.

But then I remembered, that when I took my first trip to Europe back in 2014, Warsaw was the airport that I went through to counter my delay. Otherwise, I would have been stuck in Germany for 24 hours due to airport strikes that were going on at the time.

So rather than flying Frankfurt to Wroclaw, I flew Frankfurt to Warsaw, then on to Wroclaw.

And I remember it.

The same orange signs and lettering.

The same store that I bought my first European beer.

Saw the same restaurant that I ate at.

The same gate that I laid on while I was admittedly scared out of my mind; wondering – what the hell did I get myself into? Why did I pick this Polish city in the middle of nowhere as my first solo endeavor outside of the country?

Two years later, as I was walking by that terminal gate, I just had this incredible feeling wash over me. A wry smile. A bit of a chuckle.

I made it through that trip. It’s what really kicked things off for me. Sure, it took a year and a half to truly summon the courage to walk away from the corporate world, but that was just the start. All the fun I had in Wroclaw, the attitude of the girls, and the culture.

All of it was why I chose to come to Poland as my first stop this year. Now I’m heading to Ukraine for a couple of months, but my heart tells me that I will be returning to Poland shortly after.

(The other destination I’m considering from a long-term perspective is Budapest.)

So as I walked past that gate with that smile on my face, I asked myself: would I do anything different?

It’s been exactly two years and one month.

I’ve come a long way.

I left the first job that I hated.

Started a second job I hated.

Also went to the UK, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Colombia, Canada, and a variety of other American cities.

I grew this blog to a level it could sustain my life if needed.

Put my face out there for the world to see.

Wrote a couple more books.

Coached dozens of guys on how to be successful with women and life.

Nearly finished a 15 hour course on how to keep beautiful girls around and cherishing every second they spend with you – 6.6.16!

Stared fear and all the doubters in the face, and laughed.

And the best part is – I really feel like I’m just getting started.

What have you done in the last two years?

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  1. Strange thing, delays are awful traveling experience, I don’t think anyone likes them. But I find myself enjoying stories and memories from those awful at that time experiences.

    Anyway good luck. Hope you do well in Ukraine.

      1. btw. Do you always travel by airplane?

        Wouldn’t it be quicker to travel by other means directly from Kraków?

        1. Krakow to Kiev, not really.

          The only option was the overnight train to Lviv (roughly 8 hours), then 5 hours more to Kiev – but the problem is that it only runs three days a week. And it wasn’t the day I was leaving. AND I had a coaching client through a London friend who wanted me in Kiev earlier for some help.

          My friend tried to do it that way but they were sold out, so he had to take the train to Warsaw then to Kiev, all in all I think it was 19 hours.

          Whereas I just flew from Krakow to Warsaw and on to Kiev. All in all (with taxis to and from airports) it was about 7 hours. It could have been less had I booked a shorter connection in Warsaw, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get to the international area (since Ukraine is not part of the EU).

          I attempted to go to Warsaw the night before and fly out in the morning, and was going to take my favorite Pole for a 1-1.5 day adventure, but her work schedule didn’t allow it. So I just stayed in her flat for a night and got an Uber to the airport in the morning.

          1. Connections to Ukraine are that bad?

            Hmm… Seems that I’m to used to German public transport.
            You can say a lot of shit about Germans, but they got they shit together when it comes to public transport. Way above what you can see in Poland.

            Lviv… Heh, i needed to check what it is 😉 I am not used to reading it in this way, cos it was one of biggest polish cities before WWII, so we call it Lwów.

          2. Yeah, I need to see it too. My family have its roots near Lwów.

            The names can be confusing sometimes.

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