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Death by a Thousand Sluts



The title of this book had me laughing before I even opened it.dbats-cover-tiny

I’ve been running around Poland with Bodi for the last two weeks. He’s a skilled daygamer, brutally honest, and an all-around good chap. He’s been through the ups and downs of learning game and improving himself, and Death by a Thousand Sluts is the rehash of his most unsuccessful years.

It’s fucking hilarious. I have no other words to put it. I haven’t laughed this hard with a book for a long time.

I mean, for God’s sake – this is the first paragraph of the book:

I lay moaning on the floor of my living room, almost insensibly drunk from red wine. My mouth and hands were smeared with chocolate, like a baby’s, and the wrappers were cast on the floor around me. The room span and I was calmly weeping, the tears slowly trickling down my cheeks like a tiny stream of misery, carrying their salty and slightly chocolatey, delicious taste of misery into my mouth. I squinted hard at the piece of graph paper in front of me. With a large felt-tip pen I drew a dividing line down the middle and then drew a table. I knew buying a pad of graph paper would come in invaluable at some point, and I silently congratulated myself, noticing how straight the lines of my table were. I marked the left side “Become serial killer” and then the right side “Get girls”. I paused. I knew I’d written something terrible. It was ridiculous as well, how was I ever going to get girls? I added “somehow” underneath “get girls”.

Death by a Thousand Sluts is so brutally raw, every man can relate to something of the pain this book shows. Bodi’s gone through a hell of a transformation in the last few years (his before and after pics are as shocking as mine), and I just witnessed him number close a stunning Ukrainian girl with her mother there just a few hours before writing this. Sure, you can glance  at the finished product and say that the journey can’t have been all that bad, but Death by a Thousand Sluts shows that it’s not easy.

It also shows that it’s damn well worth the work (I’m still mad at myself that he saw the Ukrainian girl before me).


How many of you have read Neil Strauss’ The Game?

I see that everybody has their hands up.

Now, whether you enjoyed it or not is another story, but I’m going to come out and say this: Death by a Thousand Sluts is better. I can full heartedly say that I enjoyed it more than The Game. It’s far more honest, red pill, and funny – albeit a similar story (major chode going to major player).

I’m sure Bodi will shy away from my high praise but I truly mean it. I read the entire book in one sitting, sacrificing a night of sleep and staying up until 4am because I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

The story is just so extreme, as it’s the perfect example of what men can become if they don’t learn game. If they don’t embrace their inner masculinity. However, Bodi’s story is the perfect example that makes you wonder, “What kind of fucking chance do men have?”

Take, for example:


I thought: my waiting game has played out! I rather formally asked her to come see me and I sat her down on a chair like an interview and blushingly said that as we got on so well maybe we should try being girlfriend and boyfriend. She immediately crushed me simply saying “no”. Then explaining how the new fresher on her corridor, who was eighteen, super-handsome and a ripped athlete was going to be her new boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it.

That night she perversely asked me to a nightclub with all of her corridor. I went and after a while noticed she’d disappeared with the hunk. In a rage I ran out and flagged down a taxi and went back to campus. I leaped out and ran full sprint to her dormitory, weeping and terror-struck. Reaching the door I found it locked so with righteous fury I simply picked up a brick from the ground, punted it through the plate glass door and…

Almost all of us have a single horror story that tips us over the edge. That makes us seek answers.

And most of us have a really hard time writing about them (I certainly do).

Bodi has about a 50 of those horror stories.

And he wrote every one of them in Death by a Thousand Sluts.

That raw truth is what makes it such a fascinating read.


There’s a few layout and formatting errors in the eBook version, but they don’t detract from the experience at all (I was also reading on an iPad, which isn’t the greatest eReader out there).

The only other complaint I’d have is that sometimes it gets wordy on the Beta/Alpha/Sigma/Gamma talk (personally it doesn’t interest me much), but it’s actually very valuable information that you can use to see where you “fit” in the societal hierarchy (and therefore the path you should take to be the best you can be).

Overall though, the story is so good, I fully would recommend checking out Death by a Thousand Sluts.

On a personal note to Bodi, and I’m going to try to make this as un-chodey as possible; it has been great gaming and getting to know you for the last two weeks in Poland. I’ve learned a lot from you and hope the same is true in return. I’m looking forward to our next adventure in a new country – next month!

I have a feeling most of you will prefer eBook format, so you can buy that one here.

For those of you who prefer a physical copy – Bodi showed me a copy of the paperback in the flesh and the cover is truly stunning, in addition to the formatting being top-notch. It’s also got some hidden Easter eggs contained within it. I’m jealous; makes me want to add custom illustration to my future books. Click here if you want that version.

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