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Dear Mom



Dear Mom,

I sincerely am hoping to whatever sort of higher power may be out there, that you never find this.  I really, really, really hope you don’t, because it will scar you.  Yes, I know you will still love me.  But fuck, I hope you never see the words I’m typing on my Kindle on your computer screen.  However…if you do…1.) I love you, and 2.) Here’s some things you should know:

  • Yes, I have fucked a lot of girls.  Yes, I write about seducing them.  Yes, I go into a little erotic detail.  No, you do not want to click on the category labeled ‘Field Reports’.  Please.
  • Yes, girls have found my blog, and they know I have other girls.  Yes, they still talk to me.  Yes, they even write about me.  No, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.
  • Yes, I believe feminism is fucking retarded.  Yes, it garners me a lot of hate.  No, I wouldn’t classify you as one.  You stayed home to raise me and lil sis, after all.
  • Yes, you, Dad, and the rest of the family sold me on the “American Dream” for quite some time.  Yes, I’m sometimes bitter about it.  I also realize that it was something that was better during your time.  These days, it’s a fucking raw deal for men to get married and raise a family.  I realize it wasn’t your fault and that everyone sold it to me because they thought it was the best.  No, I will not hold it against you.  Just know that if I do decide to marry and have kids…it’ll probably be overseas.  Yes, you can visit as much as you’d like.
  • Yes, Dad failed me on teaching me how to be good with women.  He has been an amazing father in every other way, so I can let it slide.  I chuckle knowing I’ve slept with wayyyyy more women that he ever did.
  • Yes, I know you think I’m an ass for thinking that younger girls are hotter and older women are…well, not hot.  Sorry, it’s just the truth.
  • Yes, I believe that me and myself alone is responsible for my destiny.  Yes, anybody who dares get in my way, or tries to inflict their bullshit on me (i.e. Jamie, who is my cunt of a cousin, for you dear readers) will be discarded like the worthless pile of shit they are.  They are poison on me, and sadly, they are poison on you, too.  What good have they ever done for you in the last 20 years?  Yes, I will burn the entire bridge with the family if I deem it necessary.  No, it will not make me happy, but I realize that it is necessary.
  • Yes, I believe in utterly dominating and controlling girls.  Sorry, the nice guys never did win, that will never come true.  Yes, I am still a “nice” guy…just with some edge.
  • Yes, I am still capable of having feelings.  No, I don’t like them.
  • Yes, I drink.  Often.  Yes, I know it’s probably bad.  But it’s FUN.
  • Yes…I’m a complete ass at times.
  • Yes, I know my major provided me no background for my actual career.  However, I did learn something from it!  I am very glad though that my love of computers gave me a great job and career.
  • I really love my little sis.  We’ve gotten close in past years and I’m glad we grew up together and that I have her in my life.
  • Yes, I know you and Dad roll your eyes at me on my views since taking the red pill.  No, I don’t care.  Yes, I still love you both dearly.

And always will.

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