Dating Profile Composition

By extremely popular request, I’m now offering online dating profile writing services.

I do want to throw this disclaimer out there: in most cases, it will be better if you write your profile and have me review it. I will be basing the profile I write for you off of just a couple of emails designed to shed some light on who you are. You know yourself far better than I ever could.

With that said, if you simply lack any writing skills, rest assured that I can, and will, help you significantly.

This also includes a copy of Cracking OkCupid.

** If you already bought a copy of Cracking OKCupid, simply email me a copy of your receipt and I’ll knock $20 off of the profile composition.

– A fully crafted profile applicable to any dating site, ranging anywhere from 5-10 paragraphs. This will include all of the OKCupid subsections (What I’m doing with my life, I’m really good at, etc.). The profile will be 100% unique to you, with no cookie-cutter copy and pasting.

– Two opening messages that will be congruent to your profile and give you the best chance of success.

– Full analysis of pictures and to help you select the best photographs to help you succeed (provide as many as you can!).

– Two revisions of the profile with a minimum of one week between revisions. This provides you with up to three different versions of your profile. You must track your response rates and message logs, and show them to me if you want a revision, no exceptions. If you’d like additional revisions beyond the two included, they are $10 each.

* Note that if you are getting a response rate of 50%+, I recommend holding off on the revisions until a later date they go down. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

– After two weeks of using your new profile, I will go through your messages and give you critiques of the messages and ways to improve. This is provided, of course, you are willing to let me log into your profile or provide me the chat logs.

– One 30 minute Skype call where we discuss your profile, or anything else in your life regarding girls, game, and self-improvement.

Price: $97

How To Get Started

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