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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating Foreign Girls



Dating foreign girls is a much-needed escape. American feminazis are getting more and more insane by the minute. You are either with them, or you get burned on the metaphorical stake. Because I speak out, I’ve become a target for these people more times than I can count. 

But do you know why it doesn’t really bother me? 

These women are barely a bleep on my radar. Dating foreign girls has opened a world of opportunities and I am never going back. 

Dating Foreign Girls: But It’s Not All Sunshine And Roses

Dating Foreign Girls

As much as I enjoy being away from annoying American girls, dating abroad comes with its’ own set of challenges. Some things are better, some things are worse, but it’s all weird when you first start doing it. 

And this is completely natural! 

If you’re unhappy with your current situation, it’s easy to idealize change. Surely the grass is super green on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, dating foreign girls is definitely a step up from Americans. But culture clashes will happen and not all of your expectations will be met. 

So, if you’re a guy who only just moved abroad or started exploring international dating sites, I am here to tell it as it is: 

The good, the bad, and the ugly about dating foreign girls. 

(as told by a man who has dated plenty of those)

They Are Not Afraid Of Being Feminine!

In Eastern Europe, especially, women take great pride in their appearance. A Russian girl once told me: 

If I don’t dress up, I would feel like less of a woman.

Of course, this would trigger third-wave feminists. You are beautiful the way you are, femininity is not defined by the patriarchy and what-not. But they are missing a point: 

Foreign girls don’t feel obliged to look nice. They want to look nice.

You will love walking around with your foreign girlfriend. She looks like a snack 24/7 and does not let herself go just because she now has a man. Instead, she sees dressing up as a compliment to you. Foreign girls embrace their femininity, it’s not just an act that they drop once they have you chained up in a relationship. 

Speaking of which… 

They Wear Lingerie Just For Fun

American girls would wear lingerie once in a blue moon. Maybe for Valentine’s day or something. If you’re lucky. You should feel lucky, she is doing it all for you. 

Foreign girls laugh at that. In the wise words of Maria (that I remembered, as I am writing this article):

So she would buy a set of expensive underwear for herself? And than say that it is your Valentine’s day gift? American girls are insane…

Dating foreign girls, you will soon discover their love for lingerie and all things sensual. In their mind, these things are enjoyable on their own. Sure, it’s even more fun when you have someone to share them with… But it’s not like wearing a lacey bra should be seen as some favour that she is doing you. 

Lingerie is just as fun for her, as it is for you. And that, my friends, is why sex with foreign girls is always better. They embrace feminity and sensuality, instead of shouting about the power of the vajayjay.

Show-Off Culture

This is surprisingly common.

Foreign women, especially in developing countries, are significantly more show-offy than their American counterparts. A large chunk of their life is devoted to creating the right image of their life. You can see that in the small things: 

  • How much thought she puts into her social media posts
  • Keeping the house clean ‘in case somebody comes in unexpectedly’
  • Always looking polished, even when throwing out the trash or going to the gym (‘because I might meet somebody I know’)

Girls care about their appearance. A lot. It can get exhausting for you. Besides, I can’t imagine how it is not driving them insane. What is worst, though, is it will, at some point, create conflict in the relationship. As her boyfriend, you have to fit into that perfect picture she is painting of her life.

Unmet expectations, as usual, lead to fights. But there is a way to avoid that… 

You Care For Me, I Care For You

Dating foreign girls doesn’t come with any ‘I am an independent woman and I don’t need you’ BS. Of course, they are big girls. Foreign women know how to take care of themselves, they have careers, and in many ways, they are more emancipated than their American counterparts. 

For instance, did you know that it’s perfectly normal for women to keep working after they have children? For one, in Europe, they have better maternity leaves. It’s not about throwing your kids to a nanny or giving up your career. European women, even in Eastern Europe where they are very traditional, know that it’s important to have a life of your own. 

There is, however, one very big difference:

They know they are not independent. 

You’re not independent, either. That was a big breakthrough moment for me and I realised it dating foreign girls. These women are caring and they also enjoy being taken care of. A foreign girl knows the value of a good relationship and she knows how essential relationships are to her happiness. 

So, as show-offy as foreign girls can be, they also genuinely value connection. It can be frustrating to feel like your whole relationship is for show. In fact, that could not be further than the truth. The obsession with appearances exists because foreign women live in a society that values stable relationships and marriages. 

When you get annoyed with all the social media bragging, remember why she is doing it: 

Because your foreign girlfriend genuinely loves and values you. 

Too Serious, Too Soon 

Dating foreign girls vs dating Americans: 

American women boast about sleeping around. She is a badass feminist because she can have sex without catching feelings. No comment on how emotionally unhealthy (and downright annoying) this whole act is. 

Foreign girls, on the other hand, are obsessed with getting into a relationship. The whole concept of dating around does not exist. Take Eastern Europe as an example (that is one place I have a lot of dating experience): 

You are either fuckbuddies or engaged to be married. 

At least in her head, exclusivity is not even a question. Foreign women still have casual sex but they keep very hush-hush about it. It’s not something you brag about if anything it feels slightly degrading to them. Of course, there are still some girls that do it, while others reject non-commital relationships as a whole. 

Either way, if you are dating foreign girls, it’s exclusive from the start. That is not the case if you guys just meet for sex. Any more intimate than that, and you are boyfriend and girlfriend, period. 

Dating Foreign Girls, Plural

But then again, this is an article about dating foreign girls, not about marrying the first Eastern European that crosses your path.

You can date multiple women abroad but the way to go about it is different.

It can be by cheating (it’s cheating because both of your partners will assume you are exclusive)… But then again, that is a pretty jerk move, right? 

Alternatively, you could talk it through. Women are more bothered about emotional cheating than they are about purely physical. 

Still, as enjoyable as dating multiple girls may be, it’s not always an option with foreign women. The true high-value women abroad will rarely tolerate them. You need a lot of emotional gymnastics to convince them otherwise. To me, that borders on manipulation. 

The way it works when you’re dating foreign girls: 

They don’t date around.

A good foreign woman will hold you to a high standard of being loyal and protective in a relationship. The best and most attractive girls abroad are all about relationships, not situationships. 

Dating Foreign Girls: Back To Basics

Dating Foreign Girls

To sum up my years of knowledge of foreign girls: 

It’s like going back to ‘the good old days’. 

If you’re a 20-something, you haven’t experienced that golden era that baby boomers won’t shut up about. But abroad, the dating culture has kept what America threw out of the window.

Dating foreign women is like going back to the basics. They are caring and effortlessly feminine. Relationships are not complicated by a billion different stages and labels. You are either together or you’re not. Loyalty and protection are valued. You get to feel like a man because you are with a real woman. 

Then again, all of this is a bit idealized. Of course, some women abroad are complete jerks. Still, percentage-wise they’re not a lot. I would choose dating foreign girls over the ones in California any day.

You should try it, too, even just to realise that it’s not all like the American feminazis say it is. If you do, share your thoughts on the experience down below!

Good luck.

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