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Dating A Colombian Girl: The Pitfalls

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Dating a Colombian girl is fun and exciting…and sometimes, just sometimes it can be pure hell. These are the pitfalls of the whole thing. From extreme fiery jealousy to being stuck in her ways, Colombians are not always wifey material.

Important disclaimer:

All Colombian girls will display these traits to some extent. It only becomes a problem when they take it to the extreme. 

For instance, every Colombian girl is passionate.

If she’s with you, she probably really, really likes you.

There will be some jealousy because she is crazy about you.

But does she get actually crazy?

Maybe that’s your cue to dump her.

Read on to find the most common pitfalls of dating a Colombian girl. Whether those are deal-breakers or not—you decide for yourself.

Personally, I am all about those fiery Colombianas, even if dating them is not all sunshine and roses.

Dating A Colombian Girl: Stuck Up Barbies?

Dating A Colombian Girl

The first thing that struck me about Colombian women is they are not sweet and humble. There is nothing natural about beauty standards here. Women put cold hard work into their looks. That’s why the pretty ones don’t really take BS from anybody. They know their value..

And yes, sometimes this manifests in general bitchiness. If it’s a wealthy girl, even worse. Colombian families spoil their daughters rotten if given the chance.

Fortunately, not all Colombianas are like that. While they do have a tough exterior, Colombian girls are also very feminine and nurturing in their core. If you win their respect (usually by showing masculinity), you have nothing to worry about.

Of course, this means you should not take BS either. 

If she’s playing you around, using you for dinners and nice gifts, or is being generally flakey and stuck up… Guess what? Time to say goodbye and meet a cuter, nicer girl with a bigger butt than hers. With all the options you have in Colombia it should not be too hard.

No Splitting The Bill

Colombia is a patriarchal country.

Women believe in gender roles and happily stay in them. This means absolutely no splitting the check.

She would not even pretend to reach for her wallet. If you suggest it, that’s a major dealbreaker.

All Colombian girls, no matter how grown-up and independent, want to be taken care of. This includes paying for dinners and not just on the first date. It also means she’ll expect bigger gifts for you and the occasional bouquet of flowers.

Between all the restaurants and dates, dating a Colombian girl can be quite the expense. Of course, it helps that the country is not expensive. You could not handle that sort of thing in Scandinavia, for instance.

Jealousy Issues

Jealousy in itself isn’t always bad. It only means that your girl’s emotional needs aren’t being met. Surprising to hear? Sure, we always tend to call women crazy. But the thing that makes them crazy is that unfulfilled need.

So what can you do?

First of all, accept that jealousy is a normal emotion. If you’re dating a Colombian girl, it will always be a part of the relationship.

Secondly, consider your boundaries. There is a huge difference between:

  • A) the girl who gets upset because you went for drinks alone with a female friend
  • B) the one that starts shouting at you for ‘looking at that girl so hungrily’ on the street
  • C) the completely insane type that will text your opposite-sex friends and threaten them 

The first one is acceptable behaviour. Sure, you might not be doing anything bad. But you do understand how it’s suspicious, right? ‘That is a level of jealousy you can expect from every single Colombian girl.

These are Latinas. They will not play it cool and unbothered, especially not when they’re super into you. 

Scenarios B and C, on the other hand, are pretty much abuse.

Don’t mistake feisty for aggressive and possibly dangerous. Once again, there are thousands of non-crazy Colombian females.

Why Playing Her Will Backfire

Colombian women are not hard to play. They have a major insecurity issue in relationships. Plus, they are gorgeous but also quite conscious of their appearance. You can play them like a puppet if you’re good enough.

The thing is, think about the bigger picture:

Dating Colombian girls is amazing. They are beautiful, sure, but they also know how to care for their man plus they’re fiercely loyal. 

This is the full package, pretty much.

While you can play Colombian women for sex, it’s not worth it in the long run. They are much better as girlfriend or wifey material. As long as they don’t get extremely jealous (without making up for it in bed), playing them is a waste of potential.

She Might Not Follow You

Not all Colombian women are after your green card. Actually, most of them have their mind made up on intercultural relationships because they just can’t seem to leave their family. 

You can look at this as a positive. A nice Colombian girl is not seeing you for the future you can provide in the US. She’s probably looking at your qualities, your masculinity, and yes, probably your ability to provide.

The point here is different. Dating a Colombian girl can easily go South if you start arguing about where to live. While some are willing to give the West a chance, others are borderline chauvinist. They would not leave their country.

Sure, she loves you for more than your green card but you can’t stay long distance forever, right?

Work out the plan early on. If she will not leave her town, it’s probably not a good idea to catch feelings.

Dating A Colombian Girl: You Marry Her, You Marry The Family

Finally, the issue with her family.

Don’t get me wrong. Colombian families are amazing. They are huge, they love each other fiercely, and her abuelita cooks the best Colombian specialties.

The downside here is simple:

Colombian families are so tightly knit that it’s hard to get rid of them. 

Of course, this doesn’t matter if you love them and it’s mutual. But say her sister has something against you? Prepare for endless drama.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that if her family hates you, it’s over. Colombian girls are getting more and more independent. They don’t take their personal decision based on their abuelita’s opinion only. However, if your relationship with her family is far from perfect, it will inevitably affect the relationship with her.

It sucks to say, but sometimes you have to suck it up and suffer through. Even if you’re not thrilled about her mom’s constant visits, saying so will not work out in your favour.

By the way, this also extends to her friend circle and her community in general. Colombians are very sociable people. They don’t view dating and marriage as the top of the relationship pedestal. Instead, they are incredibly close to their parents and siblings, their extended family, their friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

All of those people will have an influence on your Colombian girlfriend. Which brings me to the last pitfall of dating a Colombian girl:

A Relationship For Show

Colombianas love social media and they also love to boast their boyfriends. Sure, it feels nice to get paraded around. In the beginning, that is. After a certain point, it feels fake.

Colombian women are very prone to showing off their relationship for likes. It can feel disingenuous. Sometimes, it is. The sad part is a lot of Colombian girls simply enjoy the status of ‘I am dating a foreign man’ and all that it brings.

But on the plus side, you’ll never have to worry about her loyalty. All the little annoying things she does come from a place of love. Hard to believe that when you’re getting yelled at but still. 

The biggest pitfall of dating a Colombian girl, and I am sorry if this is cheesy, is: 

Dating A Colombian Girl: Not Appreciating Her Enough

You’ve been through the hellhole of dating in the US. You should know better. But somehow, and I see this all the time, Western men’s standards change when they date abroad. 

Colombian girls are sexy, caring, and loyal. Back at home, you would be wondering how you got so lucky. Don’t take your Colombian girlfriend for granted, either. Sure, it won’t be a picture-perfect relationship. That doesn’t exist outside of the Hallmark universe. 

But I stand my ground when I say dating a Colombian girl is a thousand times better than an American. If you have problems  – solve them. Colombian girls are way too good to pass up over some jealousy. Oh, and while we’re at it, don’t trust all the Colombian marriage agencies online. While Colombian women do make great wives half of those sites exist to lure lonely man in. 

Interested in actually dating Colombian women?

Check out our other articles.

Good luck and have fun dating those Latinas!

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