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How to Meet a Cute Japanese Girl With 3 Dating Sites



You want to finally meet the cute Japanese girl of your dreams. Here are 3 (and a half) dating sites that can make it happen. 

Disclaimer: Language Barrier? 

If English is your first language, dating in Japan can be challenging. In Tokyo, a lot of women will speak English… In smaller towns, not so much so. 

That’s why we only considered foreigner-friendly websites. 

What makes it a foreigner-friendly place? 

  1. Expats use it. I know that either through personal recommendation or a lot of (legitimate) reviews online. 
  2. The site or app is available in English. 
  3. You would not struggle to find a girl’s profile written in English. 

Some Japanese girls are legitimately obsessed with Western culture.

Don’t worry too much about the language barrier. There will be plenty of cute Japanese girl options for you to choose from, even if you speak zero Japanese. 

Tinder In Japan

Much like anywhere else, Tinder is a hookup app. Of course, since this is Japan, hookup app doesn’t necessarily mean the same as it does in, say, LA. 

Japanese men are awkward around girls.

Very rarely, if ever, will they straight-up ask for sex. Even if that’s a very normal strategy for you, don’t do it in Japan.

How To Sleep With A Cute Japanese Girl From Tinder

Cute Japanese Girl

You have to arrange a sex-friendly date. Don’t ask her directly back to your place. Netflix and chill is not an acceptable date option, even if all you want is a fling. 

If you just want something casual, make the meeting casual and intimate. The classic is a bar or karaoke towards the last train. Choose a nice place close to your apartment or hotel. Don’t go too fancy. It’s just a Tinder smash situation.

No need to go all out. 

Bear in mind that Japanese girls play shy. They are taught that feminine equals sweet and submissive. Don’t mistake that for innocence, though. 

Did you know that 1 in 10 Japanese girls have appeared in porn? 

The whole country is very sex-crazed and sex-starved at the same time. It’s not impossible to get a Jap girl to bed on the first date. What you need to do is build rapport. Make her feel comfortable, take the lead, act confident and casual.

Most important of all, sneak small touches here and there and look at how she responds. You can’t spend the date five feet apart and then expect sex. Build physical comfort and attraction by getting closer throughout your meet-up. It’s really not that hard to hook up with a Japanese hottie. 

Meet A Cute Japanese Girl On Japan Cupid

Tinder is, without any hesitation, the most popular dating platform in Japan. Asian apps like Pairs are also gaining popularity (more on that later) but they have a long way to go. 

The problem with Tinder is it’s so little investment!

I’m not saying you can’t find a relationship on Tinder. A lot of the Japanese people I spoke to weren’t opposed to the idea. I’d say most of the girls on Tinder are happy with a hookup but they would date if they found the right person. 

But Tinder is the definition of minimal investment. It takes very little time to sign up for it. You can swipe almost endlessly. Didn’t work out with this match? On comes another. You can meet a cute Japanese girl, have it all go great, and two weeks later she disappears. 

By the way, this happens a lot more to women on Tinder. Either way, it’s just not a reliable place to meet a long-term partner. 

Enter the scene—Japan Cupid. 

Why Niche Dating Is Your Best Friend

Some guys cringe at the idea of niche dating sites. They are exactly what they sound. A dating platform dedicated to one particular type. For Japanese Cupid, the site connects relationship-minded foreigners to pretty Japanese women. 

Here is why we love it so much: 

It Hits The Sweet Spot

You have so much choice when it comes to online dating. You can go for full-on matchmakers, a more ‘serious’ dating platform, super casual apps like Tinder, etc. The whole range is there. To me, and to many travellers/expats, Japanese Cupid hits the sweet spot in the middle. 

You have a dating platform that you pay for. This alone will drive away flaky people. Japan Cupid also asks you for more info. You fill out an extensive profile and you choose pics especially for your personal. Unlike Tinder, it takes a certain level of investment. 

At the same time, it’s very reasonable and reliable. Your monthly/yearly membership covers everything. You will not be charged extra for every match or anything like that.

When it comes to finding a cute Japanese girl, Japan Cupid is like a ‘normal’ dating site. You search for people, browse profiles, and text the girls you like. 

Side note: you always have to text first. This doesn’t just for Japan Cupid. It’s true for all online dating in Japan… And for the dating scene in general. Girls will not take the first step. 

Another cool (and pretty damn important thing about Japan Cupid): 

Safety First, Kids

Online dating can get scammy. Especially as a foreigner in another country, you have to be extra careful. You don’t actually know people unless you met them IRL. This is why Japan Cupid is much preferable to Tinder. 

As a paid dating site, they have the means to police the site way better. Japan Cupid is dedicated to using multiple strategies to give you the best possible experience.

You will notice a lot of the girls are here for that, too. Japanese women tend to get anxiety around meeting strangers off the internet (rightfully so). A lot of the women choose Japan Cupid for the peace-of-mind that they provide. It’s a good perk for you to have in mind, too. 

Japan Cupid Success Stories

It’s nothing if it doesn’t work, right? Fortunately, they have the testimonials to prove it. Just check out their success stories page. It’s picture after picture of happy couples, engagements, weddings, and cute kids. 

Of course, it’s always best to try it out for yourself. If you want to meet a cute Japanese girl, make a free profile today. You can browse through all the profiles for free. You will still need to become a member to take full advantage of the site. The free trial gives you two very important things: 

  1. A feel for the site. If it’s not right, you can always ditch it (but I have a feeling you will love it). 
  2. The chance to perfect your profile. Work on it for a few days, find the right pics, write up a killer bio. That kind of effort will pay off. And you will not be doing it on your ‘membership time’. 

So if you take out just one thing from this article: Try Japan Cupid. There is pretty much nothing to lose in a free trial. 

Pairs: The Asian Wonder? 

Pairs is the most successful local dating app right now. By local, I mean created in Asia and targeted specifically at that market. It sits somewhere between Tinder and Japan Cupid on the online dating spectrum. 

Guys pay, while girls don’t. The whole premise is about creating ‘pairs’, a.k.a. actual couples and not just situationships. 

The other cool thing about Pairs is their commitment to safety. They hire a third-party web security vendor. I told you Asians can get paranoid about online dating. But that’s a good thing, I am not hating. 

The only issue with Pairs is finding English speakers. They are not focusing on the international dating scene. Instead, Pairs is more targeted towards locals.

It still made it to our list because it fits the criteria. You will find English speakers on the app. Dare I say, some of the girls will be thrilled to find a foreigner on Pairs. Not a lot of travellers know about it. You will be a novelty and this is always useful. 

Don’t rely too much on Pairs, though. It will be harder to find a cute Japanese girl that fits your type AND speaks English.

That’s simply because Pairs isn’t for foreigners, per se.

No harm in checking it out. By the way, this tip will only get truer as the app grows in popularity. Right now, they are blowing away the competition!

A Final Secret To Meeting A Cute Japanese Girl

I promised you three and a half sites.

Well, the secret dating site is not a dating site at all. It’s actually

They are a platform for organizing group meetings… And Japanese people love it. Meetups are so popular that you have to RSVP weeks in advance for some of them. 

While meeting a cute Japanese girl is not guaranteed, Meetup is a great place to meet cool, like-minded people. If you are staying in Japan for longer or moving there, this is the perfect opportunity to make local friends. But don’t underestimate the dating power, either. Japanese girls, as desperate as they can get for a boyfriend, prefer to meet in real life. 

Anyway, above all: 

Fingers crossed for you.

Cute Japanese girls are a plenty, only a matter of time until one (or many) fall into your bed lap.

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