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5 Cultural Observations: Poland vs. America

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I’ve now lived in Poland for three weeks. These three weeks of been some of the best of my life, for a multitude of reasons. I’ve made some great friends, met some cool girls , and enjoyed the city immensely.

While I think that three weeks is still a little too short to make too many definitive observations, I’ve got a few I’d like to share with you guys today.



Every time I travel, I’m reminded initially of how bland the food in other countries is. However, after about three dates I start to really enjoy the taste and freshness of the local meat and produce. It’s shockingly different than America.

The biggest catch though, is how quickly the food goes bad. You can buy deli meat in America, and it will still be good ten days later. Here, you have more like three days before a funky smell invades your refrigerator.

The same goes for bread: in America, a fresh loaf can sit out on the counter for a week. You’ll start spotting mold within a couple of days in Poland.

I shouldn’t be too surprised, given that many chemicals used in America’s food are completely illegal in most countries around the world.


A lot of people asked me, “Why Poland?! Isn’t it a third world shithole?”


The public transportation is superior to anywhere in the United States with the exception of maybe New York City. There are far less homeless beggars on the streets than there are in Los Angeles.

The malls are nicer.

The streets are cleaner.

The education system, on paper at least, seems better – though they should probably stop giving it away for free. They are far more educated here than we are in America in regards to languages, that’s for damn sure.


Sure, the public transportation is superior, and this actually means that people can use it. Therefore, they also walk a lot. Even on days that I feel like I’ve been stuck inside working most of the day, I still end up walking nearly five miles between commuting to the gym, grocery store (fresh food!), and if I go out for a date in the evening.

On days that I’ve done some daygame, I’ve walked twelve miles or more. Add in five days a week in the gym, and I’ve noticed that my clothes are feeling loser already.


In America, you are shamed for any negative comment about any race that isn’t white. Even if it’s completely factual and 100% truthful. Try saying, “Statistics show that black people commit more crimes than whites”, on social media, and watch everybody lose their damn mind.

In Poland, nobody would give a damn if you shouted that out on the main square.

Many girls have openly told me, “Yeah, I hate the refugees invading Europe. Fuck them. Yes, I am racist.”, which results in me cackling with laughter.

The bullshit political correctness culture is much less in effect here. You are still allowed to speak your mind without getting totally shamed. Well, usually.


Not a shocker to most of you.

A lot more about this to come.

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  1. Nice list! I was in Warsaw for a quick layover in winter. So it was not the best time to check it out But from what I saw, I def need to give Warsaw and Poland a proper visit. It must be even more awesome in spring/summer.

    Funny about the racism remark. I am (hopefully, wrongfully!) paranoid about skinheads and getting beat up there!

    Anyhow, here’s a cool vid about Warsaw:

      1. Yikes, didn’t realize GoPros on head was a “thing”. There was a brief time when dorks wore Google Glass…

        BTW, check out Lisbon and Porto (i.e. Portugal) in May-August if you can. Underrated (as people esp Americans choose Spain), inexpensive and beautiful.

          1. I heard from others that it can be wet and cold around that time of year. Further south of Portugal could be decent though. How about Asia at that time? Like Vietnam?

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