Last updated: October 5, 2016

How to Cultivate Great Ideas

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There were mornings where I just sat in front of my computer screen, trying to cultivate great ideas.

Nothing really…happened.

My fingers would sit restless on the keyboard. My brain would draw blanks. Those mornings would turn into me sitting, staring out the window–hoping that something would just happen.

Whilst some might just call that writer’s block, it’s important to look at this on a grander scale. Business block.

As I’ve continued to expand my entrepreneurial pursuits, I’ve developed a blueprint that can teach you too how to cultivate great ideas.

Utilize these methods.

Start a novel.

Build a business.

Write that first blog post you’ve been too scared to write.

The point is, you’ve gotta get your brain walking before you can run.


Simply put, we all have our problems we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The question is, how can you apply that to something productive in your life.

While you don’t always want to have a negative outcome, problems are the first place to look.


Because the entire world revolves around solving problems.

Banks exist because people can’t handle their money. Alcohol exists because people are miserable. Pizza exists because people need to eat and they like the dopamine hit from eating tasty food.

Almost anything in the world can somehow be traced back to a problem: the execution is then to solve that problem and present it in a positive light.


When you do something often, the painful aspect of it isn’t as bad.

For example, when you just start going to the gym, you suffer.

Not only that first workout, but often for several days on end. But over time, those workouts become a lot less painful.

Building a business, writing, and other aspects of life work in the same way. Once they become a daily habit, they become a hell of a lot easier to master.


You know how this blog post started?

I was staring out my window at the grey of Kiev, Ukraine. The first sentence I wrote was…

I’m staring out the window looking at the grey. Creativity fading rapidly. There are days that I just…sit…in front of my screen and hope the words show up.

But, aha!

Notice that the last sentence is strikingly similar to the one that made it in final draft?

Writing that gibberish got me going.

Just doing it was what I needed.

Sometimes, that’s all you need to cultivate great ideas.



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  1. This reminds of a book I just finished reading. The Little Black Book of Innovation. You listed 2 of the 4 mindsets of innovation.
    Customer is Boss and “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
    The book has some other decent ideas on how to create ideas such as
    – selective scarcity: restrict yourself from certain elements so you have to think outside the box
    – “good artists copy, great artists steal”

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