Last updated: February 14, 2016

“Cuck” Needs to be Retired, ASAP



Cuck needs to stop.

These days, I mostly steer clear of writing about political topics. This is partially because I lack interest in many of the subjects, and partially because it just doesn’t directly improve my life, or any of my readers, for that matter. Instead, I find myself writing more about self improvement, though I do occasionally still go on my rants against society – but they’re more against the societal pressures, and not politically focused.

But there’s this new word that keeps popping up everywherecuck. And I’m cucking fucking sick of it.

“Cuck” is the new “beta”.

I don’t know where it started, or why it’s taken off so much, but throwing cuck around left and right is something I’m seeing become more and more prominent on Twitter and other forms of social media.

  • LOLZZZ ur a cuck bro
  • You got cucked hahahhaha
  • Cucked!!! You beta

Honestly, what the hell is going on here?

It doesn’t accomplish anything.

It doesn’t make anyone look cool.

It just makes it look like person crying cuck has self esteem issues.

To throw it back, it makes them look like a cuck.

Now, to be clear: there are some very powerful bloggers and writers (Mike Cernovich, Matt Forney, and Roosh; among others) that are using the term cuck as a way to attack the mainstream media and all of the bullshit they feed to American society. While I haven’t jumped into that battle yet, I have nothing but respect for these men and what they’re doing, as it’s about damn time there was a movement against the media. If using the term cuck is a part of that agenda and is effective, more power to them.

I don’t really care either way.

My beef is with all of the men attacking other fellow men by throwing around the word cuck like it’s the first bad word they ever learned.

Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time than to pick fights on Twitter with random people and call them a fuck?

I don’t even know who and why so many people are calling each other a cuck; often times it just shows up as a retweet from someone I follow, and I certainly don’t waste my time actually drilling down and reading the conversation. All I know is that from the short snippets that I see, is that some of these men are as crude and bitter as a feminist with forty cats.

Which is sad.

The War on Men

As much as I hate to use the term “The War on Men” (I think it’s a bit dramatic) in relation to cuck, I think it’s important for this argument. This is why I’m calling out all of the men that are actually dedicating time to attacking their fellow man on social media – all in the name of cuck.

But there is a war on men.

Men are lied to by society for our entire lives.

Men told to be nice and buy girls flowers. You want to see where that gets you? Well, you can read about how I literally was a cuck.

Men are constantly fighting an uphill battle against dating and false rape charges.

Men have it the worst when it comes to marriage – we are expected to give everything and in turn…well, often our women do nothing.

And to top it off, most men get raped in the court of law when it comes to divorce and custody of their children.

This is the battle that men are facing. Both current husbands and fathers, and OUR ENTIRE FUTURE GENERATION. American society is collapsing all around us from the decimation of families to our economy…

And MEN want to waste time attacking each other just to call each other a cuck?

Grow the FUCK up.

Calling Cuck Doesn’t Help Fellow Men

Let’s run through a scenario that seems to happen often. Calling some poor guy who just got cheated on and posted to Reddit or a game blog for advice a cuck isn’t going to accomplish anything. We are all on the same mission in this corner of the web. With the odds stacked against us, we should be standing up and uniting with our fellow men, not shaming them for something that frankly…well, it sucks.

It’s not something that’s fun when you’re going through it. The experience is horrifying; it makes you feel like a shell of a man – a man not worthy enough. You’re literally forced to picture the imagine of a woman you love and care being ejaculated inside of by another man. Just to proof what a laughingstock society makes of a cucked man, just read the Urban Dictionary definitions:


A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.

The thing is, more than likely a man who is truly a cuck and truly is looking for advice…just wants a little sympathy. And as much as I hate to wrangle him free of responsibility, more than likely it’s really not his fault. He was just doing exactly what society told him to do his entire life – treat your wife like a princess, let her be an independent woman, etc. While he was probably a pussy in his relationship, he simply didn’t know any better.

More than likely, he did everything “right” by the book, and probably wasn’t even having sex with her. Instead, he’s left to watch another man’s semen plop out of his wife’s vagina when he finally does get into her pants.

To kick him while he’s down is disgusting.

Like I said, I have been a cuck before.

Sure, I can laugh about it now. But I’ve also had sex with a lot of beautiful girls since, seen the world, and dragged myself free of the shackles of society’s “nice guy” programming. Usually, the guys calling out for help and being mocked haven’t gone through that path of self improvement.

Calling them a cuck is more likely to cause them to commit suicide rather than “man up”. Everybody needs time to grieve and pull themselves together.

So just stop attacking everyone and calling them a cuck because you can. It makes you look like an idiot.

Because right now, we need to unite as men – more than ever.

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  1. Glad to know that I”m not the only one thinking like this. This whole labeling “alpha”, “beta”, “cuck” seems just kind of silly.

    1. These labels are passed out like candy, and most just don’t understand the what or why a man is/is not Alpha, Beta, or whatever. It’s become a fashion statement with “cuck” mostly replacing gay/fag/whatever. A lot of folks end up using it as a label rather than the frame it represents because they really don’t understand that Alpha-Omega are [mental] states that appear in behavior. That shit is amateur hour.

      Cuck, specifically, is too often used to insult. It has its use for those that truly sell their marital/political/emotional soul to gratify those they give their own manhood to, but for the men that haven’t ingested any RP (perhaps at all) being called “cuck” is counterproductive. Insulting men when – and more so because – they are blinded by their own conditioning is just stupid. They, instead, need clarity, guidance and mentoring: lifted up; not kicked while they are down.

      I give zero fucks when people that know what it means toss it out (as mentioned above), but the keyboard kids among others need to fuck right off to TRP reddit for about a year…and grow the fuck up.

      1. NAILED IT.

        Like I said, guys like Cernovich using it to defend free speech rights – by all means! Couldn’t care less.

        But it’s the comment sections of self improvement sites where people put each other down to feel better about themselves – they’re the true betas/omegas/cucks etc. Really the best way to describe them is simply with low self esteem.

        Great comment, thank you.

  2. I guess the ‘C” word has a new meaning now… so can we start using the ‘N’ word instead? You see… the reason the N word became popular with those privileged enough to use it was to take the sting out of the word. By using the word openly and with deference to a particular group the hateful reality was transformed into a term of in group preference. The same is being done with the word Cuckold or Cuck. Once you’ve been Cuckolded you’ll know it.

    [to one degree or another all men in America who pay taxes are basically a Cuck for Gov’t funded and enforced Feminism]

    Surviving ‘your’ woman openly fucking other men and you trying to ‘make it work’ with her at the same time… you have my sympathy / empathy mixed with disdain and disgust. The ‘C’ word is used to communicate these mixed feelings. A simple acknowledgement and maybe even some humor to the reality of what’s being done to men. You might eventually find the word Cuck as a joke and then a sort of immunity sets in towards the offensive nature of the meaning behind the word. At that point – You are no longer a Cuck.

  3. “Now, to be clear: there are some very powerful bloggers and writers (Mike Cernovich, Matt Forney, and Roosh; among others…”

    Forney is a fat fuck troll who looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and has no business lecturing men on masculinity when his estrogen count is higher than your grandmother’s.

    Cuck will be around for a long time, same as sheeple and for the same reason; the vast majority of Americans who spend their idle hours on the internet have the mentality of a rodent. So far your blog looks pretty good and I hope you do well, but be careful of the internet company you pal around with.

    The first rule of masculinity is you don’t talk about masculinity. That’s what girls do.

  4. The outside of a cuck needs to make sure her “cuck” husband sees what she does like her BULL gets to. This will ensure that he is satisfied sexually and playing a part that he desires so he is not played as a fool by everyone. That’s No fun being laughed at behind your back unless that is what a guy wants. Rules must be openly talked about without the use of words and phrases with doibke meanings. Say what you mean and explain it differently if necessary, but honesty is the best policy to ensure both cuck and cucktress are happy in the end. Too many males are destroyed and treated less than animals and it has to stop. Cuck is the word that hurts the most if you learn what it means AFTER you have already been used by your hotwife behind your back. Cuck +bull should all know each other well and talk about everything often honestly. Lies about size and calling people “worthy” because they are 8inches or longer and can last 1 hour. If cucks were given what they want, they too would have the stamina and ability. I used to be able to stay hard and have sex for 5 straight hours without Viagra. How many “worthy” people can do that? Men considered worthy consider themselves better than others when they are many times less intelligent, less attractive, just less in every way. ‘Worthy” should be overall as a person, but many people do not consider a cuck a person. As a cuck, I have had people refuse business deals with me saying straight to my face, “you’re nothing but a cuck”. Worthy people can be very stupid, passing up better business deals, better inventions, better advice. It may be the reason society will self district. Worthy people manipulate and corrupt the legal system and frame others because they can’t face the truth that they lie, cheat, or steal. I deserve my outside, I deserve to be her cuck AND her bull, but “worthy” people have taken it all from me.

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