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This Is The Ultimate Guide to Cuban Women

Cuba, The Caribbean


Are Cuban women really as smoking Latina hot as they are said to be? How do you approach them? What do they look for in a relationship?

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Find the answers to all these and more in our comprehensive guide!

Cuban Women: Start On The Outside

To help you understand Cuban girls, we’ll take it step-by-step. Eventually, we would’ve covered all aspects. Before we jump in:

If at the end of this article you don’t have all your questions answered – please ask! We are always happy to help a fellow Latina lover. 

But let’s take it from the basics. How do Cuban girls look?

Curves, Curves, And More Curves

Curvy isn’t the new sexy, it’s the only sexy that exists in Cuba. Stick-thin girls are not in fashion. In fact, most are mocked for their size. Fat shaming isn’t a thing, skinny shaming absolutely is.

The beauty ideal in Cuba includes an hourglass figure, with both boobs and a thick, round backside.

If curvy girls are your type, you’re in the right place. The best part is Cuban chicks aren’t flabby and covered in cellulite and stretch marks. Dancing is a huge part of the Cuban culture and they get tons of exercise. Curvy and toned all the way.

Which is good for you, because:

Cuban Women Are Great In Bed

I promised I wouldn’t get overly sexual. That rule didn’t hold too long, did it?

Anyway, Cuban girls are not just sexy on the outside. They’re great in and out of the bedroom.

It’s scientific fact that curvy, sensual women are better at sex. They know how to indulge, they’re way above starving themselves to look skinny, and besides… Men are hard-wired to like them better. Add the notorious Cuban confidence to the mix, and you have yourself the perfect combo.


The Mother, The Virgin, And The Slut

In one of my favourite movie sequences of all time, Amber Heard sums up the men psyché this way:

Men categorize women in one of four ways: Mothers. Virgins. Sluts. and Bitches.

Of course none of the above is suitable for the modern business woman. But, you can create your own image by selecting pieces of each archetype suitable for you.

Cuban girls do this masterfully!

They may be sensual goddesses but they also have an innocent and nurturing side, as well as a quality of independence about them. In a country, where poverty is still so rampant, a girl needs more skills than just looking pretty. At the same time, beauty and sex appeal are also valued quite a lot.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the way Cuban women dress:

No More Yoga Pants

Obviously, this is an over-statement. Yoga pants do exist in Cuba, girls just don’t wear them as much. They hardly wear them at all.

America’s sick fascination with athletic wear outside the gym is completely foreign to Cuba. First off, not a lot of Western products are available in the first place. Even when they are, Cuban chicks sway toward more feminine and traditionally flattering styles.

One thing they do love to wear is very short shorts.

And, as someone that grew up in Europe, here’s what shocked me the most (it might not shock you):

Zero Body Insecurity

In Cuba, it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 16. You still wear shorts, rock the shorts, and you don’t really treat it as a big deal.

I know the US can feel similar but it’s almost political there. Boom, look at me, a curvy and confident woman, not afraid of your stigma.

Cuban women, on the other hand, were never really exposed to all those American Apparel ads (and the like). They don’t know what the Western beauty standard is. As a result, they have a natural, non-arrogant confidence about their bodies.

And they shake those booties, dance on the street, and generally don’t give a damn about (what us, Europeans would call) thunder thighs.

Spice Up The Style

Cuban women love color. It’s a part of their overall personality. They enjoy beautiful things, they love accessories, and bright garments and they’re fun – on the inside and on the outside.

Once again, some of the stuff that Cuban girls wear would be considered a “fashion statement” elsewhere. In Cuba, it’s just about having fun. People are a lot more relaxed. They know clothes aren’t that big of a deal. If it looks cool and they feel great in it, no second thoughts!

In practical terms, that means you would get a bit of a headache your first day. So many hot girls to look at!

Walk With Flow

Cuban women carry themselves in a very natural and sensual way. You’d notice them from miles abroad. They swing their hips and hold their heads up, like some alternative Victoria’s Secret Angels.

You know how runway models walk in their heels?

That’s how Cuban women walk every day. They have a flow, almost a rhythm to their step.

(Gentle reminder: Your verbal communication is just 7% of what people perceive).

This is a huge part of their overall sensual and seductive vibe.

Show Some Skin!

Look, Cuba can get hot! At over 100 degrees, these girls are not overly concerned with modesty.

Cuban women are very comfortable with showing skin. Most of them also sleep naked (which is the only way to survive summer nights without an AC). Some of their outfits could give your grandma a heart attack.

Funnily enough, you’d expect skimpy clothing to become so normal that it is no longer sexualised. Well, think again. Local guys are serial catcallers and women are used to it:

Catcalling As A National Sport

It is not uncommon for a girl to get 10+ indecent proposals (Romeo Santos pun intended) within a couple minutes of stepping outside.

Don’t be fooled into partaking.

First off, you could never beat a local at it. Macho culture at an all-time high? No way your gringo ways could compare!

Secondly, you want to play on your advantages. Not being a complete pig (surprise-surprise) is an advantage:

How to Get Cuban Girls

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Remember that a true gentleman is kind and respectful to all, not just the girl he’s interested in.

If you fake it, you won’t make it.

The one thing Cuban girls hate with passion are fake people. It’s almost better to be a jerk than to pretend to be a decent guy.

But if you are a decent guy (and boy do I hope you are), make sure to show it. It is one of the (surprisingly) very effective strategies to win a Cuban woman over.

Start With Presentation

It should come as a no-brainer that the opposite sex doesn’t like people that smell. I once had a dude tell me that “if she likes my natural scent, she’d be biologically attracted”. Used as an excuse not to wear deodorant!

Cuba is hot and you will sweat a lot. For the sake of literally everyone around you, shower often and wear deodorant. There is no way to replace good hygiene. And no, Febreeze is not an acceptable substitute for washing your clothes.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Looking Foreign

Foreigners have a bit of a status in Cuba. Since the economy isn’t great, you’d almost always be seen as rich. In fact, even if you want to get a sugar baby, you don’t have to be loaded.

Cuba is amazingly cheap!

But more on that later.

My point is, you shouldn’t worry too much about blending in. In most cases, even if you have the same skin color, you would stick out. This is not a bad thing!

Of course, don’t dress in a Scrooge Halloween costume either. Showing off your “wealth” is downright unsafe in some areas. Ask the hotel staff or your Airbnb host about them. If it’s a high-crime zone, taking out your phone, dangling around your Rolex, or counting your money in public is a complete no-go!

Become The Man She’d Want To Date

My absolute best piece of advice for singles is really a question:

Are you the man that the woman you’d like to be with, would like to be with? 

I can hear the angry crowds already!

But think about it. It doesn’t say that you should change for a particular person. It doesn’t say that you should change to find love. You deserve to be loved already.

But if you are obsessing over somebody, or if you consistently seem to aim out of your league, it might be time for some self-improvement.

This achieves two things:

  • It takes away the anxiety around dating. Self-improvement is something that you have control over. Your crush’s reciprocation or the kind of women that usually fall for you are not.
  • Your league goes up! As you improve, you become a more high-value man, learn the local language and in turn, you attract more high-value women.

How All This Philosophical BS Applies To Cuban Women

Some foreigners seem to think that dating abroad is an easy way out. It is almost a way to not bother. Why try for the hard-to-reach girls at home, when you can go to a developing country and date virtual goddesses? While still being that same loser?

News flash: This is not how it works!

High-value women are rare, whether you date in New York, Havana, or a God-forgotten village in China. If they were common, they would not be high-value.

Of course, the perk of dating Cuban women is that the overall value is higher. The average Cuban girl is hotter than the average American. But if you really want the best, I suggest you also become the best. Of course, the (slight) trick around this rule is:

Present What She Wants To See?

A huge word of warning here:

Cubans really don’t like fakes!

While presenting the image that she wants to see may be effective, it’s surprisingly hard. Women are very apt at spotting liars. It has to do with their superior communication skills (and there is an evolutionary explanation for it). In a culture of a community like Cuba, they might as well be mind readers.

You can’t cheat your way into the system.


Lie – She Would Appreciate It

Are you kidding? Do Cuban girls actually like pathological liars? 

Of course not. But if you do make an effort to present yourself well, she’d spot the lie, but appreciate the effort. It doesn’t work with big things. You can’t claim that your net value is over a million or that you know Bill Gates. If you do – great, props to you. If you don’t – don’t say it. It is way too big of a dishonesty!

When it comes to small things, like pretending to share one of her interests, lying works well. Damn, this is a sentence I never thought I’d say. Bye, morals!

Anyhow, if you didn’t get it, here’s a recap:

  • Big lies suck. They are a no-go.
  • Tiny lies mean that you care enough for her opinion.
  • When she catches a big lie, she would be immediately put off (because, hey, how does she even know who you are?)
  • When she catches you in a small lie(ish), she would be flattered that you tried.
  • Yes, Cuban women catch all lies.

On that last note, there is a very good (and slightly sad) reason for that Cuban girl intuition:

Local Guys Are Pathological Cheaters

It’s not all guys, obviously, but let’s just say it’s not uncommon. Most Cuban women you meet would have been cheated on. They also know better than to trust men – this is an actual statement I’ve heard from a Cuban chick.

For the sake of your safety, don’t cheat on a Cuban woman.

They can get really aggressive about it. Their brothers and families might get a little worked up as well. Try to be different (and better) than local jerks. This is how you get a Cuban girl and keep her, too.

Machismo Vs Being An Alpha Male

First things first, alpha males don’t really exist (refer to this “Adam ruins everything” segment for more information). But that’s not really the point.

What kind of men are Cuban women used to?

Cheaters, yeah, that’s one of the characteristics. Machismo culture exists in Cuba, too. It’s a bit weird. As one article defines it:

Cuban machismo is strange in that it survives when women are working outside the home, receive the same paycheck as men for doing the same job, are the majority in universities and have a right to decide over their bodies, etc.

Cuban girls are independent and self-assertive. They’re not about to tolerate your BS. Machismo, being an exaggerated masculinity + a sense of superiority, doesn’t fit in that… Almost at all.

Cuban machismo is more about catcalling, occasional infidelity, and objectification. Often, Cuban women objectify themselves. They genuinely like looking sexy (yeah, most women in and out of Cuba do). But they also like being looked at.

What’s so wrong with driving all the boys crazy?

So, when it comes to Cuban machismo, it’s more of an alpha male attitude.

How That Applies To You

We’re supposed to be talking about women. Why would you care about Cuban guys?

One word: culture.

When you know and understand the Cuban culture she grew up in, you have a better chance of seducing the girl. A Cuban woman’s “type” is:

  • Strong, both physically and mentally. You have to give her a sense of security.
  • Powerful charisma (as opposed to shyness or anxious babbling). Aim to exude confidence with every word you say and every move you make. Boy did that sound like a song reference.
  • Problem-solver. Cuban girls love a handyman. You have to know how to change a lightbulb, deal with a broken tire, get over financial struggles, etc. An optimistic, problem-solving behaviour is a must!
  • Focused and determined. You have to be a man of your word, or else you’re no man at all.

Fortunately, you can develop all of these traits. They are not just useful for getting Cuban girls. Be the best man you can and the hot chicks will come by osmosis.

Where To Meet Cuban Women

Now you know a bit about Cuban girls – their looks, their personality, even their dream guy. Where do you find Cuban hotties to test out your new knowledge?

Cubans are very sociable. It’s not a problem to make friends or more than friends with a girl. You can pick up Cuban women in bars, on the beach, on the street, online, etc. The key is to know the good ones.

Let’s make it as simple as possible:

The Only Three Types Of Cuban Women

Cuban girls are either wife material, sugar baby wannabes, or prostitutes.

And yes, obviously I’m over-simplifying.

For the purposes of this article, however, it will do.

Sugar Babies: The Most Confusing Of All

In my experience, online dating is great for weeding out the prostitutes. I’m using the term loosely, it’s just girls willing to sell…things that others normally consider immoral to trade.

Under that definition, scammers are also among the rotten apples.

Either way, you won’t see many of them online, and if you do, you can figure it out pretty easily. Internet sex trade is yet to reach Cuba.

Sugar babies, however, are tricky to distinguish. The line between them and the wife material women is very much blurred. For instance:

  • Both types would call themselves “independent women”.
  • Sugar babies and future wifeys are equally caring. One has more ulterior motives, obviously.
  • Good girls in Cuba don’t dress modestly. All girls dress sexy. The length of a chick’s skirt is even less relevant to her morals than usual…

My Secret Trick To Finding High-Value Women

I’ll preface this by saying:

If you want a sugar baby, go get a sugar baby. With the way Cuban economy is, you don’t even have to be loaded. 

But if you want a sweet girl, you’d eventually want to marry, try this simple trick. Before you go on a date, imagine you are paying her $100 for the whole thing. No obligations, no agreement as to how long the date is – $100 for a first date. That is a lot of money in Cuba.

Observe her behaviour through that prism. We tend to be more mindful of the things we pay for. You wouldn’t think twice about how bland the free coffee at work tastes. In Starbucks, I know people that would make a scene over it. The same principle applies to dating.

Rate your date as though she actually had a rate. Do you think she deserved her pay? Was she overly nice? Did she flirt aggressively? Those are all behaviours, you’d notice in a professional. Since sugar babies are a mix of girlfriend and prostitute, they have a lot of the same characteristics (minus the pay-per-sex encounter part, in most cases).

When you apply this mind experiment consistently, it becomes second nature to distinguish between girlfriend material and aspiring sugar babies. It’s always good to know what you’re getting, regardless of what you were looking for in the first place.

A Tiny Note On Generosity

Cuban culture is a culture of giving. One thing that won’t indicate if a girl is using you or not:

Expecting gifts. 

Seriously, don’t be cheap. Cuba as a whole is cheap. It doesn’t take much to pick up the tab.

Presenting yourself as a little Mr Scrooge is one surefire way not to get a Cuban girl.

In Conclusion: Cuban Women Are Awesome

Yup, that will always be my conclusion. Cuban girls aren’t always easy to understand or date but they’re always a lot of fun. Of course, you are entitled to your own.

Did I get Cuban women right? Is there anything missing from this article? Do you have additional questions?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

PS: One of the best sites to meet Cuban girls is this one. Give it a spin.

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