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The 10 Step Guide to Dating Cuban Girls

The Caribbean


With Cuban girls, you’re always in pretty hot company. But that is not all there is to know! This is your ten-step guide to successfully meeting, dating, and keeping your Cuban hottie.

Here are some of the skills you will learn:

  • Understanding Cuban girls without getting a massive headache (or an anxiety attack)
  • Navigating the dating scene like a true Alpha
  • Seduction—by day, at night, and even online
  • Choosing the best date location—afuss-free formula
  • Keeping her happy and loyal, even in a long-term relationship

Step 1: Know Her

Before you date Cuban girls it’s a pretty good idea to know a thing or two about them. Here are the main characteristics the proud Cuban women:


Cuba is hot and you sweat a lot. Cuban girls somehow manage to avoid that. Locals place a very heavy emphasis on personal hygiene and presentation. They take pride in dressing neatly and presenting themselves in the best way possible. Even when they wear inexpensive, simple clothes, they take care to look crisp and confident.

As for hygiene, it’s a borderline obsession. Legend has it that in times of need Cubans would buy soap before bread. Take note and put on heavy duty deodorant. The fastest way to lose a Cuban is with body odour.

Giggles All Day Every Day

Cubans have their own brand of self-deprecating humour. Though they live in relative poverty, they rarely take anything too serious. You will hear people joking about all sorts of tragic situations. Girls are no exception to this rule. They will tease you, especially if they like you. Follow their example and don’t take anything too personal! Joking is a form of flirting here!

Nothing is PC

Cuban women don’t have the slightest clue what political correctness is. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Believe it or not, they mean well. But if you are on the heavier side, they will call you fat and not bat an eye. You need a thick skin with these Latinas, that is for sure.

The Proud Cuban Gal

Cuban women are a sort of household Jesus – turning impossibly little into food for thousands. Most of them work day jobs, along with taking care of their families. Their professional side hardly ever collides with the nurturing, maternal part of their character.

Women in Cuba are very liberal. Things such as abortion, which are still controversial in the US, Cubans don’t bat an eye about. Besides, Cuba is a socialist state and there are few if any religious fanatics. Cuban girls are as emancipated as they can be!

Step 2: Meet Her

There are three main ways to meet a Cuban hottie. You could either go the IRL way – your options are day game (on the beach, in cafés, even on the street), or nightclubs.

Online dating has been gaining momentum in Cuba, with sites like Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid becoming more and more popular. As the country opens up to the West, so does the dating scene. Nowadays many young girls seek foreign mates – for the perceived stability, or because they are tired of local men’s cheating ways.

The main benefit of going the online route is the attitude.

While a girl on the street may or may not be open to an international relationship, women on dating platforms are already there for that. You will have fewer language barrier related problems and besides— when has messaging not been less awkward than texting?

But you don’t get to have it both ways.

If you want to meet someone “the old-fashioned way”, you’d have to get over the social anxiety and get out there. Don’t worry, Cubans are very friendly. They are among the best girls to seduce – they’re free, passionate, and happy to talk to you. No stranger danger attitude with them (it might also have to do with how street smart they are).

Step 3: Seduce Her

The first and most important step to seduce Cuban girls, online or in the real world, is to develop confidence. Fake it till you make it only goes so far in that respect.

The key is to develop a deep internal confidence. Respect yourself and that will radiate outside. Girls can sense fake confidence. Focus on developing a knowledge for your intrinsic value. You are a human being, you’re flawed, you boring to some (or super interesting to others). You are a work in progress.

We all are.

But if you’re going to create true confidence, it’s time to accept that and realise that it doesn’t matter. You know about the butterfly effect, right? How small actions make enormous differences?

Now think about all your life – all the small things that you did. You don’t even realise the impact that you have had. So, if you have changed so much if you are so essential to so many things existing (without even realising it), why wouldn’t you have intrinsic value?

And one more thing: I find the “I’m playing a video game” approach to work especially well for me. You’re not socially awkward in a video game because you don’t really take things personally. This is the other component of confidence.

Finally, accept that it will take some time. But once you learn to be confident, it’s not just Cuban girls that will fall for you. It’s any girl you want!

Now let’s look at some practical tips:

Step 4: Day Game

If you want to chat girls up, you need Spanish. While some Cuban women speak English, it’s nowhere near enough for flirting. Don’t speak Spanish? Sorry, but it’s best to stick to other seduction strategies.

Do speak Spanish? That gives you a huge advantage!

My favourite technique for day game in Havana is the simple, old-fashioned approach. When you spot the one that you want, try to look for details, really notice her. This will help you later with conversation topics.

Cuban Girls

Then approach with a simple “Buenos días”. People underestimate good manners but they are very important to Cuban girls.

For your next couple of sentences follow the tease-compliment-joke pattern. Tease her about something small, like maybe she looks like she’s hungover, has she partied all night? Then compliment something specific. This is why it’s important to notice her, really notice her when you speak. Next comes the joke – ideally something light-hearted and slightly self-depreciating!

And this is how, in a couple of simple sentences, you are on your way to her bedroom

Step 5: Clubs And Hookups

The nightclub scene in Cuba is riddled with pros and semi-pros. If you know what to avoid, though, discos and bars are perfect for meeting Cuban girls.

Go for the girl in a big group of friends. It can be nerve-wracking to approach her but it’s a sure way to avoid prostitutes.

In clubs, don’t bother with conversation. Ask her to dance instead, maybe offer to buy her a drink. A couple of twirls on the dancefloor are really all it takes…

Step 6: Slay The Messaging Game

The game is entirely different online. Caribbean Cupid even has a template message for you – it mentions looking for a long-term relationship.

In my experience, Cuban girls online are looking for something a bit more serious. There are exceptions, of course, especially on Tinder. However, for the most part, you want to balance out flirty with mature. There is nothing wrong with sending out hundreds of messages at first. The key is to encourage actual conversation. If you spend more than a couple of texts in small talk, ditch her.

Yes, that’s a bit hardcore. But it will protect you from dull dates down the road. Speaking of which:

Step 7: Take Her On A Killer First Date

Here is my personal secret to a perfect first date:


Our brains can’t distinguish where the rush came from. Get her blood pumping and she will associate that feeling with you!

When you choose a date location, especially on the first date, always consider that rule. Yes, wining and dining is nice, but if you throw a dance party after, it’s even better!

Step 8: Meet The Family

If you impressed her on the first date, you are very close to meeting the family. Yes, that’s just as weird to me as it is to you. It’s fact, though!

Rest assured that Cuban families are very friendly and welcoming. It would be a good idea to bring a gift… And maybe learn a word or two of Spanish, if you don’t know any. You’ll be fine, I promise!

Step 9: Dealing With Conflict

When you are with a Cuban girl, conflict is almost inevitable. These Latinas have a hot temper if you push their buttons. While I am no expert on handling angry girls, I can tell you that:

You get to choose your response!

Even when your girlfriend is being irrational and hurtful, you get to decide how you respond. Usually, the best policy is to remain level-headed and keep your cool. She cools off quick, just as fast as she got angry in the first place!

Step 10: How To Keep Cuban Girls Happy

Cuban Girls

Final step but it’s not really a step. There are books upon books about maintaining a happy relationship. To me, the key is mutual respect and great sex. While some fights may challenge the former, Cuban women are so passionate that you’re not likely to have problems with the latter.

As Cubans say:

Marriage and mortality fall from Heaven.

Meaning that both are a blessing and a curse. Embrace the good times, push through the tough moments, and remember to have fun…

PS: Try these two dating sites to meet sexy Cuban girls:

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