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Launching My New Book: Cracking OKCupid

I’m thrilled to announce my latest (and long-time coming) book: Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man’s Guide to Online Dating.

Cracking OKCupid Cover


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What’s It About?

It all started at the recommendation of a friend who met his wife off of OKCupid. I was reeling from a bad relationship and breakup, and he told me I needed to go on a date. I relented and created a profile. I did everything the “gurus” said to do – read a woman’s entire profile, then craft a perfect opening message to get her attention. Not too long, but not too short. Just enough personal touch to make sure I read her whole profile, but not too personal to seem creepy.

Then, I’d wait.

And I rarely got responses. Maybe one out of every twenty women messaged me back. I was fed up with what was supposed to be an “easy” way to get back out there. I figured to be successful on OKCupid, it would become a full time job. I’m a smart guy though, and started making drastic changes to the way I approached OKCupid. My profile and pictures were revamped, I found opening messages that would work on all girls, and I started making copious notes of every step along the way – meticulously analyzing what did, and didn’t, work.

Cracking OKCupid is the result of several years of extensive research and testing of my OKCupid methods.

What People Think So Far

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You can read all testimonials of the book by CLICKING HERE

The chapter Kyle talks about bouncing a girl from the bar back to the crib is the best I’ve seen anywhere. The book is worth a buy simply for that chapter alone. However, Kyle doesn’t stop there – he breaks down OkCupid from every angle. Profile set up, writing a profile, photo selection, messaging, screening girls and much more are include in this guide. If you’re on OkCupid, you owe it to yourself to check out Cracking OkCupid.

Masculine Profiles

A girl messaged me the other day with “Hey i see you’re an aries. That’s funny cos i want to ram you all night long”. Any first messages beat that?

It’s a solid opener to use in online dating and it’s based on one of the examples from TroubleMaker’s upcoming book Cracking OkCupid: The Modern Man’s Guide to Online Dating. It’s playful, a little sexual (but it’s not you who said it so it doesn’t come across as horny) and it shows a little bit of preselection in that it implies other girls are interested in you.


Hell, after reading it, even I want to go on a date with him.

Lucky Lothario

If you can’t get laid on OKCupid after reading this book, it’s time to hang up your dick. Kyle has made all other books on the subject obsolete.

The Proper Villains

I had my share of success, but I could have had instant success if I had something to break it down as clearly and as thoroughly as Kyle does in Cracking OKCupid.

He includes examples of his own messages, great openers, breaks down every single aspect of the site, takes you from A-Z, A being the profile and  Z being the lines of your load you just shot onto the belly of that hottie you just finished with because you took Kyle’s advice and the rest was history.

Jeremy Sploosh
Sploosh World

Kyle’s insights, stories and strategies are the perfect addition to anyone’s arsenal, experienced or fresh to the scene.

San Diego, CA

What’s Included In Cracking OKCupid

110 pages of detailed strategies on how to build a profile, message girls, get their number, and get them offline. There’s also detailed notes on how to skip the usually necessary date at the bar and get her straight to your place, and more, such as…

  • How to utilize OKCupid’s unique algorithm to best screen for girls YOU want
  • How to give yourself a slight edge in regards to height, income, and body type without going over the top
  • How to get a girl to agree to a first date in your own apartment
  • The best date venues for an OKCupid date
  • The answers to difficult frequently asked questions regarding online dating

All of this for $19.97. And a limited time bonus…

Get Cracking OKCupid: The Modern Man’s Guide to Online Dating

The first 25 people to order the book will review a free OKCupid profile review. This post will be updated when 25 orders are fulfilled. If you’re reading this, it’s still available. To get your profile review:

  • Simply email me at [email protected] with a copy of your receipt
  • A link to your OKCupid profile
  • Any other information you think may be relevant; your target demographic, level of game, etc.

Special thanks to Beppo for the name, and Von for the edits.

And thank you to all of you who continue to read my work. Thanks for waiting for this one.

– Kyle

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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