Last updated: January 27, 2016

The Cost of Living in Los Angeles



Shows Notes: Cost of Living in Los Angeles

  • $2,000/month for rent to live alone in a nice area; bare minimum you can probably spend is $1,500.
  • Traffic blows everywhere and will greatly impact your cost of living. $400 more for rent, or drive 4 hours a day? Pick your poison.
  • Figure another $1,000 a month to go out and do stuff socially.
  • Dates are ~$30 minimum unless you always can get in during happy hour.
  • Dinners out are going to run close to $20 a person.
  • There’s a reason I’m leaving.

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  1. I don’t buy into the NYC and LA suck because they are so expensive red pill theory. They are so expensive because everyone wants to live there, it really isn’t replicated anywhere in the USA. Of course, if you want to argue your dollar could be more efficiently spent on a place with less girls/worse weather, I imagine one can make that argument.

    1. I don’t disagree with you at all. There’s a reason millions of people live in both these places. But, a few things to note…

      1.) A lot of people are locked in simply because these places are where all the jobs are, it’s certainly not as easier to find something in a smaller town – and there certainly won’t be the same ability to move up quickly.
      2.) The actual cities themselves aren’t so bad. NYC is everything happening. LA has beautiful weather and lots to do.
      3.) The RP theory that they suck is because of the women, plain and simple. Import all the Colombian girls to Los Angeles, with their pleasant attitude, kick out all the vapid LA girls – and I’d never leave. I’d pay $5,000 a month for my apartment without hesitation. NYC is significantly better in this regard as the ratios aren’t as skewed.

      Great point though!

      1. Very true, 10 minutes talking to a French Canadian girl in Montreal gives you that WTF where are these girls in LA face. I’m surprised nobody has done a breakdown on the difference between LA and NYC game. I have a buddy out in NYC for the past few years, for some reason the straight talk game with a bit of wit kills out there over LA. No clue why, but it’s a great change from LA. Too bad the weather is soul sucking cold.

        1. On the radio yesterday, some girl called in to a “war of the roses” type of deal. They called the guy and asked why he didn’t call her, he responded by saying that “reading your Instagram comments” isn’t a conversation and she just COULD NOT FATHOM IT. Made me laugh.

          I can break it down for you a bit, because a good friend of mine, because he lived in LA for 13 years and has been in NYC now for about 3.

          Girls in LA want the status – i.e. producer, star, etc.

          In NYC, just having your shit together is enough; good game, decent living, decent job, etc.

          For whatever reason that’s not enough in LA to make it consistently easy – likely due to the vapidity of the women out here.

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  2. So do you really get your money’s worth for what you pay in LA or NYC? I think people want to believe it, but I think they are too expensive for what you get.

    1. No, absolutely not – but some might disagree.

      There’s a reason I’m out of here next month. Way too overpriced for what you get, yes.

      Pretty easy to get one in LA if you so want, but my game is also exceptional, so…YMMV.

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