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Come Meet Me In Poland In July

UPDATED June 7th, 2019:

I have decided to withdraw myself from this. I have no side in the war (some former speakers who were very involved have left), but prefer to just avoid the crosshairs that currently are pointed at this event. I have nothing but respect for the speakers participating and wish them all the success in the world.

As of now, I’m planning on speaking at the “21 Convention” in Warsaw, Poland this summer.

The 21 Convention is a sort of “Red Pill” conference, I guess you could say.

I don’t personally align myself with that too much these days, and I’m not sure exactly what my talk will be (probably something about the realities of moving up and on to a new country), but I’d certainly love the chance to meet some of you and shake your hand.

From what I understand, most of the talks are going to be more about girls/game/dating/red pill/masculinity , as opposed to a general discussion. I would say that if you are looking for a conference about say, online business, this is probably not for you.

I could tell you what it’s all about here, but maybe it’s easier if you just read more for yourself (as well as the list of speakers) at the link below:

A couple notes…

1. Yes, it is very expensive.

2. Yes, the prices do go up as the event comes nearer, you know how people are with procrastination and all…

3. I will be putting together some exclusive bonuses (of the digital variety) for any and all of my own attendees, I will of course honor these regardless of when you buy your ticket, but no, I don’t know what they are yet.

4. My birthday is July 17th and there is a welcome meet and greet that night. As Poland is quite close to me, I plan on being in Warsaw for probably an entire week. I will be putting together a birthday bash or something of the sort for any readers who buy through my link. This will probably be the day before or after the conference. It will be much smaller and private than any of the convention stuff.

5. I do have some coupons available to get you 25% off, but they are limited. If you are truly serious about attending and need help with the finances, simply reply to one of my emails and let’s work something out.

6. I do not know the venue yet, but you are encouraged to stay at the venue when it’s announced, I believe the prices should be reasonable (and Poland as a whole is a reasonable country, price-wise).

7. If you need a hand booking flights or anything to Poland, I am more than happy to assist how I can. Likewise if you need assistance getting from within Europe, or airport -> city connection help, I’m here for you.

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