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Colombian Cupid Review: How to Meet and Bang Beautiful Colombianas

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During my trip to Colombia, I utilized a few online dating sites, such as Tinder and Colombian Cupid. While I’ve discussed Tinder plenty on this blog, it was time to share my experience with a Colombian Cupid review.

While everybody is on Tinder these days, Colombian Cupid is a whole different ball game.

The aim of this Colombian Cupid review is to show the pluses and minuses of Colombian Cupid, and how to best utilize it to meet beautiful Colombian girls during your trip to Colombia.

While I’m sometimes hesitant to recommend paid online dating sites, Colombian Cupid isn’t a scam. I met real, hot girls off of Colombian Cupid and I can definitively say that the investment was well worth it for my trip.

Tinder vs. Colombian Cupid

If you’re traveling, you’ll undoubtedly be using Tinder to meet girls. However, the catch with this is that many of the girls on Tinder are actually gringo hunters; i.e. they specifically troll Tinder for foreign men, meet them, and fuck them. They repeat this habit like a daily pack of cigarettes.

The difference with Colombian Cupid is that many of these girls are actually looking for someone (the site isn’t free), and are therefore less likely to have been tag-teamed by other travelers night after night. Yes, this means they are a bit more difficult – but it also means you have high status with the girls of Colombian Cupid while simultaneously weeding out many of the other guys looking to meet Colombian girls via online dating means.

The best thing you can do for yourself on a trip to Colombia is to utilize both methods and get the best of both worlds.

Colombian Cupid Review | The Good

The Quality of Colombian Girls


The quality is just as high, if not higher, than Tinder – those of you with Tinder Plus can change your location to Colombia and scout the talent.

If you want to look for yourself, go to Colombian Cupid and create a profile for free. Once you do that, you can run searches (albeit you can’t message) and see the talent level yourself.

The Sheer Quantity of Colombian Women on Colombian Cupid

Quantity + quality = winner.

Simply put, there are a lot of girls on Colombian Cupid. Pages after pages.

There is no way that I could have messaged them all in a month, much less the eight days I was in the country.

Because of my short time, I did a large “blitz” and ended up with way more numbers than I could have possibly gone on dates with.

If I’d had a longer time in the country I would have simply spaced the messaging out a little bit, and I would have had the numbers of cute Colombian girls rolling in throughout the entire month without much effort.

colombian cupid review

The Response Rate

Do you tired of playing the “hope you get a response” game in the United States, or hell – really any dating site?

I had close to 70% of girls replying to my opening message, which I’m going to share with you – because I’m such a nice guy.

But it’s a really, really good opener, so please don’t steal it from this review and paste it all over the Internet. Please.

Are you ready?

Here was my killer opener:

Hola, soy Kyle y yo soy de Los Ángeles. ¿Habla usted Inglés?


Hi, I’m Kyle and I’m from Los Angeles. Do you speak English?

Yes, it was really that simple for a 70% response rate.

That is absurd.

It’s amazing to be on the flip side of things and feel like the man who is almost being chased, rather than chasing.

Colombian Cupid will give you that experience; you’ll still need to send the first message (Colombian girls are shy!), but with a 70% response rate you can easily set up as many dates as you want from girls you meet on Colombian Cupid.


You can ask for their number after they respond to your initial message asking about whether they speak English (many won’t).

Just say: “Tienes Whatsapp?”

More often than not – they’ll send it right over.

Colombian Girls – Are They Easy?

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all easy sluts – and the overall “easiness” factor isn’t anywhere near what Tinder is, but the fact of the matter is that many of these girls are excited to meet a foreigner, and want to get their “flag” themselves.

As I mentioned, you’ll also have a higher exotic factor on Colombian Cupid, because many men are doing the “cheap traveler” lifestyle and using Tinder. Those same guys don’t have the paltry $17.97 to pay for Colombian Cupid – so the girls automatically assume you have “money”.

(The Colombian Peso is a very weak currency versus the US Dollar at the moment.)

Colombian Cupid Review | The Bad

Outdated Interface (Updated 2019)

Colombian Cupid simply isn’t as high-tech as some other online dating offerings.

It’s not bad by any means – it’s 100% functional. However, it just doesn’t have the ease of navigation or some of the features that newer sites or apps offer.

Updated October 2019:

They’ve made some pretty significant changes to a lot of their interface, and I’m happy to say it’s quite a bit more modern than before.

colombian cupid

Colombian Dating: Flake City

Colombian women in general are renowned for being flaky.

Colombian Cupid is no exception to this, unfortunately. However, this is more an issue with the culture of Colombia and less than with Colombian Cupid itself – but I think it needs to be mentioned.

Honestly, when setting up dates with Colombian girls, you’d be best served to have 3-4 dates a day lined up. There’s a good chance at least one or two of them will just stop responding on the day of the date, and another one could flake. If it seems you have more than one prospect when it’s getting down to an hour within meeting, just flake on one of them. This has the added benefit of making her wonder why you flaked—and also making her more attracted to you, in the process…

Gold Membership

While the cost of Colombian Cupid is pretty low, it’s still not free.

It’s well worth the investment to get a premium membership and all the features.

Plus, it has the added bonus of weeding a lot of the poor gringos out. Let’s face it, if someone is backpacking through Colombia and staying at the $5/night hotel, or teaching English for a few hundred bucks a month, he doesn’t have the extra cash for a membership on a dating site.

But…Tinder, even though they have introduced some paid features, is still pretty much free if you are actually there and in the country.

Simply put, it’s like getting bottle service at a nightclub.

You get to keep the riff-raff out. You decide who is at your table. That bottle service fee is only a bit more than you’d spend on ordering individual drinks, but you get to skip the line, and you’re instantly on top of the world.

That’s why paid dating sites are so valuable, because it allows you to stand head and shoulders above your average Colombian gringo…and all of that for just a buck or two a day.

Seems fair.

Strategies When Dating Colombian Women

As I write this, I’m assuming you’re taking a limited trip to Colombia, say between one and two weeks. This strategy would vary greatly if you were making a longer or more permanent trip.

But if you want to meet and bang as many hot Colombianas on your trip, here’s the strategy I’d recommend:

  1. Pipeline at two weeks out on Colombian Cupid. This is my universal rule – I start messaging girls about two weeks before I’m set to travel. Any longer than that and it’s simply too much effort to keep the conversation (and therefore, their interest) sustained.
  2. Message them with the opener above. It’s so simple and effect, I see no reason to change that formula. Obviously, good pictures and profile photos help with this. Make sure you be aware of fake profiles, too!
  3. Get her number and keep in light touch. Send her pictures of your day-to-day life so she sees you’re a normal dude, and not a sex tourist just looking to get some actual with her in Colombia.
  4. Make the date. Be prepared to deal with flakiness. I found that when you deal with Colombian girls, you have to hold their hand all the way up to the date itself.
  5. Bang her good. And enjoy yourself.

Colombian Cupid Review – Closing Thoughts

Colombian Cupid is 100% worth the investment for a man taking a trip.

It’s also worth it if you are a permanent expat, but probably not on an annual basis. Your money would be better spend hitting the site hard for one month, then letting the population of Colombian girls “refill”.

Regardless of your look, social status, or level of game – any man can utilize Colombian Cupid to find a beautiful Colombian girl(s) to meet up with. Whether you are going for a week or a year, it is the perfect tool in the international playboy’s pocket.

Have you used this site? What were your results?

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