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Pouring Vodka Down The Throats Of Sluts With Christian McQueen

In the interest of a full disclaimer, I sent this to Christian McQueen prior to posting it. Everybody has a right to privacy, and I gave him the opportunity to provide feedback before I posted anything personal about himself he didn’t want revealed online. The overall content and my opinions are unchanged.

After a few months of saying we were going to get together, Christian McQueen and I caused some trouble for a night out in Hollywood. His blog has really flown out of nowhere in the last year and he has done a hell of a job with it. Though he’d been writing at Return Of Kings longer than me, I’d had my personal blog for quite a while when he started his, and his grew far faster than mine did. I was admittedly a little jealous of him at the time, but after meeting him I can honestly say that, in my opinion, Christian McQueen is the real deal.

I think it’s also important to note that by no means whatsoever was this a meetup where Christian was putting on a show in hopes of me giving him a good review on my blog. To illustrate my point: many travel bloggers get free comped nights at hotels if they review the property. Of course, the hotels know who these guests are and I’m sure there are plenty of notes in their systems to ensure that the hotel employees are kissing their ass as much as possible.

Not the case at all for this night.

Pre-Drinks In Hollywood

The night started at a hotel in Hollywood; we had a few drinks, he went through probably an entire pack of cigarettes. I learned a lot about how he came up and his overall mindset. I enjoy talking to older guys who are a few years ahead of me in life. I’m usually a few years ahead both maturity and career-wise than people my age, and I love soaking up the information from guys who have been there, done that.

Around 11 or so we rolled out to a small restaurant and had a few more drinks. I opened a couple girls that turned out to be flight attendants with a major airline. McQueen made out with his within ten minutes or so – she was a cute little thing. We had to stop at their hotel to get her purse or some bullshit, and he went up to the room with her.

I bet the other girl $20 they’d fuck then and there and I…lost. From what I gather he got cockblocked by some other friends (Apparently flight attendants travel in a huge posse, though I suspect it may have been a pilot groupie).

From there we rolled out to a club in Beverly Hills. We walked right in the door past the line and straight up to a premium table. I’m not a huge club guy myself, but I’ll say this – having a table makes all the difference in the world.

I’ve really never been at a place like that and had a table. When I lived in San Diego, I had a few experiences where I had a table at a cheap, small club. In this case though, we’re talking a prime table, a prime club, and a prime neighborhood. The feeling of having the tides turned, even if just slightly, is something that just blows your mind. I remember having the same thing happen to me in Poland last year – on my first night in the country, I walked into the club with my friend to just two other guys…and twenty good-looking girls. This table was similar, it’s just not what I’m used to.

When you have prime real estate like that, girls are coming up to you and making themselves extremely approachable, simply because you’re at a table. Granted, you have to weed out the bottle rats that are just trying to get a few drinks out of you, but that’s really not hard.

McQueen was pouring vodka down the throats of sluts and we were both having a great time overall. He’s really got the right connections and attitude to succeed at night game. Frankly, it makes me want to start going out four times a week again…

We partied at the club until last call and headed to an afterparty – where, I have no idea at all. I talked to a cute girl from Norway about my upcoming trip to Budapest, but overall the ratios were awful. Welcome to California, really. In the end, one of his harem girls picked us up around 4:30am and took us back to her apartment. I called an Uber to get back home and they did who-knows-what.

Overall, it was a fantastic night, and I really appreciate Christian McQueen taking the time to show me a great time out in Hollywood. I plan to repay the favor out in my neighborhood in the near future – maybe we’ll have a slut party on my balcony. Too bad my landlord still won’t let me put the jacuzzi out there.

Christian McQueen’s work can be found here and you can find him on Twitter.

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I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Sounds like a fun night. I was at a table in a club with friends a few weeks back, and it does make a big difference over going solo or just one wing. I don’t like to sit at the table all the time, so I use it as a base and go around the club hitting on girls and coming back periodically. I prefer daygame, clubs tend to put me off, but its important to mix up your environment at times and remind yourself what the raw, sexuality of a club can teach you.

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