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Travel Is NOT That Expensive…

“Travel is too expensive!” This is a ridiculous argument in today’s world. I just saw round trip Austria to Los Angeles flights for $217. People don’t actually want to travel if they think it’s too expensive. They just love the idea. And really, this is just human nature. Dream, dream, dream, never take action. Travel gets […]

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Brazil Travel Guide From a Summer Away

Hey everyone, Kyle here. This Brazil travel guide is a simple interview I actually did with one of my employees—she’s from Eastern Europe and has been working with me for over two years now. She spent a summer in Brazil in an exchange program. She’ll discuss how she did that, and much more, below. Enjoy […]

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Playing the Percentages

Last week, on my way to host Selo LIVE, I was supposed to fly out of the Frankfurt Airport. But, last weekend, I got a notice that they were planning a strike on Tuesday at Frankfurt. My flight was Wednesday. The likeliness of having no issues on Wednesday? Me thinks, quite slim. In any case… […]

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5 Thoughts About Returning to the West, and Brussels

I’m an extremely fortunate man. I’m able to do what I want with my life, and generally speaking my “lifestyle business” has created many new opportunities (like Selo Oils), the ability to travel, and just…well, a lot. I’m grateful. But last year was bad on the travel front. I got cooped up in Prague for […]

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Work, Travel, or Play?

In light of all my current travels (Ukraine to Belgium to Germany to Seattle to Canada to California to London to Ukraine), I got asked a few times how I manage to stay productive on the road. Honest truth: It suffers a lot. Another honest truth: I’m able to do it because it really doesn’t […]

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Greetings From Canada

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest… After a bit of debate, I decided to cancel the Germany/Seattle parts of my trip, because I didn’t want to risk getting stranded at the Frankfurt airport with their strikes today. So, I flew the new United Polaris Business Class from Brussels to DC, then to Toronto and on […]

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The Longest Trip EVER to Canada Begins

Greetings from the city center of Brussels, where I’m hanging out for the next couple of days. More thoughts on the city, food, culture, and more coming early this week (when I take the train to Frankfurt). But, I do want to say this… Today, I realized I have spent the last year in Eastern […]

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European Cigarettes Are Healthy, or Something

Just the other day, I was thinking about cigarettes in Europe. Namely, that they’re just not a “big deal” out here. Sure, you see the warnings on the packages, and people generally know that smoking is “bad”, but it’s not the deal it’s made out to be in the States. There isn’t constant propaganda to steer […]

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I’m Going to Thailand

Earlier this year, I’ve been planning to go to Japan with my girl. But, things started to get difficult when we hit the dreaded visa process… Reason being? I’m traveling for three weeks for business. I needed to get her several thousand dollars in cash to show she had funds (money isn’t the problem, it’s […]

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