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Who Are You?

The question of who are you? Strikes me every year when I return home to the city I grew up. Every year I seem to slip a little further and further down the rabbit hole, so to speak… I don’t mean this in conspiracy theorist terms. No, I mean this in regards to the fact that […]

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10 Best Posts of Trouble, 2016

As 2016 is now over it’s time to round up the best posts found here at This Is Trouble. #10: 33 Truths About Blogging Nobody Will Tell You (Learn From My Mistakes) #9: 8 Tips on How to Screen a Girl for a Relationship #8: How to Create a Membership Site for Profit (It’s Easier Than You Think) #7: Field […]

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Your Future Under The God Emperor

TROUBLESOME RADIO 057 YOUR FUTURE UNDER THE GOD EMPEROR (WITH THE DARK TRIAD MAN) AVAILABLE ON ITUNES TROUBLESOME RADIO IS SPONSORED BY TROUBLESOME SOLUTIONS. In episode 57 of Troublesome Radio, I again welcome my friend Ivan Throne–this time to discuss Trump’s victory. Make sure you pick up a copy of Ivan’s latest book, The 9 Laws. To […]

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Trump Hysteria

The below is an email I sent to my uncle the other day. He was questioning me why I was happy Trump won. This is the way I look at it–right now the dweebs of society are taking breaks from their Starbucks jobs to protest in front of Trump’s hotels. Meanwhile, the winners are inside […]

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Let Me Play Devil’s Advocate

I posted this on Twitter last night and have been getting a variety of responses. I was genuinely curious after going through my feed and, well–just being amazed at how much is going. Just seems nobody is having much fun these days. Anyways. When did people start caring so little about traveling and banging hot […]

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Clouded Judgment

The scene–a small village in rural America. The year–1850. There is a 15 year old girl with two children by her side. They are hers. She is five months pregnant with a third. She got pregnant at 14. At 15 again. Now, just two months shy of her 16th birthday there stirs another inside of her. […]

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