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It Only Takes 1 Idiot Leaving The Village

Longtime reader Keith writes in to share his thoughts on some of my recent “California hating” posts: Only one comment – if Cali is so wonderful, why are it’s citizens moving to Texas en masse? 1) when they arrive, they complain about the weather 2) they complain about Texas politics 3) they angrily (I have […]

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10 More Reasons Why California Is Overrated

From my epic and ever-popular “24 Reasons to Leave California” post… It seems more and more people are getting fed up with the general situation in California. Even those who have spent their entire lives there and beginning to realize that California is simply overrated. It’s simply just out of control, between the raging socialist, […]

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Work, Women, Life, Dogs and Patience

I’ve wrapped up my first week with the addition of a new, three-month-old Pembroke Corgi in my life (do note: not him in the photo above), and I have to say…it’s been eye opening. First off, the amount of work — it is a lot, and there is really no denying that. But, secondly — […]

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Instagods by Sonny Arvado

My friend Sonny has a new book out today — Instagods. First off, let me just say this first and foremost: Sonny and I go pretty far back. He was back and actually blogging around the time I started (i.e. 6 years ago). He has continued to do so for many years since. I respect the […]

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The June 17th Edition of The Trouble Times

I’ve just put the finishing touches on this month’s edition of the “Trouble Times”. Little bit behind schedule, but it will be hot to the press (along with a few small bonuses) this Monday. Here’s everything that’s included inside this beauty… Exactly how much game you need (or don’t need) to run in terms of […]

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Big Brother Is Watching You, More Than You Know

Today, I was texting with my Selo Oils business partner. We were brainstorming some ideas about getting into some retail stores in parts of Canada. Here’s exactly how this conversation went down: About 30 seconds after this part, I went to Google and began typing. I typed the words, “olive oil”, and Google then populated […]

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