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Playing the Percentages

Last week, on my way to host Selo LIVE, I was supposed to fly out of the Frankfurt Airport. But, last weekend, I got a notice that they were planning a strike on Tuesday at Frankfurt. My flight was Wednesday. The likeliness of having no issues on Wednesday? Me thinks, quite slim. In any case… […]

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Thank YOU For Coming

Selo Live was a big success, and we had a lot of fun. Sold a lot of olive oil, on top of it. Overall, a great night. What a great time I’ve had here with my business partner Martin this week. Anyways, if you missed the show, no big deal. We have a replay available […]

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From West to East: A deep dive into business, relationships and life in Europe with Kyle Trouble

From the desk of Dennis Demori Friday, August 24th, 2018 Location: Mexico City (Kyle here: This interview was originally shared with Dennis’ email list. See the link above to sign up. Take it away, Dennis.) Dennis: We’ve got a LOT I want to cover in this interview, from dating in Central/Eastern Europe to building a […]

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The Serial-Cereal Scam

A Selo-Smart man wrote to us recently: “I use olive oil as a healthy and natural fat and nutritional additive when I do meal prepping for the week. I heard about the healthy benefits of real olive oil and found out that many brands commonly sold in stores have little of the benefits of the […]

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How to Beat Fake Foods like Donald Trump

An extremely astute reader recently tweeted to us: “This seed oil meme needs to stop Olive oil companies sell their oil in dark bottles because it is cut with seed oils that would spoil in clear bottles Yet most seed oils are sold in clear bottles at the store Am I missing something” Read that […]

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Selo Oils Is Open For Business

We’re thrilled to announce that the Selo Oil doors are now open for business. For a very limited time, you can get our exclusive Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for nearly 15% off the final retail price. We have a very limited quantity that we’re going to offer for the first set amount of bottles […]

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